50 Cent & Carmelo Anthony Discuss Apple, Beats By Dre, SMS Headphones

50 Cent says Apple purchasing Beats "means you're buying Cool."

50 Cent and Carmelo Anthony, championing their SMS brand, recently spoke with Yahoo! about how their brand stacks up against Beats. 

“We don’t want to compete with Beats,” Anthony says. “They’re gonna do their own thing.”

50 Cent agrees. 

“They’re in a different orbit,” 50 says.

Beyond saying they don't want to compete with Beats, the SMS representatives also address the Apple acquisition of Beats Electronics. 

“Why would Apple buy Beats?” 50 Cent says. “To buy a brand, for a company as strong and established as Apple, means you’re buying Cool.”

In May, Apple announced that it acquired Beats Electronics and Beats Music for $3 billion.

In his Yahoo! interview, 50 also says people are set to move on to a new product due to Beats' popularity. 

"You get to a broad level where everybody’s owned Beats,” 50 Cent says. “[Everyone] goes, 'OK that’s cool, everybody has that — I want to try something else; I’ve had that already.'

"It’s like when you buy a car," 50 Cent adds. "You get a new car. You buy aftermarket parts. You create a new identity. You have a brand new vehicle, but you want different seats, different things to make the car yours." 

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  • Anonymous

    50 has a point at one point people will stop buying beats and look for the next thing which will probably be sms

  • jenniferebrousseau

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    50 probably hit this on the head. He's still a shady cat in my book Come.Call.Us https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssg2Xz54GNQ Like GETTMONEYYCLICKK'S PAGE @ https://www.facebook.com/gettmoneyyclickkgmc?ref=hl

  • report bout real hip hop

    hhdx still got a bonner for 50 lmao joke site

  • Been Doing It

    his album dropped and no one cared. can you stop posting stories about this failed gangsta.

    • Anonymous

      most gangstas are dead, in prison or broke. thats what you call failed gangstas.

    • akjdfnj

      50 is a gangsta that raps. Wack niggas such including Ja Rule, Khaled, Officer Ross, Wayne, drake they're failed gangstas for real.

    • Anonymous

      failed gangsta? LOL 30 million records sold, video games, books, clothes, shoes, vitamin water, sms audio, cheetah vision films, Power on starz, another show on FOX, another show for HBO. over 100 million in net worth and still robbing fucking niggas for their chains! thats every gangstas dream.

  • 199viq

    SMS > Beats All day

  • you a joke

    lolllll niqqa still hating sms is trash, this shiit aint going nowhere, focus on one thing is sms a boxing thing or a music thing or just a brand for everything, 50 doesnt even know wtf is sms for, next shit sms underwear and maybe sms cereales... beats knows who it was trying to reach this is why apple was convince by buying them... beats headphones than beat music... and no fuccking beats boxing promotion

  • Anon1

    The one thing I have to say I respect about Beats is getting people wanting to invest in better sound. Before Beats the average consumer was content with Apple earbuds and a few people would rock Bose. Then Beats came and obviously many bought them as a statement piece but they backed the concept of higher quality headphones. I'm a recording engineer so obviously I know these aren't mixing headphones (not that you should mix on headphones lol) but the point is these got people interested in higher end audio. I don't think the average consumer needs mixing headphones so people saying these aren't good for mixing are out of touch with consumers by saying that. And as far as 50's point he's basically saying don't follow trends buy my headphones lol. Strange marketing plan but I get what he's saying. I see people wearing beats everywhere I go. It's funny because people obviously wanna show off how much they spend on them so I see people walking down the street wearing the Beats Pro. I own a pair of those for listening to my mixes on different headphones and I gotta say those bitches are way to heavy and uncomfortable to wear around for just listening to shit. Lol those people are nuts.


    50 right on this. Those beats headphones are trash. You cant mix music or do no real shit with them. They just a fashion thing for weak ass niggas

  • Alkeepitreal

    50 Cent is the biggest hater who needs to retire from rap and is jealous of anyone doing better than him. Save your money 50.

  • Anonymous

    Beats is because of bandwagon fans i got sony, bose & harmon phones that do the same as beats Soul gotta nice pill but them cerwin vega ass kickers still work

  • Kawhi Leonard Da MVP

    No rings having ass nigga teaming up with a has been. I'm not impressed.

  • Anonymous

    50, Melo and Timbaland. That's what you call a Power Team but they still cannot compete with Beats..

    • Anonymous

      you're telling on yourself. "I never seen anyone ever have a pair of SMS headphones" Translation: I need to get out more, I have no life! fuck out of here

  • Anonymous

    I have never seen anyone ever have a pair of SMS headphones.

    • Anonymous

      I've never seen anyone with SMS headphones either, and I'm out and about plenty.

    • Anonymous

      you're telling on yourself. "I never seen anyone ever have a pair of SMS headphones" Translation: I need to get out more, I have no life! fuck out of here

    • Anonymous

      Can't blame him. His mama has em chained up to the basement stairs.

    • NiggaAboveMeisamonkey

      Cause you aint got no friends! no but on the real SMS wireless came out years before beats came out with their wireless headphones. SMS I think are better. Why does everyone want to fit in? Their are dozens of better headphones for the same price as beats.

    • Anonymous

      you're leaving out the part about never leaving your moms basement though

  • Anonymous

    there are hundreds of headphones on the market beats by dre are no where near the best they just like the jacob watch

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