Kendrick Lamar Discusses Sophomore Album Intentions

TDE's Kendrick Lamar says he intends to put forth his greatest effort on his sophomore album, much like says he did with "good kid, m.A.A.d. city."

Kendrick Lamar's good kid, m.A.A.d. city was critically acclaimed by many, often referred to as classic. When Lamar was recently asked about how he responded to such wide acclaim, he explained his feelings. 

"That felt crazy," Kendrick Lamar said in an interview with Houston, Texas radio station 93.7 The Beat's Devi Dev. "I don't take that word ['classic'] lightly. I know the excitement. They really appreciated. I respect it 100 percent because I put a lot of work into it.

"I really can't focus on the past and what was said then," he added. "You're only as good as your last piece of work, so now it's about what's right now and me putting that same 110 percent that I did with the last one." 

While he says those are his intentions, Lamar was also asked if he knows what the concept around his sophomore album is slated to be. 

"I don't know," he says. "I couldn't tell you that. I'll know exactly what it is once I'm done with the music." 

Lamar's good kid, m.A.A.d. city earned a 4.5 out of 5 in its HipHopDX review.

"This isn't just a debut album," HipHopDX says in its review. "This is a shot at history."

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  • Anonymous

    Dre doesn't want anything to do with this soft ass clown.

    • Anonymous

      Who, Drake? Because you can't be talking about Kendrick. If Dre didn't want anything to do with him, he wouldn't sign him to his label.

  • Anonymous

    he done. only as good as your last album. shit that means you were better off sticking with 80 andnot even droppin gkmc

  • philly

    so i click on this article to see his intentions for the next album...only to read that he doesn't know! AWESOME ARTICLE!!! GREAT WORK TEAM!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    First time out he was certified weak platinum. Second time around he will struggle to go gold. America is tired of big ears and his wanna be Drake fantasies about pools and guns he never pulled.

    • Anonymous

      You're a moron with no sense of logic. There's no such thing as weak platinum and his next album will sell more than GKMC. No one's tired of him and there's no "wanna be Drake fantasies about pools and guns he never pulled." Do you fools listen to music or do you just skim through it?

    • Richc

      You my sir sound crazy, Kendrick has been popping with real life rap since day 1! But, people like you wouldn't know good music if your boyfriend Drizzy told it was.

  • Supergay

    Kendrick looking scraggly.

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  • bastou27

    kdot bringing real hip hop back

  • furbase

    will be aoty for sure

  • arun

    can't wait for this.

  • groupon

    gonna be amazing, another masterpiece

  • zeeezeerax

    my most anticipated album of the last 5 years

    • Richc

      This dude comment name "Nas", and he talking about dick riding, ok. But, yeah this will be another nice album, Kendrick has only gotten better since GKMC. I can't wait for it to drop either, it will be something to treasure, especially with this shit that's dropping now a days, though I must say that Ab-Soul album is pretty nice.

    • Nas

      not at all lol he's an amazing artist but no need to dick ride

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