50 Cent's "Get Rich Or Die Tryin'" Likened To C-N-N's "The War Report" By Tragedy Khadafi

Tragedy Khadafi also says his reunion with C-N-N on Penalty Entertainment is like Roc-A-Fella reuniting.

Tragedy Khadafi says Capone-N-Noreaga's recent reunion is an important one for the group's longtime fans and for this moment in Hip Hop.

"Aside from the reunion being a long time coming, I think it’s good for music lovers of that era, as well as this era now," he says in an interview with XXL. "You know, ‘cause we raised a lot of dudes with that album. To see what raised you come together, it’s like the groups that raised us or raised me, and [to] see them kind of go separate ways and come back together is a beautiful thing. Imagine if the Roc got back together. The whole Roc. Like, Jay, Beans, Amil, everybody. Sauce Money. Jaz-O. Even Dame. That’s what I equate that to. The Roc getting back together. It’s a good feeling. It’s just good energy." 

Capone-N-Noreaga and Trag worked together on The War Report, an album that Trag says was vital to a generation. 

"To me, that album just spoke to a whole generation," he says. "Similar to The Infamous album, similar to Get Rich Or Die Tryin’. Those particular albums—and many other albums—all spoke to a specific generation at a specific time. I think with this album, what could you expect? You could expect fire. Let’s be clear—me, N.O.R.E. and Capone are very competitive. But in a good way." 

C-N-N is prepping the release of its new album under Penalty Entertainment. 

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  • Anonymous

    ain't this nikka and Intelligent Hoodlum the same person?

  • Lol

    I love how the headlines are almost always way off base from what the person in the article actually said, he wasnt even comparing the two albums musically, he was just talking about impact, i guess that i could agree with. I never liked get rich or die trying, overrated garbage lyrics over some good dr dre beats, i still bump the war report to this day, definition of a classic

    • Anonymous

      "To me, that album just spoke to a whole generation," he says. "Similar to The Infamous album, similar to Get Rich Or Die Tryin. " Looks like a comparison to me.

  • Anonymous

    the war repport is a classic album

  • Intelligent Hoodlum Shut The Fuck Up

    Fuck outta here nikka, u was rappin that pro black afrocentric shit back in the early 90's, tell 'em why did you switch? Cause you wanted to be famous, right, u hypocrite faggot???

  • wack site

    lets just post this POINTLESS piece of information so we can make another 50cent headline hiphopdx clowns

    • Anonymous

      no one would have clicked and commented on a article about tragedy.

    • Anonymous

      WORD! Instead of giving Tragedy light they spin his stuff into a pointless 50 headline. I HATE DX WITH A PASSION. FAGGOT ASS REPORTERS WITH NO RESPECT FOR THE CULTURE. TRAG IS A BEAST DEF DESERVES HIS OWN HEADLINE. FUCK DX!!!

  • Anonymous

    50 album just flopped. none cares about this album 50s over.

  • Loquiall

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  • Anonymous

    To get on 50s side, he did have a unique song making ability at the time, Add that to the incredible street buzz paved the way for years of musical success

  • Anonymous

    FUCK OUTTA HERE !! GRODT cannot compete with The War Report The War Report is a fuckin 90's classic album

  • Anonymous

    The direction of this album is more like a Tragedy khadafi one.

  • Anonymous

    Get Rich Or Die Tryin is overrated and far from a classic! No millenium album cant fuck with the 80's or 90's albums.

    • Naw bro

      People were calling get rich a classic way before jada, but im not defending them i thought they were on crack, never liked 50, never liked get rich or die trying his 90s shit was way better before he got shot in the mouth and.suddenly started to rap with a southern twang lol 50 is so fake

    • Anonymous

      50 made jay-z fake his own damn retirement! 50 ran hip-hop but no one took it seriously?

    • Anonymous

      lol no one took it seriously? i haven't heard 1 person say its anything but a classic til now...11 years later you can still bump every song on that album...the album went diamond... it didn't impact hiphop? every radio station played a number of songs from it day in and day out

    • Anonymous

      GRODT is probably one to the most overrated album of all time !!

    • Anonymous

      "it didnt impact hiphop in a major way and no one took it seriously " It's pretty obvious you still in diapers when that shit came out cause you have no idea what you're talking about.

    • Anonymous

      " The only reason people call that album a "classic" now is because Jadakiss said it on the "Shots Fired" diss track," LOL I never heard anyone say thats why GRODT is a classic. Put down the pipe faggot.

    • Not Impressed

      Agreed, it's not a classic. Maybe you can call it good as far as the gangster pop era of hiphop albums of the 2000's, but it's not on the same level as the classic albums that came out in the 90s. The only reason people call that album a "classic" now is because Jadakiss said it on the "Shots Fired" diss track, everyone starred mimicing him after. Most of the kids on here don't remember when the album dropped, at the time it was just an album with catchy pop hooks to play in the car, it didnt impact hiphop in a major way and no one took it seriously. I'm not impressed

    • Anonymous

      everyone says its a classic

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