Do You Want To Be An Intern For Wu-Tang Clan?

An alleged Craigslist posting from Wu-Tang Clan says Wu-Tang Management is seeking a social media manager in New Jersey.

Wu-Tang Clan has allegedly made a Craigslist post for an intern position with the company.

"Wu-Tang Management is currently looking for people that are versed in social media networking and also up on the newest social networking trends," the post says. "We are looking for individuals that are able to set appointed times thorough [sic] the day to do social media updates and stay consistent with posts. The perfect candidate would be someone that is available for various events to document footage and pictures on all social media outlets i.e facebook, twitter, instagram, etc." 

The unconfirmed posting, which is titled "Wu-Tang Management Social Network Manager (New Jersey)," also lists different items that the company is looking for in its interns. Those items are as follows: 

"What we are looking for:

Excellent written communication skills, with ability to communicate with diverse audiences

Interest in the music/entertainment industry

Professional demeanor

Experience with social networking (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Ning, Blogspot, etc.)

Well organized with attention to detail and ability to carry out tasks independently

Ability to meet deadlines"

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  • Really?

    That's not true, I've completed 3 internships and was paid for reach one

  • Sofia

    "Do You Want To Be An Intern For Wu-Tang Clan?" Hell no

  • U guys r all idiots

    Do u even know what intern means? Interns dont get paid, not just wu tang interns, not just music interns, thats everywhere, thats what an intern is its like free schooling or training in whatever field your trying to get into

  • TheBeatDowner

    Do you have to pass a drug test? 'Cause that would X out 19 of the 20 people that would actually do this shit for free.

  • da Mayor of MN

    Now I check this site often whenever I'm at work but this is got to be the funniest shit I've seen on here. Be sure to include social security number on application lol

  • jeezuz walkz

    go figure... multi-million dollar corporation offering no pay... smart. good luck with that.

    • Anonymous

      Obviously... Lol nigga think he CSI with comments or something

    • Anonymous

      You're obviously a young boy who don't know better but record companies, hospitals, law firms, govt, even this site uses interns Now go ask your people why they didnt prepare you better for ligfe

  • Art School Cool

    $30 an hour and I'm in. Intern...better be a paid intern!

  • Anonymous

    somebody bout to get catfished...

  • Anonymous

    This reminds me I just seen Jim Jones on begging Tyrese on his social media to let him be his "Apprentis", said he is even willing to do store runs. LMAO

  • Birdstan

    As dentaldamboy's summer intern here at YMCMB's accounting division, I can personally confirm that Wu Tang Management is broke. Meanwhile, I have been compensated handsomely this summer. In addition to my base salary of $50/hr, I get to hang out with the artists and managemt, and I get to fuck the groupies after Wayne has hit. This summer has been a life changing experience for me. Funny story...last weekend dr dre flew down to New Orleans hoping to hang out with my boss, birdman. Birdman knows see is lame so he sent twist to roll with dre while birdman fucked Paris Hilton.

  • Anonymous

    This is a joke right?

  • Anonymous

    These niggas are scammers who got no shame.. Trying to get some fans to work for them for free. LOL RZA gotta be behind this shit just like that SCAM TEMPLE MUSIC fiasco where he fucked over thousands of fans trying to support real hip-hop with their hard earned money.

    • Lol

      The guys an idiot he wont stop bitching about getting ripped off by a purchase from soul temple records (not from rza personally) dude get over it ur on here bitching on every wu related post, get a life

    • Anonymous

      lol how is it his fault that RZA and his record label stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from WU fans trying to support GHOST, RZA and U-GOD?

    • Tha W

      STFU faggot, u jus mad that u aint gonna get the job on account of ur bitch attitude and social awkwardness. Btw if u lost money it wasn't RZA's fault u dumbfuck, it's urs.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds fraudulent...

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