Angie Martinez on Hot 97 Departure: "I've Done What I Can Do In That Company"

Angie Martinez says Wale sent her an e-mail and Rihanna sent her flowers when she announced her resignation from Hot 97.

Angie Martinez has addressed her departure from New York radio station Hot 97 and her transition to Power 105

"It was time for me to grow and to do things," she says in an interview with Power 105's The Breakfast Club. "I’m sure you all know, this company offers so much opportunity for growth. I want to be on in different cities. I want to be able to grow. I want to be able to have new challenges and see new things. I want to know how this studio works. And it was time. I’ve done what I can do in that company. I think my friendships remain." 

Martinez, who says her first show is set to air on the second or third week in July, says many celebrities reached out about her move. Wale wrote her a lengthy e-mail and Rihanna sent flowers, Martinez says. 

More from Martinez's interview is below. 


View the Hot 97 Breakdown below: 



    Never heard her show but I think she made the right decision. Hope everything works out Come.Call.Us Like GETTMONEYYCLICKK'S PAGE @

  • Anonymous

    Great move Angie. Just think, now you can start acting your age instead of talking a bunch a junk all day

  • barrydavillain

    No one listens to any of these shows, no offense. Dudes who think they funny and they play corny records all day.

  • Anonymous

    how come when 90% of black people talk in retarded ebonics they don't sound like they have a speech impediment. they just sound natural and acceptable to the ear. but this bitch sound like she got in a car accident like kanye west but never got fixed up at the hospital. plus we know you did all you could do, you done sucked every dick in the studio, ho.

  • Anonymous

    boring interview..they asked her soft questions..howcome they didnt ask her about her friendship with KRS One after he called her out last year on stage..?? time ask her some real questions

    • Anonymous

      lol they also should ask her about Star constantly shitting on Lukewarm 97

    • Anonymous

      End of the day she took a workers paycheck while she's been saying she was a pd in training, there was no drive to uplift the craft just get paid How this world works she'll feel underappreciated at power, she should be calling for that contemporary station where she would finally do her thing, be paid as a pd for an audience she ain't gotta work hard for #contemporaryFMrap

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