Kanye West & Rihanna Reportedly Collaborate

Kanye West and Rihanna are reportedly working on new music, according to The Daily Mail.

Kanye West and Rihanna, who have worked together in the past, have reportedly collaborated on new music recently, according to The Daily Mail

West and Rihanna were seen together in a West Hollywood, California studio recently, according to the report. 

Kanye WestRihannaBeyonce and Jay Z recently appeared in individual covers of EBONY's Summer Music Special. The four "Collectors' Edition" covers featured separate tag lines for each artist. Beyonce was referred to as "The Diva," Jay Z as "The Mogul," Kanye West as "The Poet" and Rihanna as "The Rebel." 

West and Rihanna have collaborated on several songs, including "Diamonds (Remix)," "Run This Town," and "All Of The Lights."  

In 2011, Kanye West interviewed Rihanna about winning Grammy Awards. 

"When I won the first Grammy, there was no other feeling like that feeling," she said at the time. "It just made me feel like I came so far, like that was just a dream a few years before that, and then it was happening right then." 

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