Eminem's "Total Slaughter" Brings Battle Rap Excitement, Says Charron

Charron also says the show brings a competitive edge back to Battle Rap culture.

Eminem's Total Slaughter series, which aired its first episode yesterday (June 18), is set to impact the Battle Rap culture in several ways, battle rapper Charron says. 

"It helps Battle Rap expand and reach a completely different fan base," Charron says. "It's also bringing excitement and that competitive drive back to battling. A lot of emcees masquerade their losses with promo battles while picking up some quick money. Total Slaughter is forcing emcees to either step up their game or take a legitimate loss." 

Eminem's Total Slaughter series leads up to the Total Slaughter battle event. The event is set to feature Joe Budden's battle with Hollow Da Don, as well as Loaded Lux's rematch against Murda Mook. 

To read more about Charron's thoughts regarding Total Slaughter, visit Battle Rap


  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule ARMY!!!

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule Navy!!!

  • Truth teller

    You've never heard of URL and Lions den?

  • Anonymous

    Guest Appearances for Slaughterhouse Album: - Eminem - Yelawolf - Kendrick Lamar - Jon Connor - 50 Cent - A Dr. Dre beat cause Shady/Aftermath DUHHHHHHH! The album IS A SHADY/AFTERMATH AFFAIR!!!!!!!!!11

  • Anonymous

    Slaughterhouse new album- Lead Single featuring Eminem Prod. Just Blaze (Fast Lane Style) Secondary Single featuring Yelawolf (You Don't Know Style) Third Single featuring Skylar Grey (The Monster Style) "the pop single" Final Single featuring Kendrick Lamar (Berzerk Style)

  • Anonymous

    I watched the first episode. Pretty disappointed but I'm gonna keep watching in hopes it improves. There was only one battle and T-Rex had the obvious advantage having all night to prepare. They should've gave more background on the battlers and cut out the reality show drama part. Budden was hilarious though grilling Rex. Just hoping the format changes a bit and focuses more on the battling aspect instead of what these dudes do in their free time at the house

  • Anonymous

    havent been this excited for battle rap since grizzle mania

  • Guy

    So, how can we watch this if we don't have FuseTV? It's not on the Fuse website. I've seen WatchLoud mentioned, but it's not on their site, either. Does anyone know how this show is structured? Are they half hour episodes? Or, is it only the battles? One site has what it says is the full battle -- it's 5 minutes. So, are they 5 minute episodes, or what? Why is everything related to Slaughterhouse half-assed and rushed at the last minute? They announce that this is going to be shown on television literally the day before it airs? What the fuck?

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