DJ Quik Blasts Dr. Dre's Beats Music; DJ Quik Says He's Wrong

UPDATED: DJ Quik says he is not pleased that his music is not included on the Beats Music app. DJ Quik says that his music is indeed on the Beats App.

DJ Quik says that he is not pleased with Dr. Dre's Beats Music.

"There is no DJ QUIK music on the Beatsmusic app. THIS IS PERSONAL AND IM NOT TAKING IT ANYMORE. ITS ON,” DJ Quik wrote on Twitter yesterday (June 24).

Beats Music launched in January and is said to feature a catalog of 20 million songs.

In another tweet, DJ Quik references Tupac Shakur’s beef with Dr. Dre, which reportedly revolved around Dr. Dre taking longer than Tupac liked to make and record songs.

"TUPAC YOU WERE RIGHT ON THE MONEY,” another DJ Quik tweet said.

DJ Quik is likely referring to a section of Tupac’s song “To Live & Die In L.A.,” a song he released on the 1996 album the 7day theory under the moniker Makaveli the don killuminati. 

On the outro of “To Live & Die In L.A.,” Tupac says, “LA. California Love part motherfucking two without gay-ass Dre.”

Tupac and Dr. Dre released the song “California Love” in 1995. 

DJ Quik and Dr. Dre are both rapper-producers from Compton, California.

The two have worked together, including “Put It On Me,” a 2001 song featured on the Training Day soundtrack. Dr. Dre also appeared in the acclaimed film.

DJ Quik’s tweets are as follows, as is “To Live & Die In L.A.":

(June 25, 2014)

UPDATE: DJ Quik tweeted that is music is indeed on the Beats Music app.

"MY MUSIC IS ON THE BEATSMUSIC APP. I WAS WRONG,” he wrote today (June 25).

DJ Quik’s Tweet is as follows:

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  • Chuckchilla

    Dj Quik is the best producer on the West he just never made hit singles after his first album.Personally I think he should say fuck it and sell out.No one ever thought Juicy J would be a household name but he's laughing all the way to the bank.Fuck that sellout shit Quik is just as good as Pharell and better then Kanye.Let the whole world know Quik iz still the nigga!

    • Anonymous

      My thoughts exactly. People love to talk that sellout shit but does that even exist? I mean in this world it's all about the money and power, and you gonna have to compromise or fuck some people over if you wanna get to the top

  • Anonymous

    Fuck all that yappin, y'all bitches putting Dre above Quik need to sit ya ass down and stay the fuck in line. Was dre doing live jazz instrumentals? No Was he doing live funk interpolations? No Was dre doing keyboard solos on songs? No Did dre introduce flute solos into gangta rap? No Was dre the second greatest talkbox player ever after roger troutman? No Did he have the 3rd best hand claps in history outside of parliment n roger? No Sit yo ass down somewhere if quik did follow dre he's been making beats instead of live compositions Did dre arrange strings and flutes for the South Central philharmonic orchestra? Fuck no But quik's the one following right? Did dre come up with a way to blend digitial and analog so guitars and strings won't face as much harmonic distortion? No But quik did the following let u blind beats by dre headphone buyers tell it.

  • Hopit

    Biggest Hip Hop related fail of the year so far. Can't respect a "man" like that. Aftermath still winnin'.

  • Anonymous

    In "circles" in LA... Quik has ALWAYS spoke down on dre. Keep ya mouth shut boi. The nicca is a billionaire and you got your mpc stolen by a crackhead.

  • Anonymous

    Haha, what a clown.

  • PATHH88

    HIPHOPDX REACHING, AND THEN SOME, WITH THE TIE IN TO "TO LIVE AND DIE IN L.A." re taking longer to finish tracks, Why would Quik be calling Dre gay ??? Makes no fucking sense you clown ? Seriously, this is one of the worst pieces i have read on this site...i mean just read it again, it is so dijointed and thrown together it is laughable... bullshit ass "reporting" on a nothing to report non event news non story... i mean come on just read the first paragraph, shit is spastic...

  • Anonymous

    Quik, get a grip. Are you high or what? Do you think Dre hand picks the 20 million tracks on Beats Music? If your music isn't on a service call your company and ask them why.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    LMAO what a bitch made nigga, guess MC Eiht was right after all

  • Da Watcha

    What a emotional female move he just did....Inserts foot in mouth

  • Anonymous

    quik u stupid as fuck

  • Anonymous

    That nigga quik just prove, how stupid nigga are quick to jump in with out knowing all the fact, straight fag


    "UPDATED: DJ Quik says he is not pleased that his music is not included on the Beats Music app. DJ Quik says that his music is indeed on the Beats App." Is it just me or does this make no sense at all??

  • p-dub

    cmon now.....hhdx is better than this , u actually are a good website , please dont do like others & hype up bs thats not even that serious.....must be a slow music day

  • Rocksteady

    LMT Radio App > Beats App

  • Anonymous

    quik is obviously fucking around.. take several seats dx, you took the bait.

  • p

    someone show him the CAPS key and how to turn it off lol

  • hoodgrown

    Dre actually has little to do with where Beats Music get it's actual catalog from. You indie artist using CD Baby will find that YOUR music is up on Beats as well. I had to let a couple of my people know they're shit was on Beats Music. They had no clue.

  • me

    these dudes are all wayyyyyyy too emotional.

  • R.I.P. DX

    Smh at this bullshit that qualifies as "news".

  • Silencenogood

    His music is on Beats from what I can see...

  • Crumbz

    MY MUSIC IS ON THE BEATSMUSIC APP. I WAS WRONG.— DJ Quik (@djquik) June 25, 2014

  • True

    I would say "FUCK DRE" too after I produced hits after hits for him. Dj Quik produced a lot of hits for Dre Everybody in the Industry know Dr Dre doesnt "produce" shit. And Yes, Dr Dre is Gay. There is a 2pac Interview where Tupac goes off and says Dr Dre is sucking dick in the studio

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ to think that the last quote is from the year 2000

    • Los Angeles

      The Younger Cats Don't Know That... DJ Quik is the best West Coast Producer Dr. Dre is the best "Mixer" after he pays you for a beat he "likes" from you ex.quik,hutch,j-flexx,daz,mel-man,etc... Dr.Dre is B as well, All Good in Hollyweird! "And I'll prove I'm proper and yo game is whack with 1 line I'll never put my name on a track that wasn't mine"

  • big Dee bo MAN

    Fuck Dj Quick!!!

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