Dirtbag Dan Says There's A "Lesson To Be Learned From" Dizaster, Math Hoffa Fight

Dirtbag Dan also says the fight "did more for the culture view-wise than Total Slaughter or the Ab-Soul thing."

With Dizaster removing himself from the KOTD battle league entirely following his punching Math Hoffa during a battle over the weekend, battler and rapper Dirtbag Dan reacted to the incident. Speaking with Battle Rap, Dan talked about the possible outcome of the punch.

“Lesson to be learned from this is: we’re gonna punch each other sometimes,” he said. “It’s not cool. It shouldn’t be condoned. Put big people in the ring so that we can’t punch each other. Straight up. Have Trick Trick stand there and just look at us. He says I can’t punch anybody then no one’s punching anybody. It’s a no-punch zone. Until they have some kind of people saying, ‘There’s gonna be immediate consequences, not like, I’ll take your money or I won’t let you battle later, you’re gonna have a problem right now if you swing on this dude,' it’s gonna happen in the future. I just don’t think it’s ‘bad for the culture.’”

Adding that “it definitely did more for the culture view-wise than Total Slaughter or the Ab-Soul thing,” Dan said the “we’ll see how good it is for the culture” of the fight.

“I know the Worldstar numbers aren’t always a hundred percent accurate, but it’s probably like 2 million views on Worldstar now,” he said. “That’s fucking crazy...Battles don’t do that. Well, we’ll see how good it is for the culture. We ain't going back to the club again I’ll tell you that much.”  

Read Dirtbag Dan’s full reaction and explanation of the incident at Battle Rap.


  • Blastinoffagain

    I listen to rap, like I watch a movie. It's entertainment, nothing more, and shouldn't be taken too seriously. Unless it's really what your whole world revolves around... then have fun with that. With this "Dizaster" issue, the one thing it boils down to is EMOTIONS. I find it funny how no one has said that yet, but rather try to portray it as some moment in hip-hop, or just something that men do once in a while. Nope. "Dizaster" became emotional (like a girl) and punched "Math Hoffa". That shows WEAKNESS on his part more than anything. How many battle rappers/rappers are just emotional wrecks hiding behind tough guy images?

  • Anonymous

    The lesson to be learned is when these fools don't have real jobs dumb shit will happen.

  • KuyaCyph

    So maybe Fight Klub had it right after all by having a pool table between battlers to maintain space!

  • Anonymous

    Trick Trick is getting his respect from everywere LMAO... #Detroit.Vs.Everybody2014

  • Anonymous

    yeah...learn a lesson from a guy who calls himself dirtbag...ok

  • Anonymous

    This dude is stupid.

    • @stupid guyy

      sensitive much? go write an editorial for jezebel

    • stupid guy

      judgemental a little bit? do you know him personally? do you know where he studied? get a life huy.. calling other people stupid does not make you smarter

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