Cam'ron & Dame Dash Open Restaurant Dish & Lounge Dash

UPDATE: Cam and Dame have united to open a new restaurant, Dish, and a new lounge, Dash.

Dame Dash and Cam'ron have teamed to open a new restaurant, Dish. 

"Time to open up a restaurant... dish coming soon #nurunmoney #rushthethrone #slavebroke," Dame says via Instagram. "Always excited about new biz... I don't expect it to be easy probably a cash flow problem here and there but I love the's the life I choose I love the challenge #dishcomingsoon." 

Dame also posted an image in the kitchen of the new establishment, confirming Cam's involvement. 

"Me and @mr_camron in the kitchen at dish...we decided to do this one together on some Harlem shit just for fun #harlemstickstogther #tycoonshit #nurunmoney #rushthethrone...pause."  

(June 18, 2014)

UPDATE: Dame Dash has announced that the duo is also opening a lounge, Dash. 

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  • 614grind

    DAMON Dash you ugly and broke go jump off the Brooklyn Bridge you faggot. and Cam you already know what it is you with you let me put my dick in your mouth. nah but you might like that though.

  • Taheel

    Great job Dame and Camron, one up!

  • Anonymous

    worst rapper to do it.

  • 614grind

    Dame gave Camron 10 toe-curling blowjobs per day back in 2003 from March 6, 2003 till Sept 17, 2003 now Camron Giles(faggots) is returning the favor. If you ask either one of them they will say (no homo) like always.

  • 614grind

    damn GAYme Dash is a washed up broke faggot. If "Harlem sticks together" bullshit is true. why open your restaurant in Brooklyn why not Harlem you ballheaded stupid fuck. and Camron lately your music has been str8 trash and you're gay thats why you say "no homo" all day long. grow the fuck up. thanks

  • hey i know that guy

    hey i seen that man dame dash in the back alley giving handjobs for dollar.. i swear its the same dude he sucked my weewee for a nickel too

  • Anonymous

    Bitches worrying about a man's money..fucking fruits go listen to Young Fathug and Lil Gwayne.

  • Anonymous

    That's what's up. Go and check out thegrandreport(dot)com, they have some good videos on there too!

  • Cowards

    This site is just being over run with suburban white trolls who wouldn't say boo to a goose in real life but take great pleasure in gossiping and acting like spiteful bitches behind the safety of their pc's /laptops ... P.S i'm white myself

    • 614grind

      Cowards is bruthadee's brother. just a lil broker and more ashy and crusty. they both don't wear deodorant and haven't showered in years

    • Anonymous

      Cowards is a middle aged black guy stuck in the past.

    • Anonymous

      I don't care what color you are because you sound ignorant guessing people's social status and race based of blog comments. The irony in you being white making a spiteful comment calling white people spiteful.

    • Anonymous

      Ps ur ignorant!!! #colorblind

  • Hip hop/Rap hurry up and die oit.

    Just goes to show how shallow and feeble minded rap makes people always down playing the next man doing something constructive. I cant stand rap anymore or the dumb sheep/people fans it comes with.

  • Anonymous

    Yall cats on here sound like some gold digging gossiping bitches talkin about how much $ another man got! STFU

  • latinquarter

    Dame is just an east coast version of Suge: broke, dumb and washed up.

  • funniest shit ever

    lol dame broke ass will be in the kitchen flippin burgers.. cam gonna be coming in with all his niggas hungry..ordering burgers like crazy laughin at dame in the kitchen.. just imagine cam laughin and yellin "where's my burger bitch" .. priceless !

  • Anonymous

    We all know they have business partners who put up most of the money. This won't make or break Cam, but will totally wash out Dame's already dusty pockets.

    • 614grind

      lol all 4 of you faggots are broke and drop nuggets at Wendy's so whats it matter to ya?

    • Dame

      Nigga get your hand out my pocket

    • Again

      Just another fool who never owned their own business talking like they know it all. Shut up, employee.

    • Anonymous

      all I see is 2 dudes trying to get a grasp on a business but since you offered.... if you know all their business then why are you here on hhdx with the inside instead of in the picture? obviously your portfolio must be grandiose, share with us your pertinent investments and deem it a privilege to deluge the masses with your financial intellect

  • Anonymous

    Positive folks up on here= no lipstick/tight jean wearing men=real black men

  • Anonymous

    Negative folks up on here=haters= niggas= the new bitches.

  • TheOtherAndyItwaru

    I bet it's delicious... pause

  • nik

    Does anyone fact check over there? Dish in dumbo has been open for a long time now. This is NOT a new venture where a "coming soon" would be applicable. Come on, man.

    • Anonymous

      dude most of these people are nowhere close to bklyn to know, they just follow social media looking for exclusives to feel like they're ahead of the curve and it includes the staff too

  • jimjim

    hes not broke like people are saying

  • Anonymous

    I thought Cam said he liked to keep all his investments and business ventures on the down low so the haters don't boycott him?

  • steph shubway

    im bout 2 go there and i espect to see killa in the back flipping burgers and doing the dougie at the same time

  • Anonymous

    See Damon Dash ain't broke, he's just not Jay-z rich.

    • Dame Dash

      Dame gave Cam 10 toe-curling blowjobs per day back in 2003 from March 6, 2003 till Sept 17, 2003 now Camron Giles(faggot) is returning the favor.

    • Anonymous

      if you knew that you'd be in the picture but you're here

    • Anonymous

      You know Cam put up the money and gave Dame a position out of pity/respect for what he did for him in the past.

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