Game's Robin Hood Project Upgrades A Compton Family's Car

Game awards $5,000 to upgrade a family's car and explains why he thinks of his upbringing when he sees a mother of six work for her children.

Game recently announced a $5,000 donation to upgrade a vehicle for a mother of six who lives in Compton, California. 

"Meet Gladys, her IG is @_geegee22 & she's a single mom that lives in Compton in a 1 bedroom apartment with 6 kids..... As hard as it is for her to raise her 6 children financially, she works, grinds & gets it done !!! Reminds me of the things & the sacrifices my mother made to get us everything me & my sisters & brothers had when we were younger..... We didn't have everything but she made sure we had what we needed & always went above & beyond to keep smiles on our faces ! Well, Gladys..... growing up in a similar situation makes me commend you & on behalf of @therobinhoodproject I've answered your daughters Direct Message & request to be chosen as the winner of the "Upgrade My Whip" contest...... & given $5,000 to Alex @LuxuryMotoring to take your family van & give it a full upgrade inside & out !!!!!!!!!!! Not only that, we're going to help you with a rental van until they're customizing your existing one..... I'm happy for you & your family & can't wait to see the finished product........ Have a beautiful weekend & congratulations again - The Game #TheRobinHoodProject #Charity #UpgradeMyWhip #Free #Giveaway," Game says in his Instagram post. 

Game recently spoke about his work with his charitable organization.

"The Robin Hood Project is a charity set up by me to give back to the people," Game said. "See I figured once you have everything, as a celebrity, once you have money, once you have cars, once you have family, once you have fans, once you’ve been around the world, what else is there to do besides start giving back?

"So I created The Robin Hood Project solely for positivity, giving back and helping people in need, people that are struggling, people that come into hardships in their life," Game continued. "That's all me."

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  • benson Gambino

    my football team are playing a charity match in the UK... I would like the charity we donate to to be the robin hood prject. unfortunately we do not know how we would arrange this with the organizers .. i.e getting the money to you ect. Anybody with any information please contact me at thanks. Benson Gambino

  • Anonymous

    I hope they didn't use any of that $5000 for flashy rims

  • Neymar from Disqus.

    www . AclassINDUSTRY . Com. thats where i caught this niggas latest song for the first time and to be honest witchu it was actually bangin' that 'bigger than me' joint. I think this Robin Hood Project is Dope and a great move by the Game and his Management, people on here saying Why doesnt he buy her a house or get her a brand new qhip or other forms of bullshit, it's because it's the robin hood project and if he gives everything to one person whats he gonna do for the next? stupid ass.

  • lowp

    she lives in a 1 bedroom apartment with 6 kids and all you have to give her is 5 grands for upgrade her whip FOH if you so generous buy her a cheap house or something or try and organise her a better paying job or better yet give her the 5000 for personal use ya dumb ass

  • Lyin, Name Droppin, Bipolar Ass Nikka

    lol next neek hhdx gonna post some shit like "robbin hood project proved fake, compton family never had their car upgraded"

  • Motherfuckerillfuckyourmother

    I dont sympathize for any slore that keeps popping kids out without a father to help raise them. Bad enough our taxes pay for these thots to have a roof over there heads and food to eat but now we're pimping their vehicles? GTFOH and Gayme is a certified fuck boy too.


    The gesture is rather kind, but how about hooking this broad up with some birth control pills or a 1 day trip to the local clinic so she can get her tubes tied?

  • Anonymous

    This almost makes up for breaking Tiffinis nose and making their daughter's leg beat during that domestic dispute.

  • Cat Piss In My Lungs Fo Fifth Is My Guns

    This bKig Stallion cuh, 790 bKlocc from CnetiCut, ninas up, wats CraCcalaCcin 2 all ma Comradz, all ma Smuzzumz, shout 2 all ma folkz Nigga bKig stallion get at me loc I C leavin watermelons bkusted cuz real nigga cuz real gang bkang is a way o life cuz reppin Dat mean ass GrinChwiCh CnetiCut niggas get lynchd ova hea El Nina bKlocc represint nigga fo fifths in da air slugs thru a nigga wit ma hair trigga bKig stallion loc holla at cho bkoi if u want thiz work cuz one

  • The real Me again


  • dave

    he doesn't have to give them anything. ungrateful people on this website do your research in the project

  • Chi-Ill

    As much as game is bipolar ass nikka, I solute him for this! Beggers can't be choosers! Good work game!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    He should have gave them one of his whips he dont need 10 cars. Give them your Escalade.

    • Anonymous

      LOL this nigga dont know shit about an Escalade, even Honda makes 7 or 8 passenger SUVS

    • dlkc2000

      STFU you idiot. He's renovating a mini van. How can 6 kids fit comfortably in a SUV. Mini vans are for 5 plus. SUV's are for 4-5 idiot.

  • Anonymous

    why does he gotta instagram this shit looking for good publicity and another pat on the back? real niggas do shit like this everyday and dont brag about it.

    • Anonymous

      It's publicity for the charity he set up shit for brains, read the article you drooling dumb fuck.

    • Anonymous

      that's how you promote yourself jackass! get the word out and more people will donate. t

    • dlkc2000

      It's his charity and others contribute. They want us to know the good they are doing. He started it out 2 years ago without any publicity. His celebrity friends wanted to join and make it bigger so he asked for donations which is why anyone who donates to it can see where there money is going dumbass bitch

  • Anonymous

    5k sounds like a joke, but it's better and much more than what I could afford to give away.

  • Anonymous

    is this another one of games social media lies and in 2 weeks we hear from this person saying no he didn't he lied lol

  • Anonymous

    5000 while he owns multiple cars worth more than their house. coulda at least bought them a 15k Kia. he still trying to make people forget that he broke his fiances nose and smashed her eye socket in front of their children.

    • @anon

      Nothing is fact to you unless you were there there 50 Stan. You totally avoided the first part of my comment too, you fuckin idiot.

    • Anonymous

      we all read the police report those were facts. his daughter even got a cut on her leg during the ordeal.

    • You Jelly?

      Yeah genius he should start giving out 15k to everybody who is living below their means, see how much money he has left then lol, fucking simple minded retard. How much have you ever givin back to your community???..................exactly, fuckin hypocrite. Btw your the same dick swallowing 50 Stan who keeps repeating the "he broke his fiances nose and smashed her eye socket in front of their children." line on any story about Game like you was there or some shit lol. Go drink some draino kid.

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