Eminem & Slaughterhouse's "Road to Total Slaughter" To Air On FuseTV

The four-episode reality show will premiere on FuseTV tomorrow (June 18).

With the Shady-backed Total Slaughter event less than a month away, Shady Films and Electus Digital have announced that the reality series Road to Total Slaughter will debut on FuseTV tomorrow (June 18) at 11:59 pm EST.

In a press release made available today (June 17), Electus Digital, a company that owns WatchLOUD and CollegeHumor, among other websites, announced a partnership with Shady Films and Fuse to debut the series’ four episodes prior to them being made available online. The network will also air a special called Bright Lights chronicling the lives of the headlining battlers of Total Slaughter on July 10. 

As reported by HipHopDX earlier this year, Road to Total Slaughter will track the lives of eight battlers as they live in the same house and compete for a chance at a spot on the Total Slaughter event card. Total Slaughter will feature battles between Joe Budden and Hollow Da Don; and Murda Mook and Loaded Lux as headliners.

Battlers competing for a spot on the same card include Math Hoffa, Dizaster, Daylyt, Aye Verb, and more.

To read the full story visit Battle Rap.


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