DJ Mustard Details Mistah F.A.B. Fight, Upcoming Lil Boosie Collaboration

Exclusive: DJ Mustard on Mistah F.A.B. fight: "What I look like fighting? I've a million-plus dollars. I'm a millionaire now so I ain't really worried about fighting."

DJ Mustard details his recent altercation with Mistah F.A.B. In an exclusive conversation with HipHopDX during Brisk Iced Tea's Brisk Bodega event in Miami, Florida, Mustard insists that the scuffle was not the product of a broader conflict between Los Angeles, California and the Bay Area. He also says that the incident was “uncalled for” and now that he’s a millionaire, he is not “really worried about fighting.”

“The internet can make it whatever they want to make into,” Mustard says. “LA to the Bay—it’s not like that. I have some real friends in the Bay Area. I got some family in the Bay Area. It was never that. He felt how he felt, I guess. He swung. I guess he didn’t know that all those people were with me. I only run with one security guard. So, it wasn’t the security. Everybody keeps saying it was the security, but you know, that’s how it goes sometimes. I done got into millions of fights. That was just one of the fights that people have seen because of who I am. When people's careers go down, they’ll do anything to get back up. You’ve gotta expect stuff like that and you’ve gotta tighten up your security and make sure nobody can get to you like that.”

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  • Anonymous

    If this nigga is a millionaire Im an astronaut. FUCK OUTTA HERE. SMH

  • Anonymous

    "What I look like fighting? I've a million-plus dollars. I'm a millionaire now so I ain't really worried about fighting." Translated: I'll loop the same beat over & over till I'm dead & gone. The fuck I look like beating some dusty fat ass rapper when that's security's job?

  • Anonymous caught feelings

    Its cool you caught feelings my dude, but OP spit that legitimate. Only dude mad here is you, haha, looks like OP hit close to home. Who you, one of them "producers" little room laptop struggle trap beat maker??? Hahahaha, no need to attempt and correct OP, he's on point, I agree on all he wrote. And that other dude posted too "it's your job as a "producer" to do your homework on past sounds" tell ya man, these kids running around ignorant as ever, stealing ish and calling it their own. Still, anonymous poster, sounds like you the one who mad, haha, so let em know why you mad , haha Deuces, WEST SIIIIIIDE!

  • adub

    "I was born in the 1990's.can't blame me for not knowing where the lil john sound came from" Nigga yes we can blame you. Its your responsibility as a so called "producer" to know the history of the game and respect those that came before you. Thats the problem with these niggas coming up now. Damn shame

  • Elizabeth Marie Valentine

    DJ Mustard? He's no Dj, that's fo damn sho! No laptop best creating same loop sound the same, three minute beat maker gon be called a dj, not even no damn producer. Jokes like this clown, mike will, lex Luger and so many others dobe watered down the game. You can make beats via method lambasted but you're no dj. Real dj, Battlecat(the best producer ever), premo, timbaland(wack now), mannie fresh, dj quik, Daz Dillinger, Soopafly, fredwreck, jelly roll. This guys an embarrassment, pretty much EVERY 90's born "artist" that be up on the mainstream tip, Kendrick though a 80's baby, is given WAY too much credit for being mediocre. Fuck a priveledge white boy who's helped deteriorate the genre too.

    • Anonymous

      @Elizabeth WORD UP!!! TELL EM SIS! We ain't dumb MFs! Mustard is gonna be a has been in two months

    • Anonymous

      his pops used to dj parties for dr dre n snoop dogg in the 90s.... but its cool tell em why you mad tho

  • POPE

    Everyone says all his beats sound the same. funny. they said that about dr.dre, pharrell, swizz beats, timbaland, premiere scratches on everything, just blaze and the list goes on...

  • Anonymous

    hope hes investing wisely because this nigga gon be here today and gone tomorrow when his sound becomes played out

  • Anonymous

    Surprised to hear this nigga needs a security guard when all he does is make the same 3 corny beats over and over.

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