Trick Trick Addresses Rick Ross, Alleged "No Fly Zone" Confrontation

Trick Trick says "nothing happened" to Rick Ross, questions why no one's talking about the music.

In a newly-published video, Detroit rapper Trick Trick remained relatively tight-lipped about what may or may not have happened between himself and Rick Ross during the weekend of HOT 107.5's Summer Jamz concert in Detroit.

Trick Trick did sternly criticize those who have reported their alleged interaction as something negative. He did not refer to Rick Ross by name during the nearly 12-minute long video, but did state that “Nothing happened to him.”

“I do recognize it’s a lot of things going on on the internet and in the media concerning myself and concerning another individual,” Trick Trick said. “Well, concerning myself and that individual is none of your mothafuckin business. That’s a grown man. I’m a grown man. Grown men don’t put grown man business out to the mothafuckin public. If I wanted to address it I would have addressed it. If I wanted to promote it I would have promoted it. I move how I move because I stand for something. My 'No Fly Zone' ain’t about taking nobody’s money. I don’t want yo mothafuckin money…That man said didn’t nothing happen to him. He’s correct. Nothing happened to him.”

At one point in the video Trick Trick drew attention to the fact that hours before his alleged encounter with Rick Ross, a child was murdered up the street and received little attention. He then encouraged those to “Quit trying to live your mothafuckin life through some damn phone.”

“Y’all should’ve been talking about all of the great artists that did perform that evening,” he said. “The good part about it. Instead of going right after the negativity. Y’all all got the game fucked up. That’s what’s wrong with this mothafucka now. Ain’t nobody talking about no music. That man’s a musician. I’m a musician. We musicians. Our business don’t belong on the internet. And it ain’t none of your mothafuckin business what me and that man [got] going on. Or what the fuck happened out there that day…What the fuck I look like telling a man he gotta pay me to come to my damn city…I don’t mean no-mothafuckin-body no harm. If I had an incident with an individual and some hands got put on that mothafucka. Aye, got dammit that’s what the fuck happened.”

Over the weekend it was reported that Rick Ross was blocked from performing at HOT 107.5's Summer Jamz concert by a group of over 100 people. HOT 107.5's program director, Jay Hicks even stated that Rick Ross was “in fear of his life.”

Contrary to Hicks’ statement, Ross posted a message on Twitter informing fans that he was met with “a peace protest” outside of the concert and was eager to perform for those in Detroit.

Trick Trick's video can be found on YouTube.

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  • Anonymous

    LMAO at these nikkas on here shitting on Trick Trick Grew up in NYC and I heard stories about this nikka in the late 90's... At the end of the day this is on Ross, it ain't got shit to do with Trick Trick... it's the energy he puts out there!!! He's always talking about "the streets" I run the Streets, the streets this the streets that, but when the streets check the nikka, y'all have a problem with it?? I'm sure when the Roots, Scarface, Lupe and a few other rappers do shows in Detroit they don't have to pay street tax...

  • negro

    its shame that black ancestors were good ppl who worked so hard for education and fought for human rights but the current negroes are all about gangs, violence extortation,collecting welfares, son of bastards,laughing stock for the whole world. besides their lack of mannerism one thing i hate is their weave, plz black woman be proud of your natural hair. its ridiculous to see pitch dark lady wearing purple or red weave.

  • LeVeL

    Trick Trick is a fucking idiot. He trying to stir up stuff only because no one outside of Detroit wants to work with him. Dude is lame as hell. People need to realize that these rappers are like actors/story tellers, they are not really bout' that life. Trick is using other people to do his dirty work. People in Detroit should try to prosper and not create violence or murders.

  • Anonymous

    Nothing coming out of. Detroit but pussys fog!

  • The Decatur ATL BOI

    As I have always said, Detroit is not the city to mess with. You can do whatever you like almost in any other city, but when you come to Detroit, there are rules and if you don't abide by those rules you will have 100+ waiting for you. Facts are facts. Ask any entertainer about The "D"- You may not leave alive.

  • Anonymous

    trick trick is a pussy,and his music is wacker than weezy

  • Anonymous

    Rick Ross is a shit rapper. Trick Trick is a shit rapper. No one wins


    LMAAAAAOOOO you see these mf scared of trick trick even thru the iternet. "Look him up" ..."Hes a bully".."investigate him".. wtf?? lame ass girls

  • Rozay O'Donnell

    Ross says he can bring a thousand goons to any hood. Let's see what happens when he brings them goons to his door unexpectedly. Bet he won't do a god damn thing except shake in his weak little boots.

  • Anonymous

    This is not what white folks wanted to hear.....a Black man not tearing down another Black man or name-calling and gossip while saying the focus should be on the music and things if importance like the violence in our own communities. I wish more HipHop artists would have this approach to the media.

  • Rozay O'Donnell

    As Ross' attorney, I'mma let you motherfuckers in on a little something: Trick Trick ain't nothing but a compulsive liar & a bitch ass nigga. He won't readily admit on TV to terrifying my man Ross and preventing him from getting his check. And if you think he's the mayor of that dirt poor city you call the D, then you got maggots for brains. Like I said in an earlier post, had Rick brought them choppers out, the situation woulda been MUCH different, aside from the smell of dead bodies.

  • Trick Trick

    No Fly Zone in Detroit mother fuckers. Please don't come to this bullshit City. Ain't nothing but potholes all over the place. Detroit is the shit stain of the u.s.a

  • guerilla jones

    trick trick should worry about making a song that people give a damn about...

  • Anonymous

    Trick trick a real one he smashed trick daddy, styles p( for acting extra hard around a real nigga) ran ross out the city. The man dnt play

    • Anonymous

      Yea, and I'm guessing those people who spam other established rappers' youtube pages saying "Yo I'm just an up an coming rapper real shit please check me out" sound like G Rap in 89 compared to Trick Trick's no-talent mic game

    • TRE

      Styles P admitted to taking that L

    • 305

      And because of that he's not allowed in Florida anymore.

    • rozay stole my wings

      the only person he ever said he actually put hands or seen put hands on was yung berg. Ya niggas worse than bitches wit these rumors n shit

  • Anonymous

    "Money can't buy you respect" - Trick Trick, 2014

  • Anonymous

    . I heard Trick trick did a triple back flip and than poked Rick Ross with one finger that knocked him out cold for 7 hours. All while Trick was rapping, and the song didnt sound like garbage. It must be true if the nerds say so. .

  • Anonymous

    The word on the streets is BIG MEECH himself, put the word out on Rick Ross and that was executed by others, possibly Trick Trick. Now, if you didnt know, Trick Trick issued a PSA about his involvement or non-involvement in the case. I wasnt clear after the video ended, but it sure seemed like it. Also, the Detroit concert in question was on Big Meechs birthday, which may have been a cause for contention especially if Rozay planned to rock his biggest hit (B.M.F.). Now if you dont know Meech, I suggest you google that, but its well known you dont mess with him or BMF. Seems like some folks feel Ross should have paid his hood tax, but Trick Trick said he personally didnt do anything like that. By the way, Meech is serving a 30-year prison term so hes exercising his power from there.

  • fuccya

    "Well, concerning myself and that individual is none of your mothafuckin business." Hahaha straight answer, well done

  • Anonymous

    The streets of Detroit are buzzing with rumors that the word to shut down Rick Ross' concert at Chene Park came directly from Big Meech Last Saturday Rick Ross was prevented from performing at Chene Park in Detroit after rapper Trick Trick imposed a 'No Fly Zone' on Rick Ross and sent more than 100 goons down to the venue to make sure the rapper didn't take the stage [click here if you missed that]. Now the streets are buzzing that Trick Trick got his orders directly from notorious Black Mafia Family drug kingpin and Detroit native Demetrius Big Meech Flenory. Sources claim Meech feels disrespected by Rick Ross because Rozay made a ton of money off him with that hit single 'BMF [Blowing Money Fast]' featuring the hook, "I think I'm Big Meech'. Apparently Meech, who is currently serving 30 years in prison on drug charges, has mandated Rick Ross will not make a dime in Detroit until he breaks bread and put in the call to Trick Trick to shut it down. Adding insult to injury the concert was on Big Meech's birthday.


    So I think it's nobodies fucking business what happened with him and that other motherfucking individual. I think it's clear now!

  • locktricktrickup

    trick trick need to be investigated old loser

    • Anonymous

      Officer Ricky dat u? I bet Ricky would love to slap on them rubber gloves and give Trick's ass a good going over for old times sake.

  • d-nucks

    I was with him until he said himself and ross were muscians....tired of people getting titles they did not earn...QUINCEY JONES is a musician, Stevie wonder is a musician....Prince and so forth...someone that can play instruments and write in NOTES...are musicians....thes niggaz just rap....

    • YT

      That's awesome, I didnt know Trick Trick performs with a live band. That's how it should be

    • Johnson

      Well, I went to Trick Show here in Detroit a few months back. He performs with a live band. Great show. I would say he is a musician. Quincy jones, as your used in your example is only one example of a musician. I would say trick is as well, though you may not be familiar with all his music and activities.

    • Anonymous

      real shit d-nucks

    • UmyFriend

      and you, my friend, have a small c 0 ck

  • Anonymous


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