Bigg K On Ghostwriting: "I Don't Believe Ghostwriting Should Appear In Hip Hop. Period"

Bigg K also questions why some artists are stars when they aren't writing their own lyrics.

Bigg K spoke exclusively with about ghostwriting in Battle Rap and Hip Hop in general. In the interview, the Norfolk, Virginia emcee says fans shouldn’t place anger on the ghostwriters themselves. Instead, they should channel their hate towards the individual paying to have verses ghostwritten.

“The thing about ghostwriting for somebody is even though you might be dope as a muthafucka as a battler, if they find out you ghostwrote for somebody else they may not like you no more,” Bigg K says. “Which is gay because you’re still dope. They shouldn’t be mad at you. They should be mad at the dude that paid you. But that’s just how fans work. If you knew how many of your favorite battlers say shit that didn’t even come from them, you might not like the people you like, bro. Some people’s favorite rappers don’t even write all of their rhymes, bro. So you shouldn’t get crucified in fuckin’ Battle Rap for it when some of the favorite songs you listen to, they ain’t write that shit. I don’t believe ghostwriting should occur in Hip Hop, period. It’s not ghostwriting when you’re a singer. You have the voice or somebody writes you the song. You have the voice for the song. But as far as somebody writing you a verse in Hip Hop — why are you even special enough to be a star if you ain’t even writing your own lyrics?”

Elsewhere in the interview, Bigg K discusses ghostwriting offers and Battle Rap fans, labeling the latter as a “different class of human beings” and “low lifes.” 

To read the full article and watch the interview, visit Battle Rap.


  • Anonymous

    not even gonna waste time reading this article but the headline says it all. IF YOU DONT PRODUCE TRACKS LIKE KANYE OR DR DRE THEN WRITE YOUR OWN BARS OR GET THE FUCK OFF THE MICROFONE PUSSIES.

  • Pharaoh

    nah that shit goes two ways. The ghostwriters are just as much to blame if not more. If cats flat out refused to ghostwrite these wack cornballs who pay them would be forced to write for themselves eventually. Personally I will never ghostwrite shit for any Karaoke rappers...


    I feel you buddy. But if someone paid me to write a verse, guess what? I'm writing Come.Call.Us Like GETTMONEYYCLICKK'S PAGE @

  • Anonymous

    are u sure there buddy u dont want the cronic albums

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