Cam'ron & Dame Dash Open Restaurant Dish & Lounge Dash

UPDATE: Cam and Dame have united to open a new restaurant, Dish, and a new lounge, Dash.

Dame Dash and Cam'ron have teamed to open a new restaurant, Dish. 

"Time to open up a restaurant... dish coming soon #nurunmoney #rushthethrone #slavebroke," Dame says via Instagram. "Always excited about new biz... I don't expect it to be easy probably a cash flow problem here and there but I love the's the life I choose I love the challenge #dishcomingsoon." 

Dame also posted an image in the kitchen of the new establishment, confirming Cam's involvement. 

"Me and @mr_camron in the kitchen at dish...we decided to do this one together on some Harlem shit just for fun #harlemstickstogther #tycoonshit #nurunmoney #rushthethrone...pause."  

(June 18, 2014)

UPDATE: Dame Dash has announced that the duo is also opening a lounge, Dash. 

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