Ab-Soul's "These Days..." Features Daylyt Battle

Ab-Soul features a 23-minute, one-round battle with Daylyt on his forthcoming "These Days..." album.

Ab-Soul’s forthcoming These Days… album is slated to feature a 23-minute battle with Daylyt as a hidden track, according to a story on Battle Rap.

“A lot of people are wondering why the last track is 23 minutes,” Ab-Soul said during a recent listening session for These Days... “I actually battled one of my favorite battle rappers right now. His name is Daylyt. Battle Rap is very popular these days. Like I said, I want this to be a time capsule of the times right now and it’s more exciting than it’s been at this point. I wanted to try to see if I could do that if I could—blur the lines between the battle rapper and rapper who battle raps.”

Earlier this month, Ab-Soul explained the meaning of the These Days… album title.

“It’s kind of like self-explanatory,” he said at the time. “I just wanted it to be a little time capsule of the last couple of years since my absence. The vibe of music and life right now like the last couple of years.”

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    Man this dude is going to be real disappointed when his album flops. I there is no buzz what so ever behind it. I mean he should of let top dawg take care of the marketing and been patient. unless you are a TDE fan, this album is going to go right pass the radar.. he bitched and complained and its going to backfire.. Im from cali, so we already know west up, but for this album to push like Kdots or Que he need more of a buzz.. I just don't see it happening..

  • bernieclavender

    only feeling closure and stigmata, the rest is full of boring beats, boring lyrics, and a bunch of features you'll never remember

  • bernieclavender

    heard album. wack

  • cj

    The way he could play with the Day/Light theme throughout the whole verse, in many different ways, is amazing. He definitely could be a lethal battle rapper with his large "Daytabase" One of the standout parts, to me, was "Don't be so transparent, this nigga's light - through If you don't know what transparent means, let me enlighten you If it's transparent, that means that it lets the light through So I should smack this trans' parents for lettin' light through"

  • Cat Piss In My Lungs Fo Fifth Is My Guns

    This bKig Stallion cuh, 790 bKlocc from CnetiCut, ninas up, wats CraCcalaCcin 2 all ma Comradz, all ma Smuzzumz, shout 2 all ma folkz Nigga bKig stallion get at me loc I C leavin watermelons bkusted cuz real nigga cuz real gang bkang is a way o life cuz reppin Dat mean ass GrinChwiCh CnetiCut niggas get lynchd ova hea El Nina bKlocc represint nigga fo fifths in da air slugs thru a nigga wit ma hair trigga bKig stallion loc holla at cho bkoi if u want thiz work all my enemiXiesK cuz one

  • Anonymous

    I'm still surprised this hasn't leaked yet?!

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