BET Considers Chris Brown Reality TV Series; Singer Denies Potential Show

UPDATE: BET has reportedly held focus groups to see if a Chris Brown reality series would appeal to viewers. Brown says it's not for him.

BET is looking into airing a Chris Brown reality television series, according to TMZ.

The network has reportedly held focus groups to see if the show appeals to viewers. 

BET is willing to air the Chris Brown series, which would chronicle Brown's life and daily events after his time in jail, according to the publication's sources. 

Production companies are reportedly trying to work out different deals with Brown. 

On Tuesday (June 24), a focus group was held in California, according to the report. Participants in the group were asked if they would tune in to a Brown reality show. TMZ says the focus group was comprised of African American women and that they were split. Nevertheless, the report says a majority would view the show to see if Brown would make mistakes on his journey to stay free from drugs and violence. 

BET has not addressed the potential series. 

Chris Brown was released from prison earlier this month. This year, he was involved in an altercation in Washington D.C. while the singer was on parole. Brown and his bodyguard allegedly punched a person outside of their hotel. This year, Brown was also in rehab, however he was later kicked out of the rehabilitation facility for breaking its rules. The singer-rapper was reportedly asked to leave the facility after throwing a rock at his mother's car when she visited him.  

(June 27, 2014)

UPDATE: Chris Brown denies a potential reality series. 

When asked about this by TMZ, Brown responded: "Nah, not for me, man." 

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  • j

    and people wonder why the media makes fun of black folk. ur gonna celebrate a repeat offender who cant stay on parole with a reality show? THis is not a matter of what good things he is doing for the world, its just a matter of why celebrate him when he needs to get his life together.

  • Anonymous

    Eminem announced on a Detroit radio station today he's working on MMLP3

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