Cam’ron’s 1st Of The Month Volume 1 EP is set for a July 1 release. 

The five-song EP is the first in a series that is scheduled to feature the rapper releasing an EP and a mini-movie at the beginning of each month for six months.

The EPs are said to include Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne and Wiz Khalifa, according to a press release.

In April, Cam’ron discussed the 1st Of The Month series.

“We just did a digital deal with a company called Empire, so it’ll be released digitally,” he said at the time. “Five songs per month for six months starting June third and a 30-minute episode.”

The 1st Of The Month Volume 1 cover art and tracklist are as follows:

01. Other Side (feat. Sen City)

02. Talk About It

03. Funeral

04. Put It In The Sky (feat. UN KASA)

05. Homicide 

(June 24, 2014) 

UPDATE: Cam’ron’s 1st Of The Month can be streamed below. 

(July 1, 2014)

UPDATE #2: The video component of Cam’ron’s 1st Of The Month Volume 1 EP is available for stream, as follows:

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