Ab-Soul Explains Daylyt Significance, Says Battle Rap Is "More Exciting Than Ever"

Ab-Soul says Daylyt is "one of our first great battle rappers from L.A."

Ab-Soul, who battles Daylyt on These Days..., says he's excited about the state of Battle Rap. 

"Battle Rap right now is more exciting than it’s ever been these days," Ab-Soul says in an interview with XXL. "I’ve always been a fan of Battle Rap since a child. When [Loaded] Lux was on 106 & Park rapping, we’ve been watching that since then. Posta Boy. Cassidy. Jin. It’s been apart of our life forever, but like, right now in this point and time, I feel like after Loaded Lux's 'You Gon Get This Work' epidemic, it’s been more excited than ever."

In the interview, Ab-Soul also calls Day "one of our first great battle rappers from L.A.," and that the lines between traditional emcees and battle rappers are being blurred.

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  • Anonymous

    I disagree. Battle rap now is just angry spoken word poetry, childish antics and not about the rap. And these fools couldnt battle on a beat, 2 turntables, a dj, continuously to save their lives, but have to wait like 3 minutes to deloiver their next bar while the crowd overexaggerate like drunken chimpanzees.

  • Anonymous

    1st! Chitown has spoken!

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