Daylyt Says Eminem Signed Him To Shady Records

The battle rapper also says he'll battle a TDE member this summer and claims he's "an official member of Shady Records."

After making his television debut last week on the Shady Films reality series Road to Total Slaughter, Daylyt appeared on Ab-Soul’s These Days… release in a battle hidden on the last track.

Releasing a video yesterday (June 24), Daylyt announced that the battle footage would be released and shared plans to battle another TDE member this summer.

"I got a show coming up called Welcome To Daylyt’s World, which will be going down on Adult Swim," he says. "I got a lot of stuff in the works right now and Battle Rap is the last thing I’m worried about right now. Also, big shouts out to Ab-Soul. Ya’ll can go check out that These Days… album today. On the last track, Daylyt versus Ab-Soul, the footage will be coming out soon. So, be on the look-out for that.

“I’ve made it to the level where I’m clearly outside of Battle Rap,” he says later. “I battled Ab-Soul. I got another TDE member coming up in August, which is a big TDE member. This is gonna be a big event for the West Coast. I’m done with battling these regular cats. It’s over with for me. I don’t really care for that type of stuff. My album is in the process, Look Into My Head. Everything is in the works.”

Near the end of the video, Daylyt also claims that he’s joined Shady Records.

“Big shouts out to Eminem for making that legit,” he says. “Daylyt is an official member of Shady Records. It’s just a lot of stuff.”

To read the full story and watch the video visit Battle Rap.


  • david123

    No lie though, this clown is the worst battle rapper I have ever seen. If not the worst he's definitely in the top 3 wackest, over-rated isn't even the right word, he'd wear a dildo on his head if it got him views. His bars come off like he's dyslexic -- ninja turtles at the beach, 4 hot shells... Wtf

    • thats deep

      perfectly worded comment.. of a blatant hater. good factual info there. ask your favorite battle rapper whether or not daylyt is nice. otherwise if u got a problem with dudes style, try comin with a valid point.

  • Anonymous

    People are really that dumb to surf the internet in their facebook account, lol



  • one

    We all know Shady Records have a hard time putting out artist constantly.

  • Anonymous

    Spoiler Alert: That TDE Member is Ab-Soul. You can find the battle at the end of his new album.

  • peeeh

    His ugly tattoo even tops the one from Gucci. I cannot take a guy like this serious, sorry.

  • karl pilkington

    shady? ehhhh.. i think odd future records is a better fit for this bloke

  • Ammy

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  • Thomas

    Is he really signed though? Or is this more antics? I really do not know what to believe. After all it is daylyt we are talking about.

  • Anonymous

    That nigga ain't tough. I would run up on him and kiss him on the cheek and I bet he won't do shit.

  • Midwest Flexin

    being signed to Shady is one of the worst moves you can make in hip-hop.. this nigga will never drop an album. And if he does it'll be a flop.

  • imho

    I like these recent moves eminems doing. brining the real back

  • 614grind

    Im sure this guy got his ass kicked every day out in Watts section of LA. this guy is a str8 clown. just like the GAYme also they both are known liars. 614 Columbus, OH GAYlumbus niggas would run trains on him and the stripper GAYme and force Gayme to tongue kiss our bootyholes.

  • Anonymous

    Pretty sure this is the same guy that released a diss song towards Paul Walker, after he died...

  • Cat Piss In My Lungs Fo Fifth Is My Guns

    This bKig Stallion cuh, 790 bKlocc from CnetiCut, ninas up, wats CraCcalaCcin 2 all ma Comradz, all ma Smuzzumz, shout 2 all ma folkz Fucc a nigga, nigga, this bKig GrinChwiCh CnetiCut Cuh! Ova hea niggas left doin da funky worm in front dey momma! Stallion on deez niggas head cuh Nina's up da sky loc, fucc a fucc nigga One

  • J dirty

    Shady records is a Graveyard.....Where D12 at?where Obie trice at?where Bobby creek at?Where Cashis at? ....Yelawolfs first album on there.Crap. Slaughterhouses album.Crap.And I fucks with them cats....Em needs to learn to push his people right.

    • Richmond

      @Anonymous... It's not Em's job to push his artists. It's his job to provide the platform, which he did. If you wanna blame someone for Shady artist's failures, blame Jimmy Iovine. I believe that guy made all the final decisions on everything. Obie Trice left because of Jimmy, and the label politics. He got the cold shoulder because he didn't show up to some industry event. It's kinda sad, but despite Eminem's success, he still doesn't have a lot of power over there. Jimmy forced Eminem to do those collab's with lil Wayne. Em didn't wanna work with him at all. Now that Iovine is with Apple, I hope things get better at Interscope/Aftermath/Shady..

    • j DIRTY

      Best thing em can do at this point is get the Old Team back together...I know for a fact they can all still spit..D12 and obie especialy

    • Walter Pink

      Obie still on, Bass Bros said D12 are coming back, iono where Booby is & Cashis comes an goes

    • Anonymous

      I heard Cashis still has a writing contract for Shady Records. Em also produced beats for his album, like 'Layin' In The Cut' and a few others too.

    • Anonymous

      "So it's Eminem's job to "push his people". Because being signed isn't good enough." Well, that's what he's supposed to do, so yeah, it IS his job.

    • Richmond

      So it's Eminem's job to "push his people". Because being signed isn't good enough. He must also hold their weiners every step of the way, i get it. Good thing Dre pushed Eminem right or he would still be underground. Good thing Dre and Em pushed 50 right or he would still be underground. Good thing Jay-z did everything for Kanye West, that's why Kanye's famous. See the logic here? Maybe Eminem is too nice, and gave the wrong people a chance

    • Willy

      Hey 'Because The Internet' I'd suggest re-reading J-Dirty's comment again. You really just embarrassed yourself homie. You just repeated what he already said

    • Because The Internet

      D12, Obie Trice, Bobby Creekwater, and Cashis ain't even on Shady Records anymore kid. Yelawolf go hard, and so do Slaughterhouse, not to mention Eminem is the best in the game hands down. Learn your hip-hop niqqa. Oh and just so you know Chasis's new album just dropped LMAO, you're clueless..

  • Anonymous

    Yall stans better hope this aint true, lol

  • Anonymous

    He's still pulling gimmick shit now with this, he isn't signed to Shady

  • Anonymous

    I seriously doubt he's signed to Shady

  • Anonymous

    He has lyrical skills but can he make a song. Few people make it out of Shady Records alive... There about as consistent as Bad Boy so... Anyways we all know the next battle is Kendrick cuz Q cant battle rap. Im checkin for it tho cuz he ate Soul alive.

  • 510

    IF ... And I do mean If this dude got a deal before a Lux, Verb, or Clips, this would be a sad message for Battle Rap. I'm sorry but Daylyt is a known, self proclaimed gimmick. He should not be rewarded a Major deal. Hes prob playing around(as usual). If not Smh!!!

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