50 Cent Lists Eminem, Mobb Deep In Workout Playlist

Exclusive: 50 Cent says you can catch Mobb Deep & Eminem in his workout playlist.

50 Cent has had a jam-packed June. This month, he released Animal Ambition, reunited with his G-Unit crew at Summer Jam 2014 and locked in a release date for Street King Immortal.

50 Cent puts in work for his label, G-Unit, but he also works in the gym. HipHopDX recently spoke with 50 Cent about what motivates him in the gym and what he listens to while working out.

“While working out, you can catch Mobb Deep in my playlist as well as [Eminem],” 50 Cent says.

In March 2014, 50 spoke with HipHopDX about health in Hip Hop. At the time, he said the following: "There seems to be no health conscience regimens in Hip Hop with all the drugs and alcohol circulating," 50 Cent said at the time. "Look at all these guys out here with the Al Bundy guts [laughs]!

"Generally in America, obesity is an ongoing issue," 50 added. "You have guys who had successful projects such as Biggie and Pun—they were very talented artists but did not discipline themselves enough physically—so they had to pick up the slack in other areas."

Other emcees, including Joell Ortiz and Immortal Technique were also a part of this roundtable discussion about health. To read the roundtable discussion, click here.

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  • Worldwide 18th Street

    Who gives a FUCK what's it's this clowns playlist!

  • Anonymous

    SMS Promotions is happening bitches. Tonight his fighter Gamboa is gonna be on HBO

  • Pete

    50 inspired me to start working out. 90% of my workout playlist is filled with 50. The man just inspires the crap out of me!

  • Anonymous

    This is straight up ghey why would u give ah fuck about what music this dude work out to ???? Huh??????????/ why DX ????????????????

  • Anonymous

    This whore always has a headline with another mans name in it. Nobody listebs to 50 and Nelly at the gym, you always hear Trap and Crunk unless you go to a white gym where they play 50 and Grunge.

    • Anonymous

      What the hell is a white gym? What area you from that shit is that segregated? We got white folks, black folks, mexican folks, asian folks and... even women in the gym I go to. You even from America bro?

    • Anonymous

      'Black people being closet racists, but always complain about others being racist. Bunch of hypocrits' you need to re-read US history, and check the record. mofo! typical w.boy in denial. that's why racism will never go away.

    • Anonymous

      Black people being closet racists, but always complain about others being racist. Bunch of hypocrits

    • Anonymous

      "unless you go to a white gym". It should be the opposite idiot. Much more white gym than black monkey ass gyms. Gtfo faggot ass monkey

  • Anonymous

    Meant that as a reply to reltalk..

  • Anonymous

    There's a thousand other guys that make the exact same shit as Ross so I doubt that...he'll rather listen to those other niggas if he needs that 'turn up music' energy....

    • Anonymous

      em got the angry frustrated music, prodigy the guy to hear that slap da sh#t outta you music Ross about watches & chicken wings talking about thug cry, lol

  • realtalk

    i bet secretly on the low 50 cent listens to rick ross to workout in the gym lol

  • CrazyLegs

    Gotta give it up to the brother. I wish more people from my generation of Hip Hop heads would get their shit together. I'm tired of going to jams where there are old school heads that gave up on themselves and look like they're one flight of stairs away from a heart attack and need a whole new grill. I've been in the game for 37 years now and I'm still going hard in the gym 6 days a week. And as an artist, how could you not keep your product up to par? We're public figures and need to look right when it's time for "Lights, Camera, Action"! I'm all for wellness and can still party when it's time to. but I'm not falling in to some bullshit version of life that sets a bad example to my kid or people that support me as an entertainer. Crazy Legs Rock Steady Crew

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