Dr. Dre's Son Curtis Young: "You Can't Get Out Of That Giant's Shadow"

Curtis Young also discusses not being cast as Dr. Dre in the forthcoming N.W.A biopic, "Straight Outta Compton."

As he works on making a name for himself in entertainment, Chris Young, one of Dr. Dre’s sons, says that the task is difficult.

"You can’t get out of that giant’s shadow,” Young says during an interview with XXL. "So I’m still in his shadow—and because of him, I have the Young name, and the Foundation—but what I understood was, he paved the road that I gotta walk down regardless, so I need to brand myself as an artist to understand that. And by me saying that, I mean I have different entities besides music, so that’s what helped me kind of stay out of his shadow, because I’ve got things that he’s not doing. Kind of like how he’s got the headphone thing, I’ve got other things.”

Young has rapped as Hood Surgeon and has appeared in a few independent films, though he was not cast to portray his father in the forthcoming N.W.A biopic, Straight Outta Compton.

"I actually tried out for the role, ’cause the casting company called me,” Young says. "But my father wanted somebody with more acting experience, and I haven’t been acting for a long time, so I’m happy for the guy that got the role. It’s one of those things where we want what’s best for the movie and for the film. I had a lot of fans that were upset about it, but whatever’s best for the film, that presents it in that light, then I’m for it."

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  • Steve Wellington

    HERE IS THE REAL STORY regarding Curtis Young, aka Dr. Dre's Son First of all Curtis real legal name is Curtis Maclemore not Curtis Young his mother Cassandra Green did not put Dr. Dre on the birth certificate because she wasn't sure at the time if Dre was his father she was sleeping with both Dr. Dre and his best friend at the same time.. In 2001 Curtis met my client Mystro who was a music producer Curtis and Mystro became really good friends and Mystro talked Curtis into trying to rap so Mystro started producing Curtis... One night coming from the studio Curtis told Mystro that he thinks his biological father might be Dr. Dre but he wasn't sure because he never met him before and his mother didn't know how to get in contact with him. Curtis begged Mystro to do what ever he could to find Dr. Dre so Mystro called to Aftermath and then they gave Mystro the number to Dr. Dre's attorney The law office of "Howard King", After Mystro talked to Mr. Howard King and convinced him that Curtis could be Dre's son and this might be true not and not a get rich scam, He said ok and wanted to talk to Curtis personally... So Mystro gave Mr. King Curtis phone number... Here is where things started to go sour, weeks went by and Mystro hadn't heard from Curtis mind you, they both would talk every day if they were not hanging out together they would be talking on the phone this was unusual they were BFF's so Mystro being concerned stopped by his house and his Mother said rudely "Curtis is with his dad Dr. Dre and he's doesn't need you anymore!!" by then Curtis drove up in his brand new car "Hummer" that Dre just bought him and he told Mystro "Man I don't need you no more I got Dre" he walked in the house and slammed the door in Mystro's face...They never spoke again... Fast forward ⏩ Curtis tried to get Dr. Dre to produce music for him and Dre listened to his demo and said frankly "You are not ready" you should go to School and get your education so Curtis said ok Dr. Dre gave Curtis 5,000 Dollars a week!! NOT A MONTH A WEEK!!! To go to school but instead he took the money every week from Dre lying to him that he was enrolled in school and traveled and partied with his friends... Flying first class and sipping champagne!!! ✈️ So one day Dre called Curtis mom Cassandra to check up on how he was doing in school and Cassandra said "Curtis is not in School"!!! what are you talking about ? he's in Vegas this weekend with his friends! Apparently Cassandra didn't know Curtis was getting 5,000 a week from Dre... So Dr. Dre "DID" support Curtis but he misused Dre and slammed the door on the very person that made it happen in the first place my client Mystro.... I wish Curtis well, but what he did to the most important people in his life was very bad... If it wasn't for Mystro Curtis would have never met Dr. Dre! Curtis has bad Karma coming to him. Ps. My client would like to clear his name, Curtis is publicly not telling the full truth on how he was able to find his father.

  • FierceFabu

    What Baffles Me is when you carry the representation of Straight Outta Compton and You claim you have been through stuff , Your from the Hood, You been in the Game, You have Gotten your Hands dirty , But now you are able to make it in The Rap Game due to The success of Your Father, and Now from my sources and People close to you Curtis Young, You are too good to be around the people who are Just like you.. I really wanna know from your own Mouth... I don't expect you to admit it on here if it is true, But The last thing I thought is you would be that one that jumps on The Fame Wagon and Feels like you are better than Us .. I mean No disrespect, but to build your Brand , You have to be on the platform with the people who give you admiration and allow you to become great.

  • Really?

    Oh I get it. Dre is a "Dr." so his son makes himself a "Surgeon". I can't wait for Dre's grandson, Chief Medical Officer Twizzy, to drop a mixtape.

  • Anonymous

    Is this the rapper who goes by the name 'Hood Surgeon'?

  • Anonymous

    He picks his words carefully, quite wise, makes it harder for idiots to critique him.

  • Desert City Realty Vegas

    Do your thing man and the keep hustlin' and come buy a place in Vegas through ME !!! Keep it up ....

  • What

    Nigga is order for you to make it in the rap game you doing to need a young D.O.C and some other ghostwriter to write your ryhms for you and learn how to steal other people beats and call it yours

    • Anonymous

      dudes right about the N word man. This is why most white people have a low opinion of us

    • Anonymous

      when you use The N word and specifically start a sentence off with it, it's safe to say you have well below average intelligence. You probably dropped out of third grade.

    • Anonymous

      You really just wrote a message to Dr. Dre's son on a DX comment? Bro you need a reality check on who you think checking these comments

  • Mr. Swagger

    Young dre well said! Very wise words

  • Anonymous

    Well your daddy uses ghosproducers so which shadow you talkin about?

    • fuccya

      It only takes one fuckup.

    • Anonymous

      @Ty u know what makes him a hater ? not the fact that he said that Dre openly uses ghostwriters but the fact that out of all the worldwide and musical and business accomplishments Dre made he only talked about the minor thing Dre admittedly does which makes him sound like he's hating

    • Ty

      When you speak the truth, imbeciles come at you with "you are hating" that's the only excuse they can come up with, every single time.

    • Hatingtoohard

      LOL. You're a funny guy. The hate is too real.

  • EarthtoneDaRaproducer

    Well said young man...

  • Klone Killa

    "Hood surgeon"..Negro please!

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