Rick Ross Labels LeBron James "The Greatest" Despite Latest NBA Finals Defeat

The San Antonio Spurs defeated the Miami Heat in the 2014 NBA Finals.

Rick Ross says that he holds NBA player LeBron James in high regard.

"Lebron the greatest,” the Miami rapper tweeted yesterday (June 15) about James, who plays for the Miami Heat.

The Heat were defeated by the San Antonio Spurs 104-87 yesterday, ending the 2014 NBA Finals. The Spurs won the seven-game series 4-1.

James led the Heat to the 2012 and 2013 NBA Championships.

The Heat and James lost the 2011 Championship to the Dallas Mavericks.

James played for the Cleveland Cavaliers during the 2006-2007 NBA Season and lost the 2007 NBA Championship to the Spurs.

Last week, both DJ Khaled and Lil Wayne said that the Heat would win the 2014 NBA Championship.

Rick Ross's tweet from yesterday is as follows:

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  • Botto

    wait --the dude that got balled up by a role player on the biggest stage? Lebron -greatest player since 2010.

  • Lebron cheated

    Yea, The dude who left his team to join another elite player with a championship team and play with another elite big man is the greatest????

  • Anonymous

    playing with friends doesn't mean automatic championships. its pretty much cheating and manslaughter...and a lack of one's confidence. Im happy the Heat are exposed, they been cheating the last few years.

  • Anonymous

    'look at the scoreboard, we winning' .... phat boy is full of memories. lebron in 2-3 in Finals....not the greatest. keep it moving. if anything he is the flashiest biggest showoff, that doesnt promote team work. He had a better team in Cleveland.

    • Anonymous

      Name another star player on that Cavs team that last year. The past two seasons Miami had Wade, Bosh, Allen, and plenty of quality off the bench players. They won 2 titles in a row, and simply looked tired this time around. It's not earth shattering that they lost.

  • Chi-Ill

    Just HHDX trying to get comments.

  • untouchpuertorocNYC

    The greatest in this era, maybe: Championships: Jordan 6 - 0 Lebron 2 - 3 MVP: Jordan 6 Lebron 5 Finals MVP: Jordan 6 Lebron 2

    • Anonymous

      MJ had help.

    • Anonymous

      Kobe is better than Lebron. end of discussion.

    • Anonymous

      Ross used to play football. He went to college to play and study criminal justice with hopes of being a cop before he flunked out and became a toy cop.

    • Chi-Ill

      Lets not even mention that MJ left the court in between Three-Peat runs. This chump is no where near Jordan! And that fat fuck Rick Ross never played a sport in his life unless you want to consider Pie-Eating contest. Ross calling James the greatest has no credibility!

  • Lil Wop

    Lebron is the single greatest basketball player on this planet. The Spurs are the best team. Wade was 4-12 in game 5. It's over for the Heat but Lebron is still the greatest. Only Kawhi Leonard can debate that HA!

  • Tim Duncan

    I wish he would say that to me.

  • BP

    a motherfucking article on a three-word tweet from a rapper who ain't even interesting what the fuck DX

  • jerryc

    teamed up with several hall of famers and has had to make it through the incredibly tough east year after year!! Should've lost last year but had a miracle for himshould have one fuckin title despite teaming up with two other stars in an abysmal conference

  • Irfan

    Did this really need an article? C'mon man. Smh.

  • John Dew

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  • Anonymous

    y'all should be ashamed of yourselves with is "article"

  • Anonymous

    Another bandwagoner... if Lebron didnt go to Miami he wouldn't be saying this.

  • Anonymous

    I feel like DJ Khaled lost even harder than the Heat did. Fuck nigga talkin bout the streets saying they cheated. LOL what you know about the streets you from the desert!

  • Mushton

    Just disappear already Officer Ricky, take young thug, chance , and French Montana with you

  • Beaverton

    Annnnnnd this is how you make a tweet into a full fucking post. Jesus Christ. Soren Baker is a wad.

  • Anonymous

    I still think MJ is thd Goat but Bron is the greatest of this era and might surpass MJ when its all said and done. Bron needs to go to the Clippers tho thd Heat are done.

  • Zoey Elizabeth Perlman

    RAPPERS THAT NEED 2 DIE: Hopsin chance childish Wayne drake thug Tyler earl iggy riff raff wack miller wackemore eminem future all chitown trap rappers problem Rick Ross Kendrick soul schoolgirl rashad mgkunt Joey fake bad azz ASAP f4gs all of them ALL WHITE RAPPERS not from ghettos. RAPPERS NEEDING PRAISE, REAL OG'S: Ice cube wc daz Dillinger soopafly rbx Goldie loc tray Deee king t Xzibit slim the mobster Mac lucci kurupt Kokane suga free trick daddy too short e40 b legit c Bo celly cel scarface bun b lady of rage snow Tha product NOTE: There are fewer who put out REAL authentic GOOD. Fuck the uncle toms

  • dakuty

    Is this really news worthy? OMG Rick Ross said "Lebron the greatest." I mean seriously HHDX, really?

  • Anonymous

    Both rep MIA, he's holding down his nigga.

  • world dominator

    Coming from William 'Officer Ricky - the Fake Rick Ross' Roberts - THE BIGGEST FRAUD IN HIP HOP HISTORY that means absolutely nothing! Like another fat blowhard DR. KHALID declaring 'Miami the Winner'! GTFOH!!!!! Like the current state of 'hip hop stars' MIAMI HEAT are LOSERS! F*CK the Fake ROSS & ANYTHING he says! PUNK AZZ B*TCH!

  • Rozay O'Donnell

    As Ross' touring manager and MMG's personal attorney, we feel that Mr James and the entire Miami Heat were robbed of their chance to claim ultimate victory. DJ Khaled has informed me that the streets informed him that the Spurs cheated and we are currently investigating the matter, and if that is the case, we will take legal action against the Spurns and take them to court. We will demand that the championship be revoked, thus making the Heat the winners by default. In the meantime, Maybach Music Group wishes LeBron James the best of luck and will continue to support him in the coming years to follow. As for right now, we are now celebrating his best efforts on Ross' private jet drinking champagne, smoking the finest Cuban cigars, and also mingling with the finest and most loveliest women on the planet. This is how true masterminds celebrate life by planning ahead #bawse

    • world dominator

      F*ck MAYCOCK Music & you liars & real cheaters that took a REAL STREET ICONS name & likeness & aligned it with a C.O. punk azz cop & NEVER acknowledged the MAN you STOLE his street cred & legendary street tales from! You send William 'Officer Ricky-Fake Rick Ross' Roberts & that sand nicca Fatboy Khaled & drink rat poison! Any slore that would spread for those walruses is NO PRIZE! F*CK you & all those meek 'rappers', & other IDIOTS that are gettin' jerked & jacked by Officer Ricky!

    • Anonymous

      Guess you forgot how the Spurs murdered the Heat three games in a row? I don't know any other team that has done that during their Big 3 era.

    • Anonymous

      u got too much time on ur hands fuckboy

  • Frosty

    How is he the greatest? WTF is in the drinking water in Miami? So glad the Spurs crushed the Heat.

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