ScHoolboy Q Show Shooting Not Random, According To Police

According to Denver Police, Thursday's shooting outside of a ScHoolboy Q show was not random.

The recent shooting at a ScHoolboy Q show at Red Rocks Amphitheatre outside of Denver may not have been a random act of violence.

According to police, the June 19 incident, which involved the shooting of three men who were hit by gunfire in a vehicle that also housed the Los Angeles-born rapper, was likely targeted at Q.

“This is not just a coincidence. We think there is probably more to it than that,” a spokeswoman for Jefferson County’s Sheriff’s Department said via The Associated Press. “It does seem to be more targeted than random.”

Five people in total were in the struck vehicle that sped away upon hailing gunfire only later to be pulled over by Denver Police. ScHoolboy Q was detained by police during the beginning of their investigation but later released. The three men shot in the incident did not sustain life-threatening injuries. Q was not injured during the series of events.

The Jefferson County’s Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman would not confirm that the shooting was gang-related.

Read the full AP report here.

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    A black man getting shot. How shocking.

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  • No Shit Sherlock

    If somebody goes to an event with a gun, aims it and shoots.. then its not random. The shooter intended to shoot somebody at that event.

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    Thats actually what Rick Ross did when he heard a few gunshots 5 blocks away. Crashed the Rolls right into someones building and I bet he didn't even pay for it. Boss." That's not what happened. He was driving minding his own business when he heard gunshots and lost control for a second, causing the crash to happen. Then he ran trying to find the gunshooter. He got away but still he garned applause for his bravery.

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    I was a witness at the gunfight. Schoolboy Q was running scared and he crashed his car into a wall while going over speed limit.

    • Anonymous

      Thats actually what Rick Ross did when he heard a few gunshots 5 blocks away. Crashed the Rolls right into someones building and I bet he didn't even pay for it. Boss.

  • Anonymous

    A gangmember getting shot at, how unusual...

  • Anonymous

    Man why would people go after the most noncontroversial rap group of all time. Might as well shoot at Tribe Called Quest.

    • Anonymous

      ^^ Kendrick didn't REALLY diss anybody on that track (no personals, come on now). but yeah, schoolboy sort of asks for it.

    • Anonymous

      Non Confrontational?? First off, Kendrick talked more shit on Control and dissed more people than most rappers will in their whole careers. And as for Q, he go around screaming "HOOVER CRIP HOOVER CRIP YAK YAK YAK HOOVER CRIP!!!!!!" on every damn record he makes, you speak that negative bullshit all the time and it comes back to you.

  • Anonymous

    The police are actually doing there job, and HHDX isn't posting bullshit articles. The world must be ending.

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