T.I. Says He Was An "Ignorant Nobody" When He Released "I'm Serious"

T.I. celebrates the 13-year anniversary of his "I'm Serious" single, which was produced by The Neptunes.

T.I. found an occasion to reflect on a 13-year old single on Instagram yesterday (June 26). 

"13 yrs ago today a lil arrogant nobody from Bankhead released his 1st single titled #ImSerious prod. By @pharrell & #DaNeptunes feat #BeanieMan..... Who knew we'd be here 13 yrs later,still standing,still solid,still rollin...even stronger!!!! Thx,Love&Respect to each & all who made dis & everything that followed possible. @kawanprather #GhettoVision @Pharrell @jasongeter S/O @therealrapstagram #hustlegangovererrthang," T.I. says in the Instagram post's caption.

T.I. also posted the single's cover art for the effort.

The single is off I'm Serious, an album released in 2001 and earned a 3.5 out of 5 X rating on the site

"Lyrically, Atlanta-bred T.I. isn't far behind a lot of other gifted young cats tryin' to make it in the Rap game," HipHopDX says in its review of the album. "But rather than doing stand-up on the mic or seeing how many words he can rhyme with Versaci, this 20-year-old tells wonderfully-detailed stories on I'm Serious about coming up when all the elements try to keep you down.

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  • Colonel Stinkneaner

    He had a nigga monent with Mayweather smoke weed it gets yiu rught

  • T.I.


  • Anonymous

    At least 13 years ago, those tracks were bumpin.. Urban legend was the pinnacle of his career, it's been downhill since then.. He still walk around like his ship don't stink... His wife is hot garbage and he still talks like a super kneegroe... Now he out west trying to gain some ground out there thinking he is gonna run ish.. He should just stick to doing reality tv and get his scrawny as back to AtL where he claims to be a king... the west got no love for tip and rightfully so #ghettopassrevoked

  • Iggy Fresh

    I was still deep into NY/East Coast rap back then and I rejected anything southern... aside from Face and Outkast... so to me, TI was wack af when I first heard him. Nowadays, he's hit or miss.

    • Iggy Fresh

      Yeah, I've always been a fan of Geto Boys since "Mind Playing Tricks on Me"... and I was slow to Outkast at first, but they grew on me... and Goodie Mob, at least those first two albums... but that's all I liked from the south. I got into UGK later on, but I did like "Pocketful of Stones" back in the day.

    • Chris

      I can respect that, at least you were bumpin' Kast & Face. Me being from S. Carolina tho, we were jammin I'm Serious when it came out and then when Trap Muzik dropped that's all that anyone was playing in the whips...No denying his influence (at least in the South), although I do agree he is hit or miss these days...

  • Anonymous

    That single cover though..

  • What

    and you know what 13 too today the nigga T.I is still Ignorant not arrogant, snitch and a fag

  • El B

    He actually said he was an "arrogant nobody" not ignorant.

  • Anonymous

    You still are in my book and arrogant, got a pass for doing drugs and buying guns you dont do nothing but poison the black community with your garbage ass music.

  • Anonymous

    Ignorant nobody or not I'm serious is still a classic!!

  • Anonymous

    he was an ignorant nobody because he was dealing drugs and ruining peoples lives in the process...

  • Mush

    Yeah and he's slowly going full circle, "fighting" may weather over his crackhead looking wife, posting pictures of azelia banks calling her ugly when his wife is ten times worse looking, freaking out at people calling him a snitch like he is one... Smh this dude and game are going down hill, please take young thug, Ross, chance the rapper with you..

  • Loquiall

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  • chris

    i didn't think t.i. would ever refer to himself as ignorant. arrogant for sure.

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