Hopsin Says Eminem's "The Marshall Mathers LP" Taught Him How To Rap

Hopsin says Eminem's "The Marshall Mathers LP" inspired and guided him.

Hopsin was recently asked to name an album that changed his life. 

"Had to be The Marshall Mathers LP, the original one," Hopsin says in an interview with XXL. "The album, it was just—I used to listen to it religiously, and everything that Eminem said on it was just ill. It taught me how to rap. It guided me on how to get my mind right after dropping out of high school. I read between all the negativity on the album and saw the positive stuff. That he actually came from nothing, and it really inspired me. Just knowing that he came from nothing and made himself into one of the biggest rappers." 

In October 2013, Hop spoke with HipHopDX about his appreciation for Eminem.

"I'm probably the biggest Eminem fan in the whole entire world," he said at the time. "I love Eminem. His music’s made an impact on my life and definitely plays a big part of who I am today." 

In November 2013, Hopsin spoke about the impact Eminem has had on the Rap industry. "Eminem is like 50 percent of the fuckin' Rap game, if you ask me," he said. 

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  • lawless

    jesus christ if you dont like him stfu and go listen to the other rappers, those other wack ass rappers. damn if you dont like hopsin you dont like eminem. 100 dollars says that all these people that diss hopsin listen to chief kief and future lol swear to god yo.

  • TRAP

    Lil Durk and Young Thug are the realest young rappers out there, they are the blueprint of the real niggas and here is why: - Young Thug was arrested for drug possession; - Young Thug was arrested for reckless driving; - Lil Durk was arrested on a weapons charge; - Lil Durk was arrested with a loaded .40-caliber handgun after he threw the weapon in his car when police approached; - they shoot niggas dead; - they beat niggas up; - they sold drugs; - they walk around with illegal weapons; - they go out gunning; - all other rappers rap about being gangster, shooting and killing, but they haven't done it. They ain't no fantasy niggas like: 1. Mobb Deep were 12 / 14 years old when they met at the school of arts. 2. Nas "Escobar" raps about how he is a queens thug, but he wasn't. Lol, nigga only had a ticket for parking his car wrong. So you sold dope? Nigga, the only thing you sold is records. 3. 2Pac never gangbanged 4. Ice Cube was bullied at school and this guy calls himself a "G"? 5. Rick Ross is a legend, but not a streetlegend, but a foodlegend. 6. Eminem raps about killing - he hasn't. He says he hates gay people, but did a song with Elton John? 7. Jay Z raps in open letter about sending shots - he hasn't. Nigga, you never hustled, fucking liar! People in Brooklyn tell other stories... 8. Most of the rappers rap about stuff they haven't done, yet you all support them and say it's real rap. 9. When Rick Ross does it you all claim he is fake and say it's fake rap. This shows that hip hop fans are hypocritical and all these real hip hop fan wanna be's are just some unjustified haters whose opinions are just as irrelevent as the swag fag rapper fans. I never heard your favorite rapper (50 Cent, Jay-Z, Nas, Mobb Deep, Ice Cube, The Game, etc.) diss Lil Durk or Young Thug, because your favorite rapper knows that they will beat him up. Wack or not Lil Durk and Young Thug are the realest young niggas in the rap game and that's a fact. They were drug dealers and gang members before rappers. They have street credentials, they are the only rappers who rap about facts. Your favorite rapper wants to be as real as Young Thug or Lil Durk. That's how real niggas do it. They ain't nothing to fuck with!

  • Mike

    LOL so many haters....looks like you literally are following eminems footsteps bro. keep it up, much love #stillmovin

  • capthatskank

    Los>Rugged Man>everyone else

  • lol

    All this nigga does in his music is hate plus it sounds really corny lol. Would rather hear trap beats than 2002 era horrorcore beats. I swear the only people who listen to this dude are those white kids who drink Monsters and race their Honda Civics.

  • Anonymous

    the Marshall Mathers LP def a beast !

  • DG

    One of the few songs I heard by him was Ill Mind of Hopsin 4. When he does that over-exaggerated female voice and talks about himself in 3rd person, that's textbook Eminem.

  • Anonymous

    no shit dude ganked his whole fuckin style

  • Youngkelzct

    Correction*** "The MMLP Taught You How To Rap Like EMINEM!!!" i can hear son gargling Eminem's nutsack thru his whole flow only the shit sounds more like a Gimmick.. cmon son wouldnt have a style or career if Eminem didnt come first

  • I'm just being honest

    Biggest Sellouts/white people dick riders in hiphop 1. 50 Cent 2. Jay-Z 3. Hopsin 4. Every black house negro affiliated with Eminem after that racist song (D12, Trick Trick, Daughterhouse, etc) 5. Lil Wayne

    • BobFerice

      I'm gonna have to agree with you, but Lil Wayne should be at the top, but Hop has some good shit, he has a message past the "Sag My Pants" Hop is a Flow theaf, but he has a deeper meaning

  • Who listen to dude?

    This f4g used to appear on the Disney channel, all of a sudden he's some psycho rapper, some murderer rapper. This what the rap game turned into, dude is straight up telling you "Look at me I'm an uncle Tom" and he in the game like that? Suburban neighborhood raised ass beeotch! How he rebel now, how he tight, dude appeared on Disney and don't nobody mind???? Keep Honoring Other Penises Nigga. All white fanbase having qu33r, using the N word like he know what it mean, kill yourself already. Eminem handjob fantasy having freak. Haha, fuck a white boy, tell me why u mad, never go full retard, we don't believe you you need more people, corny ass responses, beat you honkies to it! Haha deuces!

    • Mike

      Lol something tells me this is one of those illiterate "thugs" that always seem to forget drake started on degrassi lmao....should have bein "started in a wheelchair, now im here"

    • Hmn

      Oh yeah? Check out 2Pac in Nothing But Trouble, the movie. That's as Disney as it gets.

    • Anonymous

      lol man i like how you incorporated ppls disses to you in your comment but next time you shouldnt say "i beat you to it" you should use those insults against Eminem. Why waste a good insult when whiteboy is right there?

  • JkN

    A great rapper inspired to pick up the mic because of another great rapper. Nothing wrong with that

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Im not saying he don't I'm laughing at the insane dickriding and 3 links to other articles of Hopsin dickriding. It's like a singularity of Eminem dickriding. All Em dickriding been collapsed into a point smaller than an atom.

    • what

      You can tell that Hopsin do sound like Eminem

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