Freddie Foxxx Says Tupac's Anger Towards The Notorious B.I.G. Was Unnecessary

Freddie Foxxx says Hip Hop has become "cookie cutter," blasts those who defended Mac Miller over Lord Finesse.

Long Island, New York rapper Freddie Foxxx spoke in-depth on his relationship with the late Tupac Shakur, during a recent interview on The Combat Jack Show podcast.

Freddie Foxxx began his conversation on Tupac by sharing the details of how they met. According to Freddie, he met the rapper the same way he met most of his “friends from that era,” by being familiar with their music and then eventually crossing paths. He says he too received letters from Tupac while he was imprisoned, but unlike others, he has no plans on sharing them with the public.

After speaking on meeting Tupac and being in correspondence with Pac while he was locked up, Freddie Foxx spoke on the rivalry between Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G. He stated that Pac’s anger towards the Brooklyn rapper was unnecessary and revealed that he never had the opportunity to speak with Tupac about his beef with Biggie.

“That was my guy, man,” Freddie Foxxx said. “Pac and I met—He did a song with me called ‘Don’t Fuck With A Killa’ in the 90s. It was kinda like how I met a lot of my friends from that era. We just kinda bonded. It’s like ‘You know my music. I know yours.’ We meet each other, boom. Automatic ‘Yo, what’s up man? Yo, nice to meet you.’ And then we became cool. We had a lot of phone conversations. I got letters. I still got my letters from jail that we were back and forth writing…That’s a personal thing for me. And those letters have a lot of information in em that would kinda do a lot of cats dirty. My thing is to keep them where they are. You know what I mean? And Pac was one of them guys that just always intricate, man, with everything. Like very deep conversations. The person you see on camera is the person that he is in private, but just toned down. He is who he is. And I love Tupac…A lot of these niggas think they Tupac. A lot of these mothafuckas think they Tupac. Niggas is saying Biggie’s rhymes on their records right now. It’s like—It’s weird to me man, but I don’t hear too many Biggie records out there.

“Pac was angry at New York because of what had happened to him,” he added. “We had—And let me just say this for the record. I thought Biggie was one of the coolest guys that I ever met in Hip Hop history. Since I been in the game…Just knowing who he was alone I don’t believe that so much anger towards him was necessary. Cause he’s an easy dude to talk to. And I didn’t really get a chance to build with Pac about that because when he got out of jail he was on the West Coast for most of that time. And when he did come to New York it was around I think the MTV Awards or something like that.”

Freddie Foxxx later offered his thoughts on the state of the music industry today. He expressed his disapproval with Hip Hop being turned into pop music and later criticized artists like Mac Miller.

“I been saying it since the 90s,” Foxxx said. “I mean, when I did Industry Shakedown everything that Damon Dash was talking about right now, I was talking about that in the 90s. So, everything that everybody so in an uproar about now I was saying that in the 90s. And I attribute that to they hadn’t gone through it yet. You know what I mean? Some of these guys were actually working with the same people that now they can’t stand when I was telling em ‘Yo, these guys are devils, man. They snakes. And it’s how they play the game.’ When you go in as an artist into a record company. And you know this. You go in gung-ho ready to be successful at it. It’s like you’re a pawn. You’re just a pawn. They send you on these promotional runs. It’s a lot of budget stealing going on.

“At the end of the day you rob banks with bank robbers, man,” he added. “When you put somebody in a position to be an executive in the music business—I mean, I’m still tripping over urban music department. But I attribute that to them not calling it black music because they gotta explain a white man running the black music department. So, they call it the urban music department. It’s like—It’s still something wrong with that to me. Because I don’t understand where Hip Hop has gone to the point now where it sounds like you’re calling pop music Hip Hop music. You dig what I’m saying? And you’re taking good rap songs and remixing them with these pop artists, but you won’t play the original record in your playlist…They’ve turned it into like a cookie cutter type of thing now where anybody can do it. They try to make it so simple.”

Freddie Foxxx’s interview on The Combat Jack Show can be found below (via RapRadar).

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  • Anthony McMillan

    If it wasn't for the video promotion of Militia I wouldn't know who he is. He is gangsta and also poetic with a very blunt sense of humor that has no filter. Its still good to know that you're still around making tell it like it is music!! Looking forward to copping the new project with you and O.C . Peace!


    Bump knuxxx, one of the realest.

  • Anonymous

    Im a Pac fan but he was a hater and went to far. Biggie always was a humble dude. But like the Outlwaz said pac was jealous of Biggie's succes and i dont understand why because pac had enough succes back then

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ some twisted shit a hater would say. keep on crying about how you were set up while I make more dollars while im still breathing

    • Real

      Outlawz never said Pac was jealous of Biggie. Dont make up shit. If you believed someone set you up to be robbed, that is not hating youngster. That is having genuine dislike for someone who you believe did you wrong

  • kennyken

    yeah Freddie spoke the truth, and I didn't know pac, I'm just a fan, but I felt the same way about his anger for biggie. he could've talked to him, but there were people in his ear, and he was portraying an image. he had thug in him, but he wasn't a killer or anything, just grew up in the hood. like most rappers. only a few actually have done some serious dirt. Much respect for Freddie for bringing it back to the essence of what it really is.

    • Anonymous

      You don't know what type of person pac was. Them off duty cops was probably thinking the same way as you(you follower) until they felt them hot slugs in their ass by Pac.

    • Anonymous

      You sound like a fool. How would you act if you think a person had you shot and almost killed? You are just repeating what you read


    What the hell he talking bout. Everybody already knew it was unnecessary Come.Call.Us Like GETTMONEYYCLICKK'S PAGE @

  • Anonymous

    You look so good, I suck yuh daddy dick. BIGGYYYYY

  • Big 18th Street Gang, E'z up!

    Tons of disrespectful, tough talking, fruitcakes here. I'm pretty sure if you said that shit to Freddie's face, he would fuck you up. You fools need to be sorted out and one day you will be. Just face the facts, hip hop is pop now and your favorite tight pant wearing faggot rapper is making music for queers so if you listening to the so called hip hop of today, then you a straight up queer.

  • Anonymous

    Freddie who? Biggie was a bitch Pac should of shot that fat motherfucker

  • ammy7845

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  • Anonymous

    Freddie Foxxx ? WHO ? stop talking about past events you were not a part of and go and die to be honest... Who's buying your albums? I ain't never heard of you and ive been listening to hip hop since the 90's

    • Blaq Irish

      Lol @ this fag who thinks he knows hiphop yet doesnt know who Bumpy is. Prolly doesnt know who M.O.P, Big shugg, Guru or Premiere are either. Freddie Foxxx is REAL RAW hiphop. Btw u would never say that shit to his face cus ur a coward and Bumpy would break u in half.

    • HHp

      Since the 90s LMAO And this guy doesn't know about FF aka BK aight then, lol

    • JahRandom

      All I gotta say is that if you don't know who Bumpy Knuckles is then you definitely have not been paying attention to real hip-hop. He is a legend in his own right.

    • ....

      How have you "been listening to hip hop since the 90's" and don't know about Bumpy Knuckles..?

    • Dan

      You obviously haven't been paying attention then. Freddie did a lot of work with premier and a plethora of other legendary artits. He was apart of the gang starr foundation. He's one of hip hop most well respected icons. Wishing death on someone makes you look immature.

  • Anonymous

    1st off this guy has been a legend since the late 80s, a good rapper and a well known knock out artist. 2nd look DX; I don't see you quoting anything he says about Mac Miller on this page . Stop acting like cunts and moving this BS journalism. I'm not expecting a Linda Tripp expose, and I know page clicks pay the bills round here, but please stop making bitch moves.

  • Anonymous

    Biggie was just a fuckin rapper. Tupac is mentally ill. Nigga was a crack baby and his sister is bipolar. His mom comes off like she has a personality disorder and abandonment issues every time she open her fuckin mouth. Fuck Tupac nigga!

    • Anonymous

      ^ Yeah, he knew he was gonna get murked cause he kept talking shit about everyone in the industry.

    • Anonymous

      tupac knew he was gona get murdered listen to hes music - you would go crazy too if you knew your time was coming

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for your input, Freddie Who-Gives-a-Fuxxx, 20 years after the fact. Fuck off and never pubish an article about this moron again.

  • Anonymous

    The original bully, Bumpy Knuckles speaking. Nore said some dumb shit like "I'll put Freddie Fox in a box" on some rap city freestyle and Foxxx Ray Rice'd him on an elevator lol

  • j

    From Pacs mouth... in reference to him getting shot @ Quad Studios NY At Biggie..'you call yourself a Don and you can't tell me who shot me in your fucking hometown, and I don't even call myself a Don, I'm a Capo, on the westside... and I got to find out by myself' Pac really felt like BIG knew

    • Anonymous

      Co-sign. but plain and simple, bro.

    • Anonymous

      You're the fucking moron and your diatribe has no facts in it. The point is dude knew who shot him, point and simple. Stop trying to make PAC what he was not; he was a not a savage just a mislead soul. SMH at idiots

    • j

      Came back to check the responses on a real quote I put from a recorded interview with Pac... You morons, I come with facts in response to the article of why Pac was so angry at BIG because we all know that they were cool at one point and the reaction from you two just shows your intelligence/ignorance. SMH at the future

    • Anonymous

      if he knew.

    • Anonymous

      What would Pac (R.I.P) have done if you knew. Nothing. He did know and did nothing. So shut the fuck up.

    • Anonymous

      Biggie was just a fuckin rapper. Tupac is mentally ill. Nigga was a crack baby and his sister is bipolar. His mom comes off like she has a personality disorder and abandonment issues every time she open her fuckin mouth. Fuck Tupac nigga.

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