Top Dawg Addresses TDE's Next Releases

TDE CEO Anthony "Top Dawg" Tiffith also says the imprint will release hard copies of Ab-Soul's "These Days..." album.

Top Dawg Ent. CEO Anthony "Top Dawg" Tiffith recently answered questions surrounding the label and its roster. In a recent Twitter post, the CEO explained the following regarding Jay Rock and Ab-Soul projects set to be released. 

"yes we will have hard copies of #THESEDAYS .... yes @jayrock is up next......anything else y'all want 2 know?" he said. 

This followed another Twitter post from the CEO in which Top Dawg reiterates his 2014 plan to release six projects in one year. 

"we are 6 days away from release #4 #THESEDAYS ....yall thought i was bsn when i said i wud drop 6 projects this year huh? #TDE #TAKEOVER," he says.

The label has rele ased ScHoolboy Q's Oxymoron, Isaiah Rashad's Cilvia Demo and SZA's Z. Ab-Soul's These Days... is set to be out next week.

In December 2013, Top Dawg said he would release six albums in 2014. "WE RAN 2013 WITH OUT DROPPING 1 ALBUM. I WONDER WUTS GONE HAPPEN IN 2014 WHEN I DROP 6.. THEY NOT READY 4 THIS #TDE #HiiiPoWeR TAKE OVER," he said at the time. 

Top's recent posts are as follows: 

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  • g

    Jay rock is on interscope y'all niggaz late ass fuck

    • Anonymous

      Quit talking like you know shit, ain't no official word on that out here you just assuming shit.

  • Anonymous

    will there be a group album after jayrock or kendricks new shit?

  • Anonymous

    Nobody would give 2 fucks or know who these mediocre clowns are if Kendrick didn't blow up with the help of Dr. Dre. Without Dr. Dre Kendrick wouldn't be shit either. You can hate on that comment all you want but it the god damn truth. These niggas better get 6 albums out this year and as many as they can after that before Kendrick falls off and nobody will buy they weak ass shit. TRUTH!

  • Young Lou

    JAY ROCK is the only release I'm looking forward to

  • jj

    Jay rock is the best in TDE

    • big 6'8 MAN 250 chistle chest full beard nigga

      Y'all niggaz are dumb ass fuck all of TDE are on TDE/interscope!

  • Anonymous

    I respect them for getting their music out there but I haven't liked anything they've dropped this year. Oxymoron was okay but dissapointing, Isiah Rashad is boring & SZA I just have no interest in. So far, this Ab Soul record sounding pretty Mediocre as well. Shame really, I thought Top Dawg would be the hardest label out 2 years ago.

  • J dirty

    I thought J rock was on Strange Music?

  • fromwest2east

    Don't care much for ab-soul, now Jay Rock, theres something to look out for

    • S. Knowles

      "you guys are too dumb for ab souls music" Cause you don't understand him, it don't mean that he nice / It just means you don't understand all the bullshit that he write

    • @haha

      lol nigga stfu, there is nothing deep about that nigga's music and you are not any more intelligent than anyone else for listening to him

    • Anonymous

      THIRD EYE!

    • Anonymous

      illuminati illuminati, weed n lean, jay-z's godly

    • haha

      you guys are too dumb for ab souls music then.. listen to his songs Drift Away or Untold Story, then shut the fuck up

    • lol

      Same. He'd be dope if wasn't always on about that third eye bullshit. Jay Rock cool he remind me of some real ass gangsta shit. I fuck with Kdot ofc. Q cool by me cause of that Habits and Contradictions album, fucked with that heavyyy but then Oxymoron disappointed me. Isaiah boring as fuck and I dont give a shit about SZA.

  • Anonymous

    Im disappointed with this absoul project. At least whats been released so far. I'll reserve judgement though.

    • Anonymous

      I respect Ab-Soul's lyricism and whatever but I found all of his projects kinda boring. I know people are into high concept shit but I'm not a huge fan of his, including him on any of his features (Danny brown, friddie gibbs, chance the rapper, etc).

    • Gbeg

      You'll reserve judgement but you just judged his project which hasn't even come out yet. Do you even realise how retarted that sounds?

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