Charlamagne Tha God Reacts To Gucci Mane Plea Deal, Says "Don't Feel Sorry For Him At All"

"Hate to see brothers go to jail on any level unless they really doing some serious shit," Charlamagne Tha God says. "But he caused that on himself."

With news of Gucci Mane striking a plea deal that will keep him behind bars into 2016, Charlamagne Tha God reacted in an interview with VladTV and said “that’s what happens when you about that life.”

“When you about that life, that’s what happens,” Charlamagne said. “You end up in jail or dead. I don’t care if you rapping. I don’t care if you trapping. I don’t care what you doing. If that’s the life you choose to lead, it’s eventually gonna catch up to you. I don’t understand why brothers can’t understand the fact, or even just accept the fact, you can still be a man without having to commit crimes. That actually is a problem. Everybody wants to be a goon, thug, hood nigga, real nigga. Just be a man. Be a real man. It’s cool. Real men know how to move as real men. Real men won’t allow themselves to be disrespected. Real men aren’t punks. But when you wanna do that goon, thug shit: pop pills, drink lean, ride around with guns, all that other shit knowing that you ain’t supposed to be moving like this—especially if you’re on probation—this is what happens. These are the consequences of your actions. Don’t feel sorry for him, at all. Hate to see brothers go to jail on any level unless they really doing some serious shit. But he caused that on himself.

“I’ve told y'all this before, when Gucci’s out he’s visiting,” he went on. “When he’s in  jail he’s home. Gucci just went back home and decided to take a longer stay. I’ve told ya’ll this before. This is what happens. This is what he does.”

Asked if he thinks the rapper belongs in jail, Charlamagne said it “clearly doesn’t” help.

“Nah, nobody belongs in jail unless you a pedophile, child molester, rapist, psychopathic serial killer murderer,” he said. “Those guys belong in jail. I don’t think he belongs in jail. I don’t even think jail helps Gucci Mane. It clearly doesn’t. I don’t know what he needs. I don’t know if Gucci’s on drugs. I don’t know if he’s really mentally unstable.”

Speaking on rumors of Gucci Mane suffering from bipolar disorder, the radio show host said that he likely “needs help, not jail.”

“If he’s been feeling unstable then he needs to be in some type of rehabilitation,” he said. “He needs help, not jail. Once he put that tattoo on his face, that ice cream cone, we knew something was wrong. Like really wrong.”

Recalling his own experience with the Gucci, Charlamagne said “there’s no way in hell I’d be having a conversation with Gucci after five o’clock.”

“I remember Gucci came to The Breakfast Club,” he said. “He was like, ‘Man I want y’all to come to my album release party and my mixtape release party. It’s gonna be at such-and-such club in Atlanta.’ I’m like, ‘Man, what the fuck I look like?’ There ain’t no way in hell. I ain’t got nothing to prove to nobody. I don’t wanna be around that type of shit there. Not at all.”

Last month, Gucci Mane pled guilty to a gun possession charge in return for an agreed-upon 39 month long sentence. With a sentencing hearing scheduled for July, the Trap House artist will be granted a 10 month credit for time served.



  • Anonymous

    Wale - Yayo (Freestyle) Charlamagne tha God, The Game and Wale said hold up!??? $15,000 deep?? Cheif?? no million dollar cars, chains n mansions?? I wanna see and hear the real shit!!!! Its too hard out for that faking! My kids hate this sht!!

  • Anonymous

    this nigga Charlamagne be keepin it too real



  • LiveChill

    CTG is right. Anybody that calls themselves a Street N*gga, Real N*gga, Hood N*gga, Trap N*gga, Thug or Goon is a F-ing UNCLE TOM. Keep helping the Oppressor, Street Clowns

  • Anonymous

    SMH, What the fuck all you silly ass "hard" niggas talking about, you are all a bunch punk ass muthafukas... you wont fight in the Real fight, so shut the fuck up....Lets keep it all the way 100 NOT one of you will fight the real enemy, but you will fight your brotha, sista, Callin each other the same ish the oppressor been callin you.... Does that even make sense to you? PS for the record i aint scared of none of you niggas.. not a one... so stop now before you start typing all that "I will do this you harder then this, im a hater, or a punk" Shut the hell up, you wont do a muthafukin thang, like you been doing Nothing Back to topic at hand , open your fucking eyes people.. we killing each other and gaining nothing, we are disrespecting our mothas and sistas and wonder why we get no respect. (marinate on that for a sec) The youngins have no one to look up to... and that isnt a problem. WE would rather help the oppressor keep US oppressed... now i will wait for the first idiot who aint got nothing positive to say....

    • Anonymous

      Moreover, you should eat a dick because it's fuckers like you that think that all black folks refer to themselves as 'nig' (your word) and the fact you said you are not a honky nor a nig. shows your true fucking colors, go back and tell your friends as Dame put it 'Niggas equal the new bitches'. An't no bitch her, partner, only Arm Leg Arm Leg Head.

    • Anonymous

      Failed attempt at a comeback, you got clowned , it's comical you are trying that reverse psychology bullshit on this here and your problem is you don't know what the fuck I'm talking about, cornbread. Stop faking the funk, you're white , you're white and if you are not then shame on you for being a sell-out. School is out.

    • Anonymous

      "dammmmn son u got me...wait i listen to hip hop because i eat a dick or because i SHOULD go eat a dick? im not a honky but i am also not a nig u do know there are more than two races outcheaaaaaaaaaa" That's how I know you're a honky. And to op: seriously, shut the fuck up. Ol "Massa always tryna keep the black man down" ass nigga.

    • Anonymous

      dammmmn son u got me...wait i listen to hip hop because i eat a dick or because i SHOULD go eat a dick? im not a honky but i am also not a nig u do know there are more than two races outcheaaaaaaaaaa but keep talkin about how the man keeps you down in the comments section of its really helping you progress ;)

    • Anonymous

      To the first two Anons: It's the Kill Them Before They Grow tactics Anon 3: Go eat a dick, honky, oh wait, that's why you listen to Hip-hop.

    • Anonymous

      oh you scared of the trolls cuzzzz i can see you tremble as you type lmao and who's the real enemy? the man?

    • Anonymous

      you right family, but what you gotta understand is many of those comments you are reading are from white teenagers posing as blacks online, it's one of the oldest deceptions used on the internet how you expose them is their dialect (they will slip up) and how their "experience" is tied to headlines but you have to know that dx' majority demographic is 90% white

  • Anonymous

    When's this nigga gonna come out the closet?!! Lol

  • hoodgrown

    Whether you like him or hate him that's real shit. Being young and dumb in the hood, we done all did certain things but after a certain amount of time, you gotta grow up and move on to bigger and better things. But some niggas just be stuck in time warps. You see the niggas that was putting in work get out of jail years later and try to take the block back like and wind up going to war with the young boys who now run it. Or worse, you see the dudes who came out with you out there drinking and smoking with niggas two generations younger than you, like he did with the dudes our age. There's a time to grow up and get beyond all that hood shit. I done see too many people die "reppin the block"... and for what? To the young niggas coming up, that doesn't mean nothing. You a name. A street legend. Fuck that. I'd rather be alive than dead for a piece of land you don't even own.

  • Anonymous

    Fuk all tha fake

  • two


    • Anonymous

      And you are black, righttt? You live in a hood, righttt? You'be been listening to real hip-hop, righttt?

  • two


    • Anonymous

      U probably dickride Star and treat him like he's a God but still call Charlamagne a "hater" smh

    • Anonymous

      Street? dude with a cone on his face? yeah, okay.

    • Anonymous

      He is so right even street dudes change up after a while U can't do this forever but if U like to be behind bars with men behind U all the time then he your in the right place. Grow up that's all he is saying because Gucci had a lot going for him but he let that dumb ass street mentality think for him will he get it back who knows but hopefully he will be thinking wiser.

  • Anonymous

    guccis about what life? throwing women out of hummers cuz they wont fuck him for 150$? punching female rappers in the face? firing shots behind him as he runs away not looking at where hes shooting? or getting his ass beat in prison back in 05?

    • Anonymous

      be apart of what? a delusional idiot who's brains rotted from drugs and can barely sell 5k copies?

    • Anonymous

      he wasnt gonna pay that bitch 150 to suck that was supposed to be free causes hes the trap god. bitch knew that when she got in the humma

    • WHY

      HE MUST BE DOING SOMETHING RIGHT YOU MAD! PEOPLE WANT TO BE APART OF SHIT TO BE SEEN AND HERD OR TRY TO COME UP ON MONEY!Charlamagne Tha God ate the lining out of Wendy Williams ass to get where he at. Now act like a bitch just like her! certain men just don't do!

  • Anonymous

    All yall saying Charlamagne comments are stupid must really be on some immature little boy shit. he speaking the truth like it or not. Its true everyone want to be a goon, thug or the hardest fuck walking around, but when the shit goes does and you get caught up everyone screaming "free this guy, free that guy". Dumbass fuckboys who thinks Gucci behavior is acceptable must be off some dumb shit especially when he threw that girl out the car. Anyway everyone is entitles to their opinion and charlamagne just speaking how he feel about the situation.

  • Anonymous

    Real grown ass man talk. The only people not seeing the message are those trying to live our culture vicariously through this brother and others like him. They come up on this site faking to be black and faking to be so-called thugs.

  • Anonymous

    Gucci gon murk Charlamagne the Fag when he get free. #FREEBIGGUWOP

    • Anonymous

      guccis an accident murderer he aint killing nothing but time unless he fires some shots in the air n hits some burrrrrds

  • Stanucci

    Nigga i dare you to say that in Gucci's face. Gucci will beat the shit out of you, you uncle tom nigga

    • Anonymous

      I would beat the brakes off Gucci... seen his hand game, he has none...

    • flow

      shut the fuck up that's what hes talking about stuoid Gucci wont do shit but get fucked likes doing now stupid muthafucka dum my

    • Anonymous

      guccis arms can barely go past his belly lmao that boy slow anyone with any type of strategy can knock his ass outttt

  • Anonymous

    Fuck Charlac00n and his House Negro ways

    • hoodgrown

      Even if don't don't like Charlamagne he's telling the straight up truth. After a certain age that shit ain't cute no more. In the hood we all go through certain phases but after a certain time in life, most of us move on to other shit. Except the niggas who get locked up or like Nas' said, "in their second childhood". It's crazy to go back to the projects and see the niggas that used to drink and smoke with you is STILL OUT THERE doing that shit with the niggas that are two generations younger than you.

  • Anonymous

    Of course the below 40 IQ level visitors of TrollDX would talk shit, but everything he just said is the absolute truth.

  • Anonymous

    the message is pristine, who cares about the messenger

  • POPE

    Yall some ignorant dumb motherfuckers on here saying free gucci! he keeps putting himself in stupid situations. that dude needs help for real.

  • YonkersBornAndRaised

    Charlamagne ain't about that life at all so fuck him #freeGuwap

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  • White Boy

    Uncle Charlamagne isn't fooling me since he changed his name from Tom. He made me not want to be a wigga no mo.

  • Anonymous

    He's way too opinionated. I feel like his thoughts are filled with too much arroganceakasomebody eventually is going to smack dude uprightfully so.

  • anonymous

    man charlamagne is such a bitch i hate that guy

  • Stella Agatha Constantine

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    • minnesota slick

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    • EvenOdd 4 Real?

      Damn OP doing a number on these dudes! Just by ther terms utilized you can tell EvenOdd is white. Now only two reasons why he let off on OP like that, haha, shit is embarrassing little sheltered Timmy blowing off steam. Anyway, here are the two very feasible possibilities why he so angry, haha! 1. OP name dropped eminem, in a white mans world, that's something that you just don't do; EVER, unless you willing to face the retaliation, verbal/written retaliation, as EvenOdd has lived up to. Reason number 2 why he so angry: Dude is a struggle rapper straight out of the riches part of Beverly Hills, hell yea, we talking B-Rad shit, malibus most wanted shit, white boy give it up OP done that correct. I agree with everything OP posted, and damn, Snow Tha Product, I wonder what qualities a dude gotta have for her to give up the cock. WEST SIIIIIDE!!!

    • EvenOdd

      With that narrow ass thinking you gonna be in a dead end job forever. People have the right to make whatever they want, and if people like it then they have the freedom to buy it. You hate yourself because these dude's out here getting money and you at home jerking off to the bitches these dudes fucking and hating from your keyboard. Be mad at yourself.

    • Anonymous

      "GOOD RAPPERS OUT NOW: snow Tha product Mac lucci damani slim mobster glasses maylay" Way to go and discredit everything you just wrote!

    • LeBest

      Haha you definitely show West coast bias and I'm from the West! You gotta respect the East man! But West Up! Best Coast all day.

  • Hey Charlamagne Can I Get A Drop?

    Charlamagne wouldn't say none of this shit in front of Big Bad Gucci. Go watch his Breakfast Club interview and see how well behaved and scared Charlamagne is just being in the same room as him.

    • Anonymous

      Gucci about what life? Real cats in any hood would clown this dude. Fuck outta here.

    • Anonymous

      Did you read the article? He pretty much said Gucci is about that life and he didn't even want to go to his release party because he was worried. Idiots

    • mike b

      Thats what im sayin brah..i saw that same interview and Charlamagne didnt say shit!

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