XXL Lists "11 Rappers' Sophomore Albums That Were Bigger Than Their First"

Eminem, Drake, T.I. and Mobb Deep are among the artists on the list.

XXL has created a list of "11 Rappers' Sophomore Albums That Were Bigger Than Their First." 

"The sophomore slump is not just a cliche," XXL says of its list. "It's an indicator of longevity in the music industry, and many rappers have come and gone without getting over that hump. But while so many fall off, and a smaller group of others maintain their consistency, there's a rare group of artists whose second album surpassed their debut—even if the first may have been dope on its own." 

Drake's Thank Me Later, T.I.'s Trap Muzik, Mobb Deep's The Infamous, Pharrell's G  I  R  L and Eminem's The Marshall Mathers LP, are on the list. 

"The Slim Shady LP was a fantastic introduction to the world for Eminem, particularly with songs like 'My Name Is' and 'Guilty Conscience,' which won Shady his first two Grammys. So how did he follow it up? By unleashing The Marshall Mathers LP just over a year later."

The report says the effort earned two Grammy Awards, an Album of the Year nomination a #1spot on the charts and Diamond certification by the RIAA. 

"MMLP solidified Eminem as one of the biggest superstars in the game," the publication says. 

To view the list, visit XXL

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  • fuccya

    I swear every goddamn list/chart they make, they put some legendary stuff into it and some bullshit they wanna hype. Annoying

  • Anonymous

    LOL at them putting Tyga and Wale. Outkast "ATLiens" definitely should've been on that list for sure.

  • divine1-2

    My bad, XXL included Fugees. I'll replace that with.. Brand Nubian-"In God We Trust" trumps "All For One" even without Pub

    • Anonymous

      That All For One is a classic, but that In God We Trust was crazy too. They're both classics to me. That's a tough one.

    • Anonymous

      "Brand Nubian-"In God We Trust" trumps "All For One" even without Pub" Hell no all for one is a classic, only song from In God We Trust I can bump is that alla akbar joint

  • divine1-2

    My bad, XXL included Fugees. I'll replace that with.. Brand Nubian-"In God We Trust" trumps "All For One" even without Puba

  • Divine1-2

    Though XXL could have easily expanded this list a bit, there are quite a few more rappers/group in which their Sophomore album trumps their debut. I'll add 9 "underground" rappers/groups and make it an unofficial Top 20 list lol. For the Hip-Hip heads... NWA-"Niggaz4Life" trumps "Straight Outta Compton" even without Cube Big Daddy Kane-"It's a Big Daddy Thing" trumps "Long Live the Kane" Roots-"Illadelph HalfLife" trumps "Do You Want More??!?" O.C.-"Jewelz" trumps "Word Life" Fugees-"The Score" trumps "Blunted on Reality" Pharoah Monche-"Desire" trumps "Internal Affairs" Little Brother-"Minstrel Show" trumps "The Listening" Lord Finesse-"Return of the Funky Man" trumps "Funky Technician" Gang Starr-"Step in the Arena" trumps "No More Mr. Nice Guy"

    • Anonymous

      How the f does "Desire" trump "Internal Affairs"? Or "Jewelz" trump "Word...Life"? That's one of the dumbest things I ever heard.

    • Anonymous

      WOW, Return of the Funky Man..I'm going to have to pull that out. That was my shit.

  • Anonymous

    and kendrick lamar bout make that

  • 48210 no fly zone D

    what about outkast - atliens DRE KILLED IT wu - wu tang 4eva RZA ON THE BOARDS nas - it was written THAT PEN dmx - 2nd record HIT AFTER HIT ice cube - NWA KILLA FUCK ALL YALL dre - 2001 COME ON MAN

    • Anonymous

      @Truth You're smoking crack to think It Was Written, Wu-Tang Forever and 2001 aren't classics. I don't think they are necessarily better than their predecessors, but clearly classic albums.

    • Anonymous

      It Was Written is a classic, some believe it's better than Illmatic, I wouldn't argue that if you took the top 9 lyrical bombs off It Was Written. I personally would go with Illmatic, It Was Written was definitely that work. Wu's Forever is a classic, too..I actually believe that's better than 36 Chambers, just my opinion.

    • Truth

      Wow all of your are way worse then the first...It was written is not a classic but has good songs, Wutang forever was cool but not even close to a classic and 2001 is far short of the Chronic.......

  • Hardy

    Infinite was eminems first album and it was the best he ever did, Fucking idiots.

  • Anonymous

    what about kendrick

  • Anonymous

    what a weak list. At least mention life after death, wutang forever (and when they say big, i'm assuming sales and not actually classic cut status, so stfu stans).

  • YtH

    It's true, just googled it now

  • Anonymous

    Eminem announced on a Detroit radio station today he's working on MMLP3

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