Scarface Details Nas Joint LP, Questions Rap Fans' Loyalty

Scarface confirms that a Geto Boys reunion will not happen, says his new music will be "malicious."

Although Scarface again confirmed that a Geto Boys reunion will not happen during his interview with DJ Whoo Kid, the Houston rapper did reveal that he and Queensbridge lyricist Nas have nearly completed a joint project they’re working on.

Scarface revealed that the project, which he says has been in the works for at least 10 years, “probably will happen,” but he's unsure of who would release the project and when it would become available to fans.

“I talk to Nas probably about once or twice a month,” he said. “Maybe more than that. And we always talk about doing an album together and shit…We probably 99.9999 [percent done]. It’s gonna happen…It probably will happen, but where and who puts that shit out is the debate. You feel me? You know what I’m saying? Like me and Nas definitely in talks. And it’s not even a money thing with it. It’s like some shit that’s got to be done. We been talking about this shit for 10 years or more.”

After being questioned about the possibility of a Geto Boys reunion, Scarface spoke on the loyalty of Hip Hop fans versus rock n’ roll fans. He questioned why rock groups decades out of their prime still have loyal followings while Hip Hop artists don’t.

“It ain’t really no issue with me, man. I don’t have no problem with the youth or the old folks,” Scarface said. “I’m good. I look at the loyalty in the fanbase of rock n’ roll and then I look at the loyalty in the fanbase of Hip Hop. And I realize, you know, ‘God damn’…Why the fuck we don’t got no fan following like that?”

In regards to his own music, Scarface says fans can expect “malicious intent” on his upcoming songs.

“Every song that you hear from me from now on is gonna be meant with malicious intent,” the rapper said. “Every fuckin lyric that comes out of my mouth…I’mma be straight up fuckin real with you, man. It’s gon’ be tough to fuck with that boy, man.”

At the top of this year, Scarface criticized Hip Hop during an interview with XXL magazine, stating that rap music was becoming “stupider and stupider.”

“The Rap shit [is] sounding stupider and stupider, and Country music is sounding more brilliant,” he said in January. “Rock music is sounding more brilliant and Alternative music is sounding way more brilliant. Shit sound good as fuck. Everybody [in Hip Hop] wants to turn up now, even in R&B.”

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  • def

    Also the irony of saying something is sounding "stupider and stupider".

  • def

    1st of all - this will be released when the Nas & Premo LP gets released. AKA NEVER. 2nd of all - this guy is really trying to say rock and country genre's are flourishing right now? Are you fucking kidding me? Talk about clueless.

  • Fuck Queensbridge

    Wonder if he still would like to drop this collabo after reading the book "Nas Lost: A Tribute to the Little Homie".

  • Sam Snead

    Most rappers/MC's have an expiration date, the real old school rappers became dated more quickly because of the change in style and delivery. The style changed with Rakim and is still used in some regards today. The guys that are getting old now are becoming dated because of content. When you rap about the trendy,superficial, and time footnote type of things than you date yourself quickly. If you rap too much about personal stuff than that gets old as well after awhile, though not as quickly as the latter. Nas mixes all the above well with things that don't get dated like struggle,politics,socioeconomic factors,current events,etc.

  • Real talk

    I know exactly what hes referring to, i went to the geto boys tour last year there was almost no fans there but that made it better because after the show i met scarface, willie d, and bushwick bill, they were all down to earth regular people cool as fuck, no celeb status, no big headedness. But the reason no one shows up u guys disappeared from the scene for what 10, 20 years and most of your real fans r in there 30s, 40s and up and those people have wives n kids n dont go to rap shows anymore

    • #contemporaryFMrap

      why the contemporary rap format is important, they could have an industry that goes back to shows in ballrooms, centers, theaters, no need to think about clubs or mixing with the younger crowd wishing young thug was there

  • Damn

    Love both these dudes music, there collab from nas i am was great but this is about 10 years too late

  • Scarface is wrong

    He questioned why rock groups decades out of their prime still have loyal followings while Hip Hop artists dont. Well Scarface its lame if you are 45 years old and rapping about being a pimp, shooting people dead and talk about skillz on the mic and constantly seeking attention with nothing to say! Get my point Scarface. Take a look at yourself. Where's the album with Beanie Sigel and a album with nas. Well go talk another 10 years about an album with Nas.

  • Anonymous

    Once again Scarface always speakin the truth

  • Anonymous

    'Face is till the King of the South. One of the true greatest.

  • bigo

    South Park OG, realest in the game..............nothing else to say

  • Anonymous

    After going thru the last 3 new mixtapes on the front page of livemixtapes, I need an album like this. These new rap niggas are just corny trash

  • Rumored/Annouced Nas Collab Albums

    Nas & AZ Nas & Common Nas & Raekwon Nas & DJ Premier Nas & Bishop Nehru Nas & Scarface Nas & Jay Electronica Nas, Scarface & Ice Cube Nas & Jay-Z Nas & The Game Nas & Damian Marley 2 Nas & Queensbridge Artists 2 (QB's Finest 2) Nas & Kanye West (As a producer)

  • The Clap

    Why does everyone want to do an album with nas?

  • minnesota slick

    Not a huge Nas fan anymore but 'face is always in the deck. wonder if it's a 2014 release. Plus I thought Cube was in on this.

  • kevi kev

    its about time nas and scarface should of been did a album together hip hop needs more real hip hop like this this bullshit that's out today its gotta go word up

  • Lothario

    Scarface, top 5 most OVERRATED rappers in history.

  • Anonymous

    how about a Nas & AZ album first...

    • Anonymous

      Can't argue with what you just typed. Funny you brought up that teleprompter, because not too long ago, I was watching Nas' Coachella (I think) performance on YouTube, and I saw the lyrics to NY State of Mind on the screen. I was like, "Nas, what the fuck you doing? You don't know your own song?" Lol. I never thought he was drunk, probably just high. And that Scarface/Nas "Hip Hop" song was sick, no doubt.

    • Yea thats true

      But really i wasnt really talkin bout face i guess i just hold nas in a higher regard then most mcs. At one point i really considered him the illest, he was the next kool g rap/rakim. IMO he hasnt done a classic since stillmatic i stuck with him thru them down times (04-08 i thought he fell off hard) hes done some ill tracks here n there, ironically the last nas track i really fuck with was the collab with scarface hip hop from wack ass khaled album fuck khaled tho lol! As far as live nas ive seen him a bunch of times he always kills it live! Rock the bells 2011 + 2012 was insane! He put in an hour plus show both times all of illmatic plus classic, nas special guests u usually get az, lauryn hill, mobb deep, wu, q tip, large pro, scarface. That summer jam was some bullshit this year i was expecting another nas performance like that. He needs to not get so damn drunk when he performs he killed a whole bottle of henn and was forgetting his lyrics reading off a teleprompter running thru illmatic in 8 mins bringing out wack ass mmg shit

    • Anonymous

      So Face gets a pass because he's from the South? Eye for an eye, people. Everybody should get the same treatment for collaborating with those weak artists. And didn't Face say rap was getting stupider and stupider? Looks like he's not living up to his word either.

    • And

      Scarface always being doin songs wit them type of cats, he from the south

    • Because

      Hes nas hes suppose to be the anti establishment, and lately hes been droppin some half ass verses on other people features, but yo do u think your old droog is nas

    • Anonymous

      What does Nas saying "turn up" and bringing out Meek and French at Summer Jam have to do with his skills? I'm pretty sure all that isn't making his rap skills vanish. He still kills tracks, and as far as 2014 AZ vs 2014 Nas goes, one bodying the other is opinionated since they're both great MCs. Scarface also has been doing songs with Khaled, Meek and French over the past few years, but he's still as sharp as ever. Hardly anybody complains about that, though.

    • Real talk

      If your referring to nas life is good yes, heard it over a year ago when it came out and it was prolly recorded 3-5 years ago but if u could read it says 2014 nas. Question. Where u at summer jam? Because i was and i saw something i never thought id see or hear Nas said "TURN UP" and his special guests were meek miilz and french montana who came out and stole nas whole show, then to make it worse nas opened up for 50 cent and was acting like there best butt buddies. Please, wake up its 2014 and nas is sippin the damn kool aid with everyone else. Dont believe me look it up its on youtube it mite even be on this site

    • Anonymous

      ^ Just a question, have you even listened to his last album?

    • Get real

      Nas dont even fuck with az no more he would never get on another track with az because 2014 AZ will body 2014 Nas! nas dont even do that real hip hop boom bap shit anymore hes on that turn up shit now like everyone else, congratulations nas hip hop really is dead

    • Anonymous

      Yea man! Give niggas that shit over some Primo beats! Hip Hop need that battery right there! Im all for the Face album too, but lets get that AZ joint poppin and then kill em with the face joint for the Win

  • Vdilla


  • Anonymous

    Lil Troy got paperwork saying this nigga a snitch Go make some more records with DJ Sand Negro

    • Anonymous

      @Word How much did I hurt you???

    • Word

      I aint never heatd no shit like that homie. So let me guess your a real nigga right? Yea u sound like one. Real broke and sour niggA

    • Anonymous

      H-town heads know Face is a fake nikka. I still fuck with his music tho

    • Fuck lil troy

      Wanna be a baller shot caller one hit wonder ass nigga, any rapper with lil is front of his name is pretty much a bitch nigga except lil cease i fucks wit his music, scarface is king of the south dont ever open your mouth to disrespect a legend u peasant

    • Anonymous

      Im black and this nigga is a snitch and he dont support his kids. Thats why he went to jail for not paying child support. Plus he tried to give the feds Troy.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    hip hop fans are probably the worst fans you can have. always switching from artist to artist and following trends and whos the most relevant and picking sides and not liking artist who say something about a artist you like at the time probably because hip hop is aimed at the youth and 70% of the fans are young kids still finding their identity and who they are

  • kennyken

    face is real...damn I can't wait jack

  • StankFoot

    The answer is SIMPLE. Most rappers rhyme about BullShit like Crime and Drugs. People get older and don't want to hear that BullShit.... Rap about more positive shit and the following will be there as the fan matures.

  • 901DATSME

    LEGEND.. Can't wait til that 5hit drops

    • Realness

      Yea well u gona be waiting a long time homey id be surprised if this ever saw the light of day, not tryna hate just being realistic


    One of the legends of the game .. Looking forward to hearing a joint LP from him and Nas . The FIX is a classic album go listen to "In Between Us" with Nas

  • Ruvunja

    Wu-tang fans are the best and most loyal in hip-hop. Pity Rza b in shittin' on us by not giving us the album we know the Wu are capable of doing instead of sum compilation they gon' call an album with half the verses emailed in and shit. For their last album he shoulda got 4th Disciple, Bronze Nazareth, True Master and Mathematics to all do at least two beats each, then Rza himself could do at least five. Thats how the Clan's last album should go out, not with a whimper which might just be the case.

  • j

    the answer to his question about loyalty is because hip hop media doesnt support hip hop artists, and neither do the new artists. Like if a new artist comes out now, the LAST thing he is going to do is reach out to a second tier MC from the 90s that was his favorite to be on a single. Jay does a great job shouting people out in his music but Kane will never be on tour with him or be on his singles. and yeah, radio stations give the old school at noon or whatever, but they dont spread that music out during the hours that younger listeners can eat it up, or play the music repeatedly. in NY, if any old hip hop is played in the middle of the day or when kids are listening, it is only Biggie. Rakim is a couple years older than BIG would have been and NYC kids dont know him. and there is no hip hop oldies station.

    • Cant forget

      Curren$y, wiz khalifa

    • More

      The game does shit with everyone from the 90s and that was back like 2005-09

    • And

      Action bronson does shit with wu tang and lox, rocko just did a song with styles p and jadakiss and rocko has a track with nas, fuck drake but he did a song called wu tang forever, now u c young kids wearing wu tang shirts but they dont even know shit about the wu...

    • G

      Im very familiar with summer jam i went this year and last year. Last year was alrite, wu tang killed it! This year roots killed it but other than that it was a huge disappointment, nas was a disgrace hes sippin the kool aid. But if u were there u proly noticed the crowd had no type of love for the roots or nas its a damn shame. As far as the radio goes. The radio sucks and always has i dont listen to the radio i listen to what i wana listen to not what some taliban lookin mofo (ebro) tells people to listen to im actually on chuck d side of that argument hot 97 is a joke

    • j

      i will give you the ASAP mob and Joey badass but what about on a large level? u named two crews that do it, and thats recent. there is no history of doing it. and as far as mack wildz, the original songs are rarely played, believe me. There wasnt a sudden increase in Mobb Deep being played on hot 97 because of "Henessy". and again, altogether these are only a few examples. On the whole, the old school gets no love from current artists. if u r familiar with Summer Jam, you know that this year Dres from black sheep came out. How often does daytime(dont count old school at noon please) play black sheep records? the respect factor is just not there, and the respect for "other" hip hop is not there either, but thats another story. Chuck D has been attacking HOT 97 for not pushing local artists. the Wu headlined Summer Jam last year, so Raekwon should be all over that station when he drops something.

    • Actually

      Some of what u said is true but there are some inaccuracies, a lot of the new artist are collabing with old artists, i dont really like ASAP but i like how they have done shit with bone thugs, onyx, and wu tang. Joey badass is taking it back to the 90s with his sound and he uses dj premier beats, mack wilds i know its r and b but hes doing shit with mobb deep and wu, theres plenty of more examples like this

    • Sam Snead

      Ya, some of the rock stations do a better job at mixing in the old and the new in the rotations

    • Anonymous

      The plan is to create a generation gap, you see younger black men running around 'soft' and shit, wearing lipstick and dresses but quick to claim thug status and most don't know they are destined to be somebody's hoe in jail. Simple Kill them before they grow tactic.

    • lordroc

      Kane on a Jay Z tour co-sign, why not Jay? hmmm

  • Really?

    This will NEVER drop.

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