J. Cole "Dollar & A Dream Tour" 2014 "The Warm Up" Show Dates

J. Cole announces the return of his "Dollar & A Dream Tour."

J. Cole has announced the 2014 Dollar & A Dream Tour.

J. Cole is slated to perform tracks off The Warm Up exclusively on this run as it is the project's five-year anniversary.

The mixtape, which is streaming on HipHopDX, was released in 2009. 

Cole spoke about the project and how it compares with The Come Up during a 2010 interview with HipHopDX

“I think The Come Up was way more raw [than The Warm Up]," Cole said at the time. "It’s raw, just straight rappin'. I am just trying to prove I can really rap with anybody. I can hang with anybody. I was trying to keep up with the [Lil] Waynes and all that at that time. And then The Warm Up was more so me trying to show that I can put together an album and a body of work, something with songs, and a concept, and it flows, and a sequence that tells a story. So that’s more like what The Warm Up was about. I think my style was more represented with The Warm Up. That’s my style now." 

To listen to J. Cole's The Warm Up, click here

07/03 - London, UK 

7/15 - New York, NY 

07/17 - Miami, FL

07/19 - Raleigh, NC

07/21 - Chicago, IL

07/23 - Los Angeles, CA

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  • Anonymous


  • c

    all this nigga does is tour drop some fukin music and stop playin lasy years shit wtf ????

    • Aaa

      He gets paid to tour C J.cole is making six figures a night being on tour man forbes listed j.cole as a cash Prince on there 30 under 30 list of rappers bringing in the paper he along with Kendrick Lamar, and Drake are the ones doing it and getting dough right now under age 30 u can't beat that besides I know j.cole probably got something new HE BEEN working on he's the head of a record label now like jay-z is to ROC NATION so come on C i don't think he's being lazy when he already got a ARTIST signed to his dreamville label and that artist BAS already put out a album this year if u ask me j.cole is just getting started he's just putting his name out there and he will more than likely surprise his fans with his third new album when they least expect it u never know could be this year or early next year when he drops his new music so sit back and see what he got planned for now LOL

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