Z-Ro Recalls Going "Chuck Norris" On Home Intruder

Z-Ro says he was arrested when police didn't believe a stalker broke into his home.

Houston, Texas rapper Z-Ro recently spent some time behind bars after coming across a crazed fan who broke into his home. He shared the details of his run-in with the stalker and his resulting arrest during an appearance on Houston's 97.9 The Box.

According to Z-Ro, he had just finished recording in the studio with fellow Houstonian, Scarface when he arrived home and noticed that a person was hiding on the floor under one of his sheets. He says the person under the sheet, who proclaimed to be his biggest fan, was wearing his clothes and had also eaten his leftover Pappadeaux.

“I got to the crib and I ain’t really noticing—I went to go record something with Scarface,” Z-Ro said. “You know what I’m saying? So, I had to cut my phone off. The ring came on, but I can’t see it because I’m in there working. It’s something wrong. So, I get over there to the crib…A woman that resembles like [Yaphet Kotto]. Talking ‘bout she done broke in. She broke in the house, man, with a bowl of fruit. She moved in. She came in there, man, with the long bowl. Like the catering bowl. With like grapes and fruits. She hiding…I see my bed sheet from my bed. It’s on the floor in the den and it’s moving. Where I stay it’s a bug problem, but not to pull your whole sheet off the bed. This here got to be a homosapien. She come from under the covers, is like ‘Hey, I’m your biggest fan!’”

Z-Ro later recalled calling authorities to his home only to be arrested. He says the police who arrived believed he was lying about the break-in and wanted to get rid of the woman so he could bring another woman to his house.

“Since it’s a woman I can’t really just WWE,” he said. “I gotta call 911, man. So, I’m on the phone with 911 like ‘Say man, I got an intruder.’ And she like ‘Alright, well what you need?’ I’m like ‘Well, I got her. I need y’all to come on and come [get her].’ Laws pull up and you know how they do. They see a bloody me. All of a sudden I’m guilty. I’m handcuffed at the crib…The dudes steady telling me ‘Say man, look. If you know the girl and you don’t want her here just tell me the truth, man. That you got somebody else coming over or something and you just putting on a front for her.’ I’m like ‘Man, stop it. You tripping’…He just wouldn’t buy it.”

Z-Ro posted the following on Instagram following his ordeal.

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  • youngknox202

    How the fucc yall gonna say ro a snitch........ man he did the right fuccing thing.. instead of beating that bitch or killing her ass he call the pigs......only a bitch nigga would put there hands on a women........yall niggas need grown the fucc up and stop being little as boys.... My respect goes out to ro real nigga status.

    • Sergio

      Damm What the fuck You call them for (was She Head worthy Should have said For real You My 1fan Blowme Head If You pull Wait Where is your Freinds at Call em over She would be sucks till Freind rings door bell Or like you said I'm gona put in work till that booty squrt Dat is some shit Mannn hold up You Know Me But Damm The call hell no Can't do it If I Have to call I call me I can't answer I make my self Leave If I have to go Till then Fighting the Fraud In Americas war against Me

  • AV

    What that fuck y'all talkin' about?! It's some inadequate shit for real! He acted as a serious GROWN man, not like you little kids wanted him to. If a bitch comes into your house like that, all you can to do to get her out is to call 5-0. If you kick a woman - you a bitch yourself. Get into some bookz, fools.

  • Anonymous

    He beat up a woman and snitched. Sounds just like a bitch made rapper.

  • Mack

    How did he go Chuck Norris?

    • Anonymous

      Yeah from what I can remember Chuck Norris used to kick ass and take names, not snitch to the fuzz.

  • Anonymous

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  • Int'l J

    Lol @ homosapien. But nah how that man a snitch tho? If a broad break into your home you should be able to bat a bitch. But a nigga like Ro knows if you go that route your gonna get shackled. It's like someone breaking in your home and you hear a window glass smashed you call dem muthafuckin white folks. Only a real nigga thinks about what got them locked up in the past when presented with a situation that could get you locked up again. Somebody break in my shit tonight, then I'm only goi George Zimmerman when I know they closing in. Pop a nigga whether they break into your home or not, they gon lock that azz up until the trial

  • Anonymous

    "They see a bloody me. All of a sudden I'm guilty" So she fought him?

  • westside

    story is fuckin funny we got a bug problem she eating his food da fuck lmao but seriously if sumone in your house you don't know all bets are off

  • Anonymous

    wait, z-ro called the po-po? So he's a snitch?!!

  • p-dub

    lmao!!!!!!!!!! #homosapien

  • o0e0n0o

    That's not funny that's a fucking lawsuit~!

  • jimjim

    shoulda beat that bitch ass fo real yo fuck that stump that bitch you no

  • Anonymous

    "This here got to be a homosapien." Funny shit

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