Azealia Banks Says T.I.'s Wife "Has Meth Mouth," Is A "Busted Bumpkin"

Azealia Banks responds to T.I. calling her a "Musty-Mouthed Thot."

Azealia Banks has responded to T.I.’s Instagram post calling her a “musty-mouthed thot” with a series of Tweets about T.I. and his wife, Tiny.

"Wha happens when ur wife has meth mouth? What do u do?” Azealia Banks wrote on Twitter today (June 17). 

"The nigga shouting bad bitches this bad bitches that, is almost always at home with some busted bumpkin,” another one of Banks’ Tweets said.

Azealia Banks then says that Tiny “can’t read.” Banks also says that she is “taller than you in my heels."

Azealia Banks tweets to T.I. are as follows:

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  • youngBLACKman

    lol you niggas are dumb all yall do is hate on Whites when they are our brothers at the end of the day. We all come from Adam(pbuh) loins & Eve's womb you stupid fucks. anyways Azealia Banks is beautiful and Wiz Khalifa 28 Grams is a classic. shout out to T.I. though

  • Vito Corleone

    I bet tiny got dat good mouth but azalia banks probably suck a mean one

  • WhitePeopleAreWorthless

    All you upper class white boys need to take TI's d*ck out of your mouth before you suffocate to death. Banks stay clownin' this snitch ass TI and his Backpage escort looking wife, Tiny.

    • Anonymous

      "whitepeopleare worthless" is probobly azalia banks commenting cuz she sitting on the shelf at her label wit nuttin to do and getting salty

    • YourmomisworthlessWELFAREwhore

      lol you niggas are dumb all yall do is hate on Whites when they are our brothers at the end of the day. We all come from Adam(pbuh) loins & Eve's womb you stupid fucks. anyways Azealia Banks is beautiful and Wiz Khalifa 28 Grams is a classic. shout out to T.I. though. btw YourMamaisWorthless

    • PoorAss

      Shut your broke and racist ass up shrimp dick nigga

  • Anonymous

    First Tiny isn't all that no but she' wasn't born looking like that so maybe some people shouldn't be so mean. I used to think the same thing bout her til I found out what happened to her. This Banks bitch gotta lotta nerve!! She's a nobody sitting on twitter focused on T.I. all day get a fucking life & stop trying to get record sales & attn. I'm with everyone who knows she's just a publicity hungry ho that knows she won't get anywhere w/o the negative stupid twitter shit cuz otherwise nobody would know who tf she is!!!

  • T.I. Don't Want It With Azealia

    You local fucker, I'm kooky with spells These niggas suckas, be groupies as hell Comment my hair, comment my nails This nigga's a girl, you want diamonds and pearls? Designer clothes, attention and stares? You're a man though, why would you care? (Boy) You're not a fan though, cool off my air My man ho, come jones on this dildo, while I pull on your hair Yea, look at this queer His booty prepared, your uzi is where? Liar liar, never fuckin fire fire Heres a reminder, Hymen Tru Life, stole all your chains? (Yes) Max B, wrote all your flames? (Yes) Montana, rode on your wave? (Bet) Killa, called you a lame It takes a Harlem bitch to execute a Harlem bitch You pop shit, I pop shit, no problem bitch

  • Anonymous

    C'mon T.I., twitter beef??? Don't make the little respect I have left for you go away

  • Supergay

    bumpkin - jajajaja!!

  • ETK

    y'all don't get it twisted... this is a publicity stunt. This hoe-ass trick is taking it to T.I. and guess what.. her album is coming out July 11th. She is reachin and she needs to recognize her lane real quick. Why the fuck do you even think Tip would talk to you cause you standing next to him! Y'all been beefing since last year... Tip's got nothing but money on his mind. Self-important ass bitch

  • Pat Miller

    I guess 2 things either she wants to fuck you or either TI your response to her will give her juice,,,I don't know her...So what that tell you....

  • Edubb

    I dont agree with all of this senseless bullshit but she ethered t.i. on twitter. LMFAO She does make some valid points, t.i. should have left it alone . Remember the line by Bumpy Knuckles: I dont take it to wack niggas they self destruct i take it to nice niggas and fucks them up!! T.i. should have listened to that. LMAO SMH

  • Emperor Gucci

    big gucci would never let a bitch call him out like that. Big gucci would tell the bitch to get in his car put the car on drive and throw the bitch out like the sack of shit she is. TI aint nothing but a fake gangster and a snitch. Free the realest nigga to ever hold a mic free gucci.


      wow you're a faggot just like Gucci. why Free a nigga that loves jail thats his home. he probably sucks off prison guards

  • The Truth Shall Set You Free

    Some of these "hiphop sites" would be dead and gone if it weren't for twitter. Journalism is dead.

  • What

    This nigga T.I need to stop for real, if this nigga dont know his wife is ugly, then he is really stupid and for him to be getting at a girl like that just prove the nigga is a punk, why he didnt go after mayweather like that,

    • Anonymous

      cuz he punched the fuck outta mayweather for real. why would he downgrade that to a twitter beef? idiot.

  • Anonymous

    Lo that twitter ether

  • Anonymous

    She is right. Tiny is fuckin ugly as sin.

  • Anonymous

    Good point down below why didn't he threaten Mayweather like that?

  • Lil Wop

    While most of the shit she said was funny and probably on point, she most definitely does not want T.I. to come see her by his lonesome. It makes her look pathetic because she knows he can't do anything physically to a woman and Tip could probably kill her with his bare hands if he wanted to. No woman should ever challenge a man physically unless they are Ronda Rousey.

  • 614grind

    Are ugly people allowed to call other people ugly?

  • chocolate hoes are the way to go

    This beautiful Nubian princess is absolutely right. TI is supposedly a grown man who resorts to internet thuggery instead of confronting Azaleia Banks face to face.

    • Anonymous

      that nubian princess has ways and actions of a savage, this is not the 1st male to check her and she has a history of riffs public & private, personal & business they are both wrong

  • 901DATSME

    T.I. Is a fool haha

  • Anonymous

    azealia banks is terrible. i mean, tiny is nasty but this bitch is just as ugly. her new name should be carlton banks.

  • Anonymous

    I'd still do her in the butthole

  • room2roam

    i do not advocate violence against women but he should slap tha bytch. she got wayyy out of pocket and we all know she's doing it for attention since her album sold like 500 copies

  • Anonymous

    that bish look like mase in the face

  • Anonymous

    god damn thats a roast. I wish she did this to alot of these pussy ass rappers

  • The Clap

    Yo, Instagram and twitter are straight up killing masculinity.

    • Anonymous

      facebook too

    • Anonymous

      You guys are totally missing The Clap's point. Smh.

    • Anonymous

      he punched the fuck outta mayweather for real. why would he downgrade that to a twitter beef? idiot.

    • Anonymous

      Nigga if cussing a hoe out is actin like a hoe then you listening to the wrong genre of music. This a hip hop site. We all about causing a ruckus and slapping an out of control whore. TI only a hoe if he act nice and smile at her insults (see: Nicki Minaj, released the biggest hoe song ever, Pills n Potions, about forgiving your enemies, see Chris Brown album forgiving my enemies). Go to your cigar club and talk about letting a hoe trample all on you, you lil bitch.

    • The Clap

      No, you simp. Dudes act like hoes on social media. What the fuck was the point of T.I doing all that internet thuggin? See how she responded in the blink of an eye?! Hoe shit. Why didnt he talk smack about Mayweather?

    • Anonymous

      really? Azaelia Banks is pretty masculine, as evidenced by these tweets.

  • Anonymous

    When I read these tweets I can't think nothing more than how badly I need to put a ring on her finger and spend my entire life with this back-talking creature.

  • Anonymous

    She stood next to him expecting to be noticed begging for attention lol wow

  • Smh

    This is the only way this dumb bitch is keeping her name in the headlines, by beefing with people on social media so you gullible "news" sites will report on it. Nobody would know who this bitch is if not for that. Does she even release music?? Child please...

    • Anonymous

      could've sworn she was just 'pologizing the other day.. smdh, that career was done before it started.

    • Confused

      Thank you SMH, I was wondering, who is this woman and does she realize how stupid she looks and sounds...

  • 614grind

    The more she tweeted the more she copped a plea.

  • Anonymous

    who the fuck is this celery stick body bitch?does she have any room to talk about a multi-millionaire she just probably wanted him to fuck her and he said naw shawty

  • Anonymous

    Call me crazy but A.Banks is cute. I know a lot of slim chicks i wud hit

  • Anonymous

    Lol damn Azealia Banks cookin this nigga. Mayweather aint had to do shit hahaha

    • Anonymous

      at least TIP confronted May face to face on some real. twitter beef is ridiculous and u know she felt some type of way about it because she started it.

  • Anonymous

    she going in on that boy Now Clifford is going to have to do something or look like a punk but if anything happens to her hes going to be suspect number 1 because he threatened her. Its lose lose for TIP.

    • Anonymous

      he should just ignore and keep it movin. she ain't gettin TI money, hustle gang money or Iggy money so she is pretty much irrelevant and still hurt Iggy making waves ochea.

    • Anonymous

      yeah, hes gonna keep selling records while she falls off the map

  • Anonymous

    she's 100% right...

  • Anonymous

    damn I aint going lie she ether T.I.

  • Anonymous

    lol, everything she said about T.I is the truth, he is a walking stereotype, and if he didn't have some good info to give up to the feds they would have shipped his black ass up the road with the rest of the black men who get decades for charges like his.

  • Anonymous

    lol she isn't lying

  • Anonymous

    this isnt a good look for you as black woman or woman in both skeezers

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