50 Cent Needs To Sign Remy Ma, Tony Yayo Says

Tony Yayo says Remy Ma has "bars for days."

Tony Yayo has advice for 50 Cent regarding Remy Ma

"Free Remy @50cent need to sign her first day out @_young6. She got bars for days," Yayo says in a post on Instagram. 

In February, Papoose addressed Remy's upcoming release from prison

“They locked my bitch up for six years," Papoose said during the show. "But guess what? July, she coming home." 

Papoose further elaborated upon Remy Ma's release. 

"July 30, y'all," Pap said. "It's goin' down for real...She took that bid better than I seen a lot of niggas take they bids. I was there every step of the way and she took that shit like a champ. We ain't glorifying that shit. Whatever happened happened. But it's an actual fact. She handled that shit like a real bitch." 

In May 2008, Remy was sentenced to eight years in prison after she was charged with shooting an associate, Makeda Barnes-Joseph. 

In July 2012, Remy Ma spoke about being released from prison

"Yeah, been a little minute," Remy said at the time. "Been almost five years that I've been gone. People had a lot of time to chill. It's almost over. I'm gonna be back like I never left." 

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  • Lawrence

    Eh, leave her... I think Paris has potential, let's see her get a shot...

  • Anonymous

    do dames get conjugal visits? she been gettin creamed or can we start a campaign about who the first rap nigga to bust a nut in rema ma asshole gon be?

  • Anonymous

    50 cent needs to retire

  • Not Impressed

    I wanna nut in Remy Ma with her feet up in my face and around my head, no disrespect to the SISTA and sure she LOVES WHITE DICK. Just putting this thought out there to any bruthas that want to help arrange this.

  • ThugMisses


  • Anonymous

    It doesn't take a lot to sign a D list rapper like Remy Ma. Problem is there is zero demand for her after Fat Joe booted her lazy ass.

  • Anonymous

    Uhhhhhbhhh terrrible. G Unit is dead as a label and the CEO cant even move 50k records despite having a billion dollars. Remy needs to sign with a relevant label with a competent boss.

  • Anonymous

    Remember, Papoose's relationship with G-Unit has always been nice ... So it wouldn't be that surprising, albeit I doubt Remy would sign with the Unit.

  • Anonymous

    this is a warning of what's to come banks 50 buck kidd yayo remy pap? jeremih? with the lox & mobb deep as wringers this is a good squad......meek need to come over, a better look for him

  • Anonymous

    50 doesn't have the money to sign anyone. Remy would be better off at MMG.

    • officerrickybitch

      Kill Your self

    • Rozay O'Donnell

      we eat burgers all day motherfuckers

    • Anonymous

      Bahamadia on MMG? LMMFAO!

    • Anonymous

      the 4th/5th richest man in hip-hop doesn't have money to sign someone? okay Got a hundred mill in my stash, nigga (Know what I'm talkin' 'bout?) Motherfuck that bank, I got it in cash, nigga (Know what I'm talkin' 'bout?)

    • Rozay O'Donnell

      We thought the exact same thing. Here @ MMG Headquarters, my client, Rick Ross and I have been discussing the possibility of signing a female member to the group/record label, and Remy Ma is one of our persons of interest, along with Eve, Foxy, Lil Kim, Da Brat, and Bahamadia.

  • ManIllSuckYoDickMan

    Maybe Yayo be like: we need our own Minaj. Could be a smart move though

    • TBD

      They do, that 'Precious Paris' chick who was on the Queens record off the Big 10 mix-tape. 50 stop pushing her for some odd reason . She got G-Unit tatted on her shoulder

  • Me

    Your heard it here first.. 50 is about to start pissing some billionaires off with this type of take over, if your a visionary you know what I'm talking about..

    • Anonymous

      He'll be making more off his own money!

    • cosign @ me

      @anon1 yeah? ask warren buffett about rap and them industry heads about what you said so they can laugh at you with the oil sheiks, update your rich people faces in 2014 they can see 50 got the film part, got the media part, got the merchandise part, getting the music situated, some of y'all laughing at this "indie" deal but y'all gonna be mad if they renegotiate to a $700m-$1bn "indie"

    • Anonymous

      what billionaires do you speak off? most billionaires dont follow or care about this silly rap shit,.

  • james

    thats a no brainer cuz his other female rapper Paris is corny. compared to remy ma...remy is one of the illest females out there..And not bad looking ....its so hard to market streetshh now tho....these nickas dont buy no damn records..

  • kevin smith

    remy ma is washed up done her carear been a wrap even before she got sent to prison then she got the nerve to blame fat joe don't blame him blame yaself and 50 cent aint gonna help her u cant be serious he hasn't put out nothing dope since get rich or die tryin soundtrack

  • chocolate hoes are the way to go

    Remy Ma would make a perfect fit for the Unit. Plus, she is a delectable piece of fine chocolate ass.

  • POPE

    50 signs remy i can see the bang bang boogie movement coming back! #CastleHIllProjects #BX

  • Anonymous

    tony yayo instagams are new stories now?

  • rahrahrah

    I was hoping 50 would bring out Remy, Pap, and Joey at Power the other day, so I agree with the idea.

  • Anonymous

    they already have a relationship and pap said 50 has been helping her out and she would fit nicely in g-unit real gutta street bitch. 50 needs to listen to yayo because he got a good ear for talent ie J. Cole, Danny Brown, yayo was the one who brought Banks to 50.

  • Anonymous

    Remy said 50 one of the only real niggas who holding her down in there, he even goes to visit her. Fif should sign Pap and Remy.

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