Game Confirms Lil Wayne Collaboration

Game and Lil Wayne are working together as Game preps "Blood Money" and "The Documentary 2."

Game has confirmed a collaboration with Lil Wayne. The rapper made this announcement on Instagram yesterday (June 22). The post features an image of Lil Wayne strumming a guitar in the studio. The post has the following caption: 

"In the studio wit Tunechi gettin that work in. @bloodmoneylafamilia album in stores September 16th !!!!!!!! #BloodMoon #YearOfTheWolf," Game says in the caption. 

Game has not announced which project his Wayne collaboration is for. Game recently announced he is releasing two albums in the next few months.

The first is set to be Blood Money Entertainment's Blood Moon: The Year of The Wolf. The project is slated to feature Wale, Rick Ross, Wiz Khalifa and Problem, among others.

Game has also announced The Documentary 2, slated to drop at the top of 2015. The effort is set to feature production from Dr. Dre, Just Blaze and Scott Storch. 

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  • Pboykins

    GAYmes career is over. I remember he went at Yukmouth and lost lol. what a clown

  • yallnigshating

    Nice, game's songs with wayne are usually dope

  • AssHammer

    Both The Game and Lil Wayne are terrible. I'm not surprised they're on a track, they belong together!

  • Anonymous

    people are still asking wayne for verses? they haven't heard a song from him in the last 5-10 years? smh

  • Anonymous

    WTF with talking bad about other nigga... if you see he doing shit, why not advising the niggas... what u got? stop saying shhhht and work for what you wana achieve then talking shht about other... suggest or give nu ideas and save your crap about the nigga... let em niggas do their thang... Ice Cube says... do ya thing, furk Whatchu looking and... they are the dogs and cant be chased by the pussycats...

  • bentley

    It's funny how if you come to any "urban" or "hip-hop" oriented blog site the comment boards are always full of hate towards one another. But when you go to something people would classify as "white music" the comments are more or less positive and have something to do with the topic at hand as opposed to just random hate towards one another.

  • Anonymous

    These people are hating on game and wayne when their hero, 50, got ran out of nyc by 100 goons.

    • hyeh

      Allow me to correct your comment: These people are hating on game and lame when their hero, OFFICER RICKY, got ran out of DETROIT by 100 goons

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  • Come On

    Don't buy albums too much anymore other than a selected few Artist Game is one of them Buying both these albums day one.

    • Anonymous

      I used to be a huge Game fan, from the Documentary, Doctor's Advocate, and to a lesser extent, L.A.X...then he became insanely fake. His constant "Let's be friends 50/G-Unit" and then dissing them right after, started getting annoying. He claims his albums are classic when all they are is just features on features, with him rapping exactly like his features. He knew people were getting tired of it, so he made a bullshit announcement saying that his next album would be just him, no features, that was after the R.E.D. album...needless to say, that didn't happen. He constantly kept trying to keep his names in the headlines by saying he was the reason behind Kendrick's name change from K. Dot, giving Chris Brown advice about Rihanna, etc. The fact that he pasted his head over another dude's head in a pic with 2 Pac was also terrible, perpetrating that he met Pac. Stealing another dude's pic of stacks of money on a table, with a different filter over it. Show off his "Red" yeezy's , yet a pic he posted a week before that, showed a dude painting his original Yeezy's red. His Chicago shout outs on Chiraq, yet G-Count proved that nobody in Chicago really knew him. Saying 40 Glocc was bitch for suing him, saying that he would pay the lawsuit and then beat 40 Glocc's ass again, now he's saying that he beat up 40 Glocc because he thought 40 Glocc had a gun and he was afraid of his safety...

    • Anonymous

      Of all the rappers you could support why would you give money to this clown to raps about how rich he is and all his materialistic possessions... you'd be better off donating your money to charity.

    • Anonymous

      oh yeah you're the delusional Game fan who said his non gold albums were platinum and never responded when you got sonned.

  • The real Me again


  • Anonymous

    Game has to understand to leave Lil Shitty off of The Documentary 2. Blood Money sounds like a throwaway album, so place all the shitty features on that album.

  • Its Um

    That's one of my problems with game, like he gots to have lil' wayne on every albums he does. He works with the same people unless on his mixtapes that's when he switch it up a lil' bit.

    • Anonymous

      nigga said he gonna put nicki on there too. Documentary 2 is going to be trash. I bet Tyga will get on there too.

  • Anonymous

    Oh my, how surprising. Another shitty collab between these two, is just what Game needs.

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  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      he wasnt no gang banger until his mid 20s when he bought his way in his brother was the real banger.

    • tomtom

      chuck real blood even people that hate dude no hes real one thats on 60's.

    • Come On

      Instead of Hiding by your keyboard at home talking shit... Maybe you should go down to Cali and tell game that to his face and see who's fake after that.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck Lil Bitch!Game is one the bests,Lil Wayne is a sucker

    • Anonymous

      the game aint no king dickhead !!! he scared in his own skin!!!!the game has a buttefly tatto damass hwe was a stripper no ganster dickhead talk to people in thw hood no the boy scouts like lil wanye rick ross drake and the game!! king of la crooked i dammasss mfaggot

    • Anonymous

      "well Game has 3 Platinum albums 2 of which are multi-platinum albums and two Gold albums" actually Game's last 2 albums are not Gold so stop lying. Kendrick is the new king of LA he went plat in a time when Jayceon can't even push 300k.

    • WTF

      Fuck you hater Game is King in L.A nigga. Lemme Guess you'd say Kendrick lamar and TDE right?? Hopping on trends like everyone else well Game has 3 Platinum albums 2 of which are multi-platinum albums and two Gold albums. Yah I'd say that wack. STFU Game has been real since Day one. He has not changed and sold out like all of your favorite rappers or you Whiteboys that are obsessed with Kendrick lamar.

  • ice

    he a weirdo for catching Lil Wayne on an off-guard pic

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