50 Cent Poses With G-Unit, Confirms "New Music Coming This Week"

50 Cent takes pictures with G-Unit and promotes his Starz series, "Power."

50 Cent and G-Unit performed at a New York Mets game yesterday (June 14). The emcee then posted images of himself with G-unit members on Instagram. The images were accompanied by a promise regarding new material. 

"New music coming this week," 50 Cent said in the post, which also included a promotion for his Starz series, Power. "check out episode2 #power." 

Further emphasizing the camaraderie of the once-feuding G-Unit crew, 50 Cent also posted an image to confirm the group's solidarity. 

"This is the UNIT the homie Jeremih rock with use tonight. #smsaudio #power is on catch ep2," 50 said in an Instagram caption. 

The images are available below. 

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  • Anonymous

    Banks looks like he's been away from hip hop for the past 10 years.

  • POPE

    50 poses with g-unit.. i mean they've been together since summer jam doing that so...

  • Anonymous

    these dudes are like expired milk

  • Jfury

    Everybody bigging up 50, then he drop a project and niggaz dont get the coppin his shit.

  • RealTalk

    If 50s new music is anything to go by, and it probably is, this will be trash because he will choose the beats. Let Buck or even Banks do it 50.

  • Anonymous

    50 and G-unit should make a large donation to Bi-Polar research.. That would be the best subliminal diss at Gayme anyone could come up with..

    • Anonymous

      that was his plan? you probably the same dude who said he threw that pitch off on purpose as well. smh. 50 fans..................

    • Anonymous

      that was obviously his plan all along though. Game has no logic behind his flip flopping ass... he just put out a new song today and hes giving 50 props again, lol sounds like he wants back in

    • Anonymous

      like 50 isn't bipolar? shits on everyone then reunites the group. smh.

  • Anonymous

    Ferrari f50,boo boo,curtis,fitty,the general

  • Anonymous


  • Got Rich & Stopped Tryin'

    50 da Gawd finna save rap music again

  • nigga slim

    Damn Im glad these niggas back. These swag-faggot ass niggas was cripplin rap....

  • Jprince898

    HELL YEA! Real street niggas is fuckin with the unit...fuck all these wack "turn up" weirdo rappers...glad to see these niggas back together

  • Anonymous

    these niggas is mad corny, now they all love love come on

    • uncle tom

      Im beginning to think it was an all publicity thing like that mobb deep shit was. It just doesnt make any sense

  • Anonymous

    can't see how you supposedly 40 with kids but riding for some rapper who doesn't speak on his own seeds and you take up more for MMG artists than your life, you out here looking worse than these w!ggers son


    Intro:"Yo Sludge!" "What up homie?" "Going hard young playa!" Sludge verse 1: We keep it like 24 7. If your ass front then you gettin sent to heaven. Or maybe hell if you've been a bad boy! either freakkin way you gonna get destroyed. Rule number one don't play wit my grip. rule number 2, number 2 I take a shit. rules don't apply to playa like me. You will get slapped to the worst degree. Chorus(Sung by murpy): Poopy butt farts dont play around, play around, play around! (repeatx3) To hear skid and murpy's verse's go ahead and buy the album! Peace Ya'll!!!


    If Game was back in G-Unit the hype in the rap game over these dudes would be unreal, nowhere near the '05 hype though

    • Anonymous

      he shat on them, then when it suited him gave them a call again. look past your man crush and see reality fool.

    • Anonymous

      "Yeah,like what 50 did to most of g-Unit?" What? make them famous multi- platinum artist? GTFOH, hater....

    • 50 Stans...

      Unloyal? Yeah, like what 50 did to most g-unit? 50 stans the worst. Their perspective on 50 and his situations are fanciful.

    • Anonymous

      game is too shady and unloyal aint no telling what he would do or say to fuck up the gunit wave. im glad hes not with gunit now

  • Anonymous

    Troy Ave is better than Kidd Kidd

    • Anonymous

      kidd kidd last 2 songs, video and new song both this week are better really good. way better than that weak ass song troy got with banks... pussy shit. tattoos over my bullet wounds is one of them,.

    • Will $teel

      errbody better than Kidd Kidd that dont mean shit

  • Anonymous

    Fuck this Munkee, if you want some real music then listen to Troy Ave.

  • prez

    kidd kidd sounds like a bitch whining on her period FOH

  • Anonymous

    internet genius knows nobody's paying attention while not noticing their punk ass is

  • Lance

    gunits fans are happy non gunit fans aren't botherd but the non bothered majority are still watchin...gunit good lyrics with dark humour there not the most lyrical (except banks) but their good at what they do that's gangster rap..the overall gunit movement - 8/10....so for me welcome back

  • Anonymous

    Banks looks like one of those wax museum people.

  • Anonymous

    WHo cares, we want Dipset back!

  • XDropBOMBSLikeNagasaki

    90's born white boys killing me dog! Them and select past generation whites too. Why you praise eminem like he a god or some shit, worst offenders when they stack him up against Pac. I ain't the biggest Pac fan but dude don't got nothing in common with that wack white boy. White boys talking bout "there was nothing intricate or lack of wordplay in Pacs music" fags, Pac was in the booth to drop smooth sounding life lessons shit, descrimination awareness shit, you know political. Remember wack Em tried that rout, shit sounded so corny and fake, but I understand, white people like to kill their family(been documented) do you relate to his trash. Another thing, when real ones is on the mic, white boys like "these dudes having a midlife crisis" sheltered fucks ain't EVER been to know hood, or inner city for that case, motherfucking grandpas is still kakied up and creased, chucks or biscuits. Yet eminem old 40 plus ass self get a pass, still talking bout killing dogs cats, moms, stupid shit, see that shit don't add up.

    • eminem fans=icp juggalos

      like he said, what y'all down others for you say nothing when your hero does it

    • Anonymous

      fuck are you even talking about loser this article has nothing to do with em and no one is comparing him to pac here.... go outside

  • Anonymous

    i know its killing a few of these 50 haters to see banks, buck, yayo and 50 all smiling together making hot music again

    • Anonymous

      some of those songs were years old and a few of those videos were terrible! one was just 50 in a suit in front of a green screen. another was him and joe standing on a building for the power theme song.

    • Anonymous

      how he spent millions? videos done by a man who owns a movie studio is proof? lol what a sad sack o' sh-t you are

    • Anonymous

      Nigga spent millions on that wack album I doubt he ever breaks even on that horrible investment, all those damn videos and only did 40K.

    • Anonymous

      some people hate to see black men put their past differences aside and come together to get this money.

    • Anonymous

      The sheer amount of joy on a G Unit Wiggers face is enough to make even the most ferocious G Unit hater melt and shed a tear or two.

  • Anonymous

    washed up 50 reunited g-unit cause he ain't sellin no more but the truth is only a few people give a fuck bout them

    • Anonymous

      you faggots running over 50's dick is really somethin !

    • Anonymous

      you know that 40k got him paid? he just has a distribution deal he made over a qtr of a million dollars in 7 days

    • Buck Shotz

      tell us about the time he fucked your bitch you turned into a female...

    • Anonymous

      50 went Indie and flopped so bad he only sold 40K after a major promo run, publicity stunts, and a video for every song. JayZ can still make hits and stay making more lucrative business moves while running a succesful label which 50 can't do.

    • Anonymous

      The truth is nobody gives a fuck bout you

    • static

      washed up he just drop the label and went independent and sold 40k in one week on his own. plus tour money and he dont need it he loves making music and doesnt need the money he just like jayz. but jayz more corporate and owns label 50 will do same shit and expand... if you dont like 50 just dont pay attention but you obviously do..

    • Anonymous

      u mad or nah?

  • TRE

    Yayo always in the back lol

  • Anonymous

    where is Troy Ave at?

    • Anonymous

      50 Cent at his lowest point of his career > Troy Ave at his best.

    • Anonymous

      how can troy ave be better than the nigga he based his whole style off of?

    • Ballas

      Troy Ave is a million times better than 5-0. Fuck the haters!

    • Anonymous

      "TROY AVE IS PUSSY why would he be there if he on a g unit diss track with slow bucks called 0 to 300! When nobody would be listening if banks didn't hop on his track." I think you're confused. Trav is the one on that diss track. All Troy said was he thought 50 calling Yayo and Banks his hypemen was wack and they all blew him off at Summer Jam and made him look dumb!

    • Anonymous

      He doesn't belong there, that's why he's somewhere else.

    • Anonymous

      TROY AVE IS PUSSY why would he be there if he on a g unit diss track with slow bucks called 0 to 300! When nobody would be listening if banks didn't hop on his track.

  • Mr. Cynical

    That's heartwarming.

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