T.I. Reveals Troy Ave Signing Possibility

T.I. says he wants to be the bridge between artists and the industry.

T.I. recently addressed the possibility of Troy Ave signing to his Grand Hustle imprint.

"I can say that it is a possibility," T.I. says in an interview with MTV. "In the near future there could be some announcements made. In the near future there could be, among others."

The announcement could be made because T.I. says he feels their work together would be well received.

“I’m sure the music would be phenomenal,” he says. “But I think above all I want to work with people that the industry would otherwise have a hard time working with. I want to work with the people that the industry may not know how to communicate with or might not know how to perceive.

“I want to be able to translate for them to the industry and vice versa,” he continues. “Because if you are afraid of somebody that limits your ability to communicate, which limits your ability to monetize their possible opportunities.

"From the artist perspective, if people are afraid of you that limits the opportunities that you have, from people presenting things to you that can benefit your progression,” he adds. “So there must be a gap bridged, I see myself as the bridge… I ain’t have a bridge. I needed a bridge.”

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  • Anonymous

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  • MMG/Rick Ross Executive Producer

    Troy Ave need to sign with us MMG forever

  • Ben Dover

    I heard the title for the album was "Attain Wealth Or Pass Away Attempting"

  • Anonymous

    Troy Ave, probably the wackest rapper after Lil' Wayne. No real lyrical talent, no flow or even decent delivery to keep it interesting - just mediocre beats.

    • Anonymous

      He may have accomplished a lot than most rappers, but his music sucks and that's what Troy and Wayne have in common. It would be okay, if they ever made any decent music. And no, the old material by Wayne isn't HipHop either.

    • Anonymous

      i know most of these rappers would rather stay where they are in life than kiss niggas on the lips and god knows what else behind closed doors like wayne had to do to get where he is.

    • Umollyheadho

      You are dumb af for comparing that nigga to lil wayne. Wayne has accomplished more in the rap industry than most of these rappers could ever dream of doing.

  • Anonymous

    troy ave dont sound nothin like 50, maybe the beats but thats it, he sound more like a young siagon and NY hiphop is never gonna be the way it was, these artist think they gonna bring ny back, how when 90 percent of ppl out there like that down south booty clappin monkey shit thats all u hear on the radio on the east coast

  • Troy Ave

    You niggas hating Im definately bring NY back. I may even sign to D-BLOCK records. SHEEK LOUCH whatup big homie..

  • POPE

    he needs to either get a joint venture deal from a major label. not a rappers label. or just go hard independent. he wanna shock the world? sign to duckdown records.

  • Anonymous

    Grand Hustle has gotta be the one of the weakest crews in rap. Even YMCMB has better spitters LOL. At least they got B.O.B. and Iggy to make hits for white folk.

  • Anonymous

    Troy Ave Album Tracklisting Early Release: 'Get Wealthy or Die Trying' 1. What up thug 2. Calmly Waitin' 3. Multiple Men (Wish Death) 4. In Da Party 5. 24 questions 6. Gotta Avoid Hell 7. Don't Put Your Arms On Me And Thrust 8. U Not Similar To Moi 9. Chocolate Shop 10. High Some of The Time

  • Anonymous

    all i can say is Troy ave if u really sign to that punkass sellout u a real dick... i mean cmon jus look at t.i. hes like the biggest sellout, that dudes soul is gone & hes becoming something else.... he said "I WILL CHEW YOUR NECK OFF YOUR HEAD IF I HAVE TO" thats some demonic shit. And another thing how did that WEIRDO even get out of prison??? please tell me

  • Anonymous

    y'all posted an interview of a dude jumping the subject of signing another dude, LOL

  • james

    50 or diddy needs to grab sun....

    • J

      This dude sounds like 50's son if he ever decided to rap.. He might be able to change his name to lil Fif.. Sounds to much like 50, maybe if he'd wait until Fifs run is over and then he can come in but not now, he even looks like 50, I can't do it..

  • Anonymous

    Troy Ave is trash. His shit is "chuck". "Fact tho"

  • Anonymous

    i can tell troy ave is getting desperate to blow up. watch in a few months he'll be making trap songs with Iggy while still claiming hes bringin NY back.

    • Anonymous

      Troy aint gonna ever bring NY back even on an NY label. I remember French tried to make that claim...

    • Anonymous

      Bad match, the last rapper to bubble on Grand Hustle was B.O.B unless you count Iggy, shit T.I. botched Young Dros career and let Meek get away so hell NO. You wanna being NY back then go sign with a NY label nigga.

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