Eminem Top Artist In Billboard & Spotify's "Ultimate Workout Music Breakdown," Playlist Revealed

Rap is the top workout music genre and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are also named in Billboard and Spotify's results.

Billboard has released "The Beat That Moves Your Feet," which it calls "a look at the music powering our workouts." 

The top workout music genre is Rap/Hip Hop. Rock, EDM/Dance and Alt' Rock follow Rap. 

The "Top 3 Workout Music Artists" from 600 of the top workout tracks are Eminem, Skrillex and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. Eminem's top track is "'Till I Collapse," while Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' top track is "Can't Hold Us," which features Ray Dalton. Eminem has eight songs on the list, Skrillex has six and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis have two.

Billboard explains its list with the following:

"In order to put this list together, we at Billboard asked Spotify and their data science wing the Echo Nest to poll their 24 million users, and the one-and-a-half billion playlists those users have created, to generate the top songs people place in their exercise-related digital mix tapes." 

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