Dilated Peoples "Directors Of Photography" Release Date, Cover Art, Tracklist & Album Stream

UPDATE #2: The stream of Dilated Peoples' "Directors Of Photography" is now available.

Rhymesayers Entertainment and Dilated Peoples have announced the release date for Directors Of Photographythe group's debut album on the imprint, set to be released August 12, 2014.  

This is the group's fifth album overall, following 2000's The Platform, 2001's Expansion Team, 2004's Neighborhood Watch, and 2006's 20/20. 

Dilated Peoples spoke with HipHopDX about the album in October 2013

"In this process, not that much has changed," DJ Babu said at the time to HipHopDX. "You'd be surprised how easily you fall back into your roles and understand where you fit in with each other. Being in the studio is definitely something that we love and something that we would probably do whether we had a Dilated album to work on or not. We're like studio rats. Ev was definitely producing the shit out of this record. All of us, but Ev was really striving for a sound. We still are striving for a particular cohesive sound that we're trying to get. Things have changed since we've been around, but we're trying to walk a fine line between keeping it classic and pushing it forward...We've spent a lot of time sharpening our swords and I feel like Ev's been leading us in that direction, to really try new things while still being us."

Rakaa Iriscience added to this:

"We've never stopped working together," Rakaa Iriscience said at the time. "We worked on each other's projects. We still tour around the world year-round, doing festivals and mini-tours all year. Even though we don't do a lot of stuff out here in the States and there hasn't been an album campaign, we still tour. So, the live chemistry and the working chemistry is there. But as far as the creative direction of what we're trying to say and how we're trying to say it, it's been many years of working on solo projects, so like anything else, you kind of have to figure out where the lines are and maintain your inspiration through the that. That's been a balancing act in itself, but I think some really dope material has come out of our ability to do that."

Evidence also spoke about the effort at the time, explaining the group's dynamics.

"I don't think it's friendship," Evidence said at the time. "I think it's family at this point. Friends do friend shit, but we do more family shit. So, it's like, so many years and so much history, it's basically like part of your DNA. It's a code that becomes written into you. What we do on stage as the three of us, or what we do in the studio, it's been a longtime coming. So, yeah, there's definitely a lot of things that didn't happen overnight that jelled over time, but there was also a lot of youth in our beginning shit. So, a lot of the mistakes were great because of innocence that was behind it. There's a difference between being young and inexperienced and being skilled and wise. We're trying to take those energies and put it in the middle." 

Dilated's Directors Of Photography cover art, shot by Brian "B+" Cross is below.

(June 16, 2014)

UPDATE: Dilated Peoples have released the tracklist for Directors Of Photography. 

1) Intro
2) Directors
3) Cut My Teeth
4) Defari Interlude
5) The Dark Room feat. Vince Staples
6) Good As Gone
7) Show Me The Way feat. Aloe Blacc
8) Figure It Out (Melvins Theme)
9) Let Your Thoughts Fly Away
10) Century Of The Self feat. Catero
11) @mrevidence Interlude
12) The Reversal
13) Opinions May Vary feat. Gangrene
14) Trouble
15) L.A. River Drive feat. Sick Jacken
16) The Bigger Picture feat. Krondon

(June 18, 2014)

UPDATE #2: The stream of Dilated Peoples' Directors Of Photography is now available via Pandora.

Listen to the album here.

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  • Black Dynamite's Afro

    The link keeps taking me to Tank's new album....wtf? Lol

  • da1

    idk why the all seeing eye on here but whatever

  • iron lungs

    this is their best project to date. very very dope beats. dope rhymes... and of course dope cuts by babu. what more do yall want?

  • Pittsburgh Pete

    This is so wack, every song they are rapping about nothing, and how old are these rappers, must be an average age of about 45 years old. I swear the rap game is overrun with these old ass washed up has-beens that should be in retirement homes now. The only old guy rapper I respect is Dr Dre because he knew he was too old for this shit and left the rap game to sell headphones. All these other old rappers can burn in hell, there's no way you can be over 30 years old and still talking about selling drugs and cruising the block, no one believes you anymore.

    • Shittsburgh Pete

      Pittsburgh Pete is either a troll or very uneducated about hip hop. Dre is a producer and not a rapper (he's never written his own rhymes) and he's probably never really listened to a Dialated track or for that matter any rapper who's not in radio rotation. Pete's a reminder of how rap fans are the only "fans" that don't respect the pioneers of the genre. 45 or 15, if you can rap you can rap. Not your type of rap? Fine....stick to BET/MTV and daytime radio where you get to hear the same 6-7 songs all day. Plus, Pittsburgh's sports teams suck.

    • Lol

      Dr Dre ain't even a rapper he's a producer he don't write his own raps. Ice cube, snoop, jay z, nas, Royce 5 9 and eminem write all of dr dre best verses

    • Anonymous

      @pittsburgh_pete you obviously have never listened to Dilated. because they dont even rap about that type of subject matter. oh and Dre is one of the shittist rappers ive ever listened to. thats why he is a producer. dumbass

    • Anonymous

      Its niggas like french montana and fans like you is whats killing hip hop. 16 or 60 if your dope your wack deal with it. Dont try to defend the wack niggas you listen to by bashing others about their age. All these "lil" and "young" ( niggas cant be creative with names) suck face it. th

  • Anonymous

    This niggas represent everything I hate about backpack rap

  • PAhiphopFAN

    Welcome Back!! or, should I say, BACK AGAIN?!!

  • Anonymous

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  • Doubl Negative

    Favourite Director of Photography? Robert Richardson.

  • Its Um

    I'll be waiting to hear what they have.

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