J. Cole's Dreamville Label Signs Cozz

Cozz joins J. Cole's Interscope-distributed label.

Cozz has signed to J. Cole’s Dreamville imprint.

The rapper posted the news on his Instagram account. "Beginning of a new life #dreamville #committee #interscope #signednigga,” Cozz wrote.

"Welcome to Dreamville @cody_macc May all of your DREAMS come true. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmiV6a0FCj4 … work hard stay hungry make classics," J. Cole wrote on twitter today (June 26).

Cozz was also congratulated by labelmate Bas.

"Shoutout to the boi @cody_macc !! The team stacked @Dreamville,” Bas said in a Twitter post Tuesday (June 24).

In January, J. Cole announced his Interscope Records venture and outlined the imprint’s business model.

“We provide the artist, the direction, the guidance, the music, the new ideas, and they provide muscle and years of experience of really giving artists the proper push,” J. Cole said at the time. “We hope to add to the list of legendary albums that were made over in that building.”

The social media posts from Cozz, J. Cole, Bas and others about Cozz’s signing are as follows:

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  • Anonymous

    Dude, J. Cole's deal is shitty, you know the guy he signed deal is even shitter...no buzz or anything, dude probably got signed to a young thug deal

    • Anonymous

      Oh quit your LAME ASS hating DUDE j.cole is smart for starting his own record label with some help from interscope it just seems SHITTY to u cause guys like bas and cozz here ain't really known at y'all yet but u better believe that with j.Cole's help HE could put these dudes on the map so give j.cole credit MAN takes being a real boss on his grind to start your own record label and get new upcoming artists to be signed under u with the potential of someday being in the line of the hottest mcs in the game so yea man j.cole knows actually what he's doing look at other artists that got their labels GOING and have artists underneath them that have evolved into some of the hottest mcs out like Rick ross, Jay-z, KANYE WEST, and maybe drake to with he's ovo gig these RAPPERS to name a few are the rap bosses in hip hop right CAUSE not only are they making music but they got record labels and hot artists under them signed to their labels hey give it some time j.cole will have these guys POPPIN in the streets and airways just like he's been doing all Cozz and BAS need are some decent exposure like a major tour, with a big collaboration album, and some good promotions to go along with it and then they will be buzzin I have faith in j.cole as a business man in the rap world u should to I mean it can't be a shitty deal if he turns cozz into a hip hop elite by building him up just wait and see before u judge someone new

  • kam


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