Paul Wall Explains Reaction To Eminem Shout Outs

Paul Wall says he doesn't consider any of Eminem's shout outs disses and calls the Detroit rapper "the greatest of all time."

Sitting down with Montreality earlier this month, Paul Wall detailed his always positive reaction to hearing Eminem reference his name in music. 

On the bonus track “My Darling,” a leftover from the rapper’s Relapse release, Eminem raps: “If I would of said something about Paul Wall you’d probably crap in your pants / Because I’m white so he’s like / My competition, I mean right? / Nope, Paul Wall is dope / And so is Bubba.”

When asked about his reaction to the references, Paul Wall said “I ain’t take none of them like a diss.”

“I don’t know ‘cause my boy Eminem shouted me out about four or five times, you know what I’m saying, so I don’t know exactly which one you talking ‘bout,” Paul Wall said with a laugh. “Shout out to the greatest of all time, Eminem. Definitely appreciate the love...He gave me a few over the years. Some people try to portray [it as], ‘Oh, he was dissing you,’ or something like that. Some of them he was clearly showing me love. Even the one’s where people say he was dissing me, I ain’t take none of them like a diss and he more than welcome to diss me all he wants to. Man, that’s Eminem. Shit, the G.O.A.T., the greatest of all time, he can diss whoever he want to man. Shout out to Eminem, appreciate the shout outs baby! I’m ready for my 2014 shout out. Go on and give me a fresh one baby.”

On Recovery, Eminem makes another mention of the Houston rapper on his “W.T.P.” track. “So quit tryna play the wall like you Paul / And get on the floor when the beat drops and stop stallin’,” Eminem raps.

During the interview with Montreality, Paul Wall also detailed his relationship with Drake and Houston’s appreciation for the Toronto artist.

“Appreciate the love, of course the boy shouted me out on a song,” Paul Wall said. “That’s my boy. Matter of fact he’s in Houston while I’m in Canada. Right now, he got the Houston Appreciation Week going on. It’s a real great look for the city, the whole movement, the sound. Of course the whole city just love and embrace Drake. Ever since he teamed up with Jas Prince...and Rap-A-Lot, of course we all just embraced him as our own. They don’t just embrace anybody themselves. So if Jas Prince is co-signing somebody than off-top we all like, ‘Well, that’s fam too.’”

In addition to a story about growing up with fellow Houstonian Chamillionaire, Paul Wall detailed Pimp C’s role in resolving their public rift.

“Pimp C was a big part of me and Chamillionaire ending our feud and rekindling our friendship and our musical friendship too,” Wall said. “I really wanna shout out [and] thank Pimp C for doing that ‘cause if he wouldn’t have called us out on a song—but even before he called us out on the song, he spoke to me personally. He spoke to Chamillionaire personally as well, just encouraging us to put that behind us. I think that was a big part of it. If it wouldn’t have been for Pimp C I don’t know if it would have ever happened or been as smooth as it was. Definitely rest in peace to Pimp C. Thank you for that, for hooking me back up with my boy Chamillionaire.”

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  • Anonymous

    stop looking at peoples colour

  • Anonymous

    the whitening of black music

  • MF

    Eminem IS the greatest. most know, while the remainding ones dont like to acknowledge it cuz hes white and "sells" too well

  • NM

    I know that's right ...The first time you say no...all the yeses go out the window...greed ...causes that

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  • NM

    Look at paul with that suit on...Look like a million dollars bro...clean....I dont like suits...But that looks good bro

  • Anonymous

    Why all these white ppl mad lmao

  • Anonymous

    bubba is in jail

    • Come On

      Quit fucking Trolling you douche bag he's not in jail I wish you wouldn't hide behind no name. So people could see you as you are go get a real fucking job and instead of acting like a fucking 12yr old loser saying shit that's not true.

  • BigFozzyBear

    What about on the G.O.A.T Song where he disses Bubba and Paul Wall - See, you hardly ever do hear anyone even bringin' up that Paul Wall's white Cause lyrically he doesn't pose a threat to anyone, see, he's just aight And Bubba Sparxxx, he just won't write Because he's so caught up in that snow white That Timbaland can't even get him in the studio He's so gone off that coke, right And it's so sad, cause he's dope, right America's next great white hope, right

    • Anon

      How da fuck was that a diss It hurt ya feelings more than his Ha

    • BigFozzyBear

      Considering Rap is all about lyrics and Eminem is talking about how he's not posing a threat to him is not a diss? And calling someone a coke head is not a diss? Anon you suck dick I hope you die tonight! :)

    • sam snead

      His head look to big for his body now, lol

    • sam snead

      Looks like paul wall gone off the white, he needs to add a few pounds.

    • Anon

      Gotta be a pussy of all pussies to take all this shit as a diss. Good to see that rappers not as emotional as they dumbass teenage fans.


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  • Sparkzthedj

    This was a solid interview... Paul a real ass dude ....Love the ending message also. SALUTE!!!!

  • Anonymous

    "Paul Wall is dope / And so is Bubba." Sheeeeit, almost forgot about Bubba Sparxxx. Whatever happened to dude???

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