T.I. Addresses Floyd Mayweather Fight Backstory, Prognosticating Iggy Azalea's Success

T.I. reveals possible release date for "Paperwork," says the album could be out this September.

Although reluctant to speak in detail about his brawl with Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas and what led up to the fight, Atlanta rapper T.I. did speak briefly on the altercation during a recent interview with Hot 97.

The Hustle Gang leader informed those listening that he chose to “speak with action” during his encounter with Mayweather and once that action was complete, “conversation ceases.”

“Had that been anything that did transpire—I’m sure dude may be used to talking after his fights,” T.I. said. “I don’t talk after mines. Cause there ain’t really a whole lot to say, man. You know what I’m saying? I speak with action. After action is taken, man, conversation ceases…There was history. There was definitely history…I don’t care what you do to whoever else. I don’t care who you speak to [or] how you speak to em. [When] you dealing with me you gonna deal with me like a man. I feel like my steps are guided, man. I’m a man of God. When I step I ain’t got nobody to fear, but God himself. I don’t got no fire I can’t walk through. I done been through it all.”

T.I. later spoke on the success of Iggy Azalea, who appears on his new single “No Mediocre.” He says he expected the Aussie rapstress’ success and takes pride in being “a cultivator of talent.”

After speaking on the success of Iggy and “Fancy,” T.I. quickly addressed Forbes’ claims that “Hip Hop is run by” the Australian musican.

“To be honest with you, man. Just as a cultivator of talent and as someone who—I’ve been working hard at this level of my career,” he said. “I’ve been working hard to really just try to introduce talent to the world that can be considered significant. And to actually be the first onboard. To be the one to stay ‘This is going to happen.’ And to be, I guess, doubted by so many.

“It’s Forbes though,” the rapper added. “How much can you accredit—But at the moment it was printed was it anything going on that was of larger conversation?”

T.I. concluded his conversation with Hot 97 by speaking on longevity and his upcoming album, Paperwork, which he says will be released around September. In regards to his music career, he proclaimed that “The world has never seen anything like me.”

“Where I’m going is I’m going to release this project around September," T.I. said. "It’s titled Paperwork. Now this is my ninth project and for one, I just wanna thank everybody who’s been in support of me and even the people who been hating because you motivated me. I wanna thank you guys, man, cause I don’t know anybody or many people around right now who on they ninth album and still relevant. It’s not many…The world has never seen anything like me. Like you’ve never seen this before…In a career of longevity there are going to be points when you are on fire. You know what I’m saying? Top of the world. Nobody can touch you. This that and the other. Then they’re going to be points where you take a hit. In those points where you take a hit will you be able to recover, bounce back, and return to the flame? The flame has returned.”

T.I.’s interview on Hot 97 can be found below (via RapRadar).

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  • Mack

    "Im a man of God." What God is this? He consistently breaks all 10 of the commandments LOL He whines like a girl and acts like someone who should be filming Real Housewives of Atlanta....as one of the wives.

  • Anonymous

    Yo IT i would easy off of Mayweather too, know the nigga dont have to fight you, all here have to do is pay the pipper to snipe you.

  • Anonymous

    You can tell this nigga IT aint really real or want it stick to fight girls man you might win a fair one

  • Hustle Gang

    Mayweather nervous as hell. That's why he can't say shit no more. Real niggas watchin him now. We don't fuck with you nigga. Watch yo step! Haha #Winning

  • Hustle Gang

    King of the South right here. #HustleGang #Winning

  • ob

    I like TI as an artist, but these guys can barely keep up with their lies hes been going around a lot saying how Mayweather talks after fights but where hes from they dont speak about fights at all, its all about action hes said this at least 3 different times with that said; can somebody please Google: Howard Stern TI Prison Fight and watch this dude give a full run down, detailed, play by play of his prison fight, these guys are so flawed its ridiculous, since he keeps saying this maybe we need to start tweeting him to remind him of all the talking he did about that fight maybe we can get Mayweather to retweet it, TI is an actor and not a very good one.

  • freddy

    All mouth and nothing else

  • Anonymous

    Mayweather already called him out for chirping like a bird after the fight what he mean he dont talk after a fight?

  • Anonymous

    He's on his 9th album. He's gone platinum numerous times. He also had the #1 and #2 song at one point and has been featured on numerous number one songs. Songs that aren't even hip hop. He's also making money off a white female rapper that has the #1 and #2 spot on singles charts. BOB did the exact same thing..Two number ones and another top 10 single in the same year. The man knows how to make money in the music business clearly

    • Anonymous

      He is a broke ass with a big mouth Floyd will kill him

    • Anonymous

      Hes not making shit off Iggy she left his label and blew up on her own! Hes a sellout working with mainly white pop stars to make money. Bieber, Timberlake, Robin Thicke, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Iggy

  • Anonymous

    fuck t.i. agent on a leash ass! Nobody buying Iggy shit! They just put statements like that out in the media to trick idiots with no mind of their own into believing that bitch is something so they go check for her and buy her bullshit ass music. Figgity-FOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Anonymous

    Here comes another pop album from the mighty midget.

    • These Niggas Are GAY

      the industry only pushes blackmen if they are under 5'6''... the only exception is Jay,,, I guess he def got his head game figured out for them suits...SMMfH #StudioGangsters #FaggotRappers

    • spelling bee

      salo take that cock out of your mouth when you write.

    • Brandon

      Dude, you can't even spell correctly

    • salo

      this guy... no wonder he doesnt get along with mayweather they have the same arrogance. They are both so full of them selves... Relivent after 9 albums LOL i havent listened to this dude since 03 and I only watch mayweather cause i am hopeing he loses...

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