Nas Reportedly Not Your Old Droog

Complex publishes an article about why Nas is not Your Old Droog while some, including Apathy, speculate about the similarities, comparisons.

When rapper Your Old Droog released an eponymous project recently, many speculated that it was Nas' alter ego with the pitch altered. Some, have reworked the pitch on songs to try to try to prove that Your Old Droog is actually Nas. 

Apathy recently commented on the similarities he hears between Your Old Droog and Nas. "I refuse to believe Your Old Droog is not Nas. This dude is flawless. Sounds like Nas pitched down," Apathy said on Twitter. 

However, some have spoken out about this amid the speculation. Nahright has confirmed that Your Old Droog is not Nas in a Twitter post, saying that the site's Twitter account runner has met Your Old Droog. Complex's Dharmic X has also written a piece about his encounters with Your Old Droog. Dharmic X calls the notion of Droog being Nas "plausible," but denies its validity. "The reality is that Droog is not Nas," he writes. "I know this because I have met him." 

Your Old Droog's Twitter account has one post, which was made June 3. The account is following eight people and has 391 followers at press time. 

Nas has not commented on this publicly.

Nas recently announced his label, Mass Appeal, which is also a publication. The publication's Twitter account posted the following on the similarities between Nas and Your Old Droog: "Is @YourOldDroog actually @Nas? We've been sworn to secrecy. Listen to his new EP and decide for yourself." 

Droog's EP is below, following the pitch-altered version of "Gunsmoke Cologne." 


The EP stream available via Impose Magazine

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    Those of you that dont think this is NAS yall havent heard enough NAS. Go grab all his albums and do your homework. Only nasty NAS could do this..

  • Anonymous

    dont care how you change the pitch this sounds just like a white dude, aint sound like nas if you listen enough

  • gala


  • your new droog

    i don't know much but i know nas and this is my old droog, nas.

  • fehrm

    So let me get this clear, on the track "Nutty Bars" Your Old Droog spits the line, "PBS throwing my special on, sometimes I watch my special to feel special" he's referring to HIS special with Tavis Smiley, not the one Nas had a couple months back? sounds legit.

  • Jerrad

    This nigga sound like Nas, Game and Jay elect. That's what I hear.

  • rayzorsharp

    Its more than 1 person


    wow....sheep sheep sheep one article on and now that is your poof? lol a russian rapper that some unknown said he met? really? and that could be a pic of anybody? wow ya'll believe anything just shut up and listen its Nas!!!!!!! any real fan would know that lol smh at the so called HipHop fans how u let Nas trick you so easy

    • Naw bro

      The funny part is its really not nas, i dont need complex to tell me this because i already know its not, dudes been around for a lot longer than this nas hoax. Theres more than one site with more than one picture and video of him, every time i post a link they gake it down, but do some research adn youll find him, but a lot of his old shit has been taken down and i dont think its a coincedence. Hes gone by the names grandma on drums (GOD) and imaginary droog. Look up dj skizz feat. Imaginary droog - rhyme strange. Shows his picture white guy with a beard. On that track (from 2013 way before all this madness) he talks about keeping his beard shaped up when have u ever seen nas with a beard?Not now not 2013 not ever. Droog has been making songs since at least 2009 u guys just never heard of him tell now

  • More proof for yall biyiyiyitches Grandma on drums aka imaginary droog aka your old droog aka not nas

  • Hes not nas

    Hes been around since at least 2009 he was called grandma on drums (GOD) and imaginary droog. Its a game hes playin yall. U guys r fallin for the trap and im lovin every minute of it. He was on multiple social media as grandma on drums with pictures and videos. It recently all got tooken down, coincedence? All u guys claiming to be real hip hop heads and real nas fans need to stop. If your real deep rooted in NY underground hip hop last 5 years or so uve heard of this dude. Then again Most of the real heads proly aint even on this site. He had a whole channel on youtube called grandma on drums with vid of him spitting and making beats hes nice but def sounds like nas always has but hes not him. This dude dissed him and called him out on his whole style being bit Shows pictures of his family (white people) the droog is a white dude from suburban ny

  • Lol

    U guys only think its nas becuase the internet said hes nas before u even heard it u proly wouldnt even think he sounds like nas if u heard it with no back story, i played it for someone who hadnt heard the backstory and asked who he sounds like they said a mix of game and raekwon, i was like what about nas u think he sounds like nas then hes like oh yeah he does

  • Proof

    U want proof heres proof Pictures and videos of droog and hes on youtube

  • Anonymous

    If this isn't Nas then this dude needs to own up and show his face so we can ostracize him from hip hop forever. That kind of blatant emulation is unacceptable in this genre. You could even hear Action Bronson come into his own on his debut, once you got past the voice similarity. This would be pure copycat shit and get no respect from anyone. Nas until proven otherwise.

  • Joe Dirt from Lanc Lanc

    I can't believe it's not butter!

  • harricane

    Nah, this isnt Nas, abit dissapointed, I thought Nas was going back to his old shit lol though this white boy is insane lyrical.. but it doesnt matter how skilled you are, if you sound like somebody else whos already famous.. you will never blow Blac Haze = pac Guerilla Black - biggie action bronson = raekwon and plenty more,,, this guy needs to create his own sound

  • Flame

    Droog means friend in russian for those that don't know. Your Old Friend.

  • Flame

    The PBS reference on Nutty Bars gives it away. Nas just had a special on The Charley Rose Show on PBS. And any Nas fan from the jump can identify his flow easy. GTFOH

    • Nope

      Fail, your both wrong (flame and anon) this is not nas if it is im highly disapointed. Droog is good, nas is one of the best his flow is way more complex and lyrical this dude sounds like a half assed nas like a 2004-2008 nas we dont need any more of that streets disciple hip hop is dead the n garbage!

    • Anonymous

      He's right, that line is a dead giveaway. Your response was marginally humorous. I award you one laugh. Ha.

    • Water

      If your a real nas fan and u really think this is nas u need to slap urself in the face right now! Then go in the bathroom get some baby powder and slap your damn self again! Two times! Water beats flame everytime

  • drake runs rap

    no drake news no fucks given.

  • Hidden By Leaves

    No emcee this talented would waste his time flawlessly imitating a legend. He would do him. This is indeed Nasir Jones and this project has Daniel Dumile's fingerprints all over it...

  • Steelycity

    There is no way this is the voice of a white man!

    • Brick city

      It most certainly is, U fail sir, u racist simple minded fool, u dont deserve to be a nas fan, return all his cds now u bum

  • Steelycity

    This is 100% Nas. That white dude in the video LIP SYNCING over a track is proof? Dudes freestyles never once showed his face. Why doesn't this kid come forward if he isn't really Nas? 50k downloads of a free CD eh? lol

    • Lol

      If hiphopdx knows its nas then y is the article title say the exact opposite smart guy

    • Its seriously not nas

      Dude talks about keeping his beard shaped up, when has nas ever had a beard? Never! Y doesnt drrog use the n word? Because hes white! Notice how droog is a russian word RUSSIAN, the droog is of russian ancestry and hes white! Hes not nas just a nas wannabe hes been in battles and got called out for it by this dude on youtube G8ABAK

    • U mad bro?

      Ehhhhhhh fail ur wrong dude, its not nas, and there deleting all my comments that prove its not so ur comment delete theory is way off base, do urself a favor before they delete this comment again look up dj skizz feat. Imaginary droog - rhyme strange. Look and listen closely

    • WolfEater

      Your not a wolf....Your Just stupid Its Nas u fuckin DUMB ASSSS!!!!! Listen to the fucking Lyrics, listen to the flow, style, references , and yea im sure there was vids that use to be posted, but how do you that wasnt Nas either? Dumb ASSS How do u know he hasnt started on trolling people a yr ago as a fresh new upcoming artist just to inspire himself again among blogs and just getting that feeling again???? its Nas plain and simple then u gonna say u met him?? really?? lol ohh wait no the guy on complex met him? yea and i met Tupac in Cuba he say she say is so easy these day Dumb ass Sheep the pic posted on complex can be anybody DUh!!! and the fact that HipHopdx has deleted my other messages exposes the fact that they know its Nas too.... Just listen to voice, delivery , lyrics, choice of Beats..... i mean damnnnnnn he couldnt have made it anymore obvious!!! lol Fake asss Nas fans couldnt prob tell the difference between Cormega and Az lol

    • Wolf

      Ur actually the sheep, your the fool being tricked with the wool pulled over your eyes. Its not nas. Im not going by complex. Im going by facts. He had a youtube channel and other social media with the names grandma on drums and imaginary droog with videos and pictures but it all recently got taken down when this hoax started. Im not lying. I gain nothing from lying to u about this i dont even know u. Im just trying to spread the truth and dispel the rumors. I know nas. I know hip hop. I know the droog. And i hate to have to take it here but u notice droog never uses the n word. 11 plus songs no n words. Nas cant get thru a whole album without the n word, he actually made a whole album called the n word. Nas cant talk or rap without the n word im not knocking him for it hes from the hood thats just how he talks.

    • polofr3sh

      wow....sheep sheep sheep one article on and now that is your poof? lol a russian rapper that some unknown said he met? really? and that could be a pic of anybody? wow ya'll believe anything just shut up and listen its Nas!!!! any real fan would know that lol smh at the so called HipHop fans how u let Nas trick you so easy

    • Hes not famous

      Every underground rapper doesnt have there face on every web site. That being said has pictures and video of the droog

    • Naw u got it twisted ho

      The hoax is that it is nas, and your the fuckboy, fuckboy. Asking me for proof theres no proof that it IS nas just comparisons and heresay

    • Steelcity

      No you haven't you liar! There are NO videos with Droog rapping. No one has any pictures of him. IF he raps in shows someone would have a recording. NO social media? Come ON man!

    • Anonymous

      Until solid proof surfaces that this "imaginary" (get it?) Droog exists, then fuckboys like you are just part of the hoax that this isn't NaS. Nas until proven otherwise. Not heresay, actual PROOF.

    • It's not nas

      The droogs a white guy from brooklyn, use to be imaginary droog he's had other names too he makes beats and hangs around Coney Island and local rap shows and freestyles, Idk what lip syncing video u speak of, I know him the real person, talked to him shook his hand heard him and seen him rap in person, it's just his voice and style get over it, u never heard a rapper sound like another rapper ever, wake up kid

  • Anonymous

    russian, irish, white nas stan, y'all still ain't gonna support him especially when his music is like nas' and y'all have a 1000 problems with nas' music if it was just about the music, bronson would be up there and the #1 song would be a foreign song, so y'all keep going trying to one up each other over who has the clue to solve the mystery

  • Its Um

    yeah it's not Nas, he got his flow tho.

  • Anonymous

    All the fools that say they've seen the dude and hes a "heavy-set russian dude" was he rapping or at least talking? Is there a video of him spitting? This is fucking nas all day..You really think some no name dude would bust out the gates and get this much buzz?

  • Anonymous

    Name a rapper that I ain't influence

  • None

    This is Nas. Content. Flow. Delivery. Slang (Goons, Buicks, Queens and NYC references). Even mentioning his divorce etc. Straight Fire. GOAT.

  • dazeone

    Dope comercial beats but this is what the game needs but put him on a madlib or jake one beat but overall dope

  • Stereotype75

    top 5 most consistent rappers 1. Nas/Your Old Droog 2. Pharoahe Monch 3. Common 4. Ras Kass 5. Immortal Technique... What about E40, Planet Asia,Talib Kweli, Bun B man fuck a top 5.... this definely Nas ... COUNT YOUR PENNIES.. THEN START A SMALL BUSINESS.. FUCK THEY JOBS/SCHOOLS...

    • Naw ur wrong dude

      How do people still think this is nas its been exposed for a few days now that hes not, nas himself said its not him. Theres videos and pictures of the guy on the internet hes a heavy set white guy with a chin strap, NOT NAS!

  • SnOoP DpG

    33 yr old white guy from IRELAND listening to hip hop since '96!!! Close your fuckin eyes you Dummy's, open your ears and fuckin LISTEN... This is the one and only NaS!!!!!!!!!!!! First time EVER commenting on one of these bitch ass sites full of trolls. Felt compelled to. PURE FIRE!!!! LOVE IT... "It ain't hard to tell, I excel then prevail The mic is contacted, I attract clientele My mic check is life or death, breathing a sniper's breath..............."

    • Yacoubian Ass Muhfucka

      This is how I know white people don't know shit about Hip-Hop. If you really believe this is Nas, kill yourself.

    • Qb finest

      29 year old white guy from planet earth listening to hip hop since 1985 (my whole life) THIS AINT NAS, ive seen the guy he looks white, spanish, or mixed andnothing like nas but does sound a lot like him. U guys act like uve never heard a rapper sound like another rapper, remember back in the late 90s early 2000s there was a million rappers that sounded like a jay z clone, jim jones even had a no name one on some dip set mixtapes that people swore was jay z but it wasnt, people say i sound like snoop or andre from outkast but im not tryna sound like anyone but me, people have similar sounding voices and flows, get over it, every rapper now sounds like lil wayne or t pain, drake, big sean, j cole they all sound the same

    • U fail sir!

      U just made urself look like an idiot. Evryone calm down, its not nas. Dont believe me check this out or go to google images and search your old droog, hes clearly not nas and hes not black, myatery solved. YOURE ALL WELCOME!

  • Anonymous

    Nas should always use this kind of dope beats.

  • Anonymous

    just listen to 'nutty bars', nas isn't even bothering to switch up his usual vocab or style...

  • The_Observer

    The musical version of Nas...this can't be Nas...Nas his whole life has never been this good with the beats

    • Anonymous


  • DavidDanielz

    Regardless! Real HipHop!!!

  • Anonymous

    not nas at all. Nas doesn't use "LIKE" similes much

    • ^^even stupider comment

      Ur either a troll or an idiot either way ur too stupid to be a nas fan. He uses like similes all the time not just one song the hook from nas is like is made up of "like similes" from old songs, since illmatic it was wriitien i am nastradamus

    • Anonymous

      ^^ stupid comment that's one song in his whole career

    • Negro Please

      Ever heard a track called "Nas IS Like"??? Uze a fool.

  • Hidden By Leaves

    NaS, your are the fucking man for this, thank you brother.

  • MD

    check out my freestyle

    • Damn

      That was possibly the worst freestyle ive ever heard in my entire life, even worse than 2 chainz on funk flex

  • Cold Steel

    Someone said he's a I doubt that because he mentions in one line. In any case very refreshing flows.

  • Anonymous

    It's not Nas it's this guy... Your welcome, dumbasses!

  • dave

    You guys are retards. It's obviously not Nas, but stay pushing this tired story if that's all you got.

  • njknhjkhnjk

    what the fuck?? Nas is my fav emcee and I'm confused as fuck bout this but idc, he sounds and flows enough like Nas that ima DL this niggas shit and bump it. Sounds enough like Nas for me to label him as Nas in my iTunes

  • Idk

    I dont think its nas, nas is like way more lyrical on his worst day. That being said dude is nice and kills a lot of shit out now. But it is kind of odd that hes signed to nas's new label and his voice sounds like theres some type of an effect being used idk maybe im trippin

  • Anonymous

    dope but sounds wayyy to much like nas, flow and vocally

  • nnj

    its me havin fun man damn!!!!...fuk these labels...tryna box me in...not doin another life is good...oh n btw how come i got no grammy!!!! 16 noms tho!!!

  • D-Train

    Dude is Raw as hell this aint Nas cuz Nas has never rapped over such raw beats before. Nas is a pop cat since Illmatic, so why would go back and do this now ???? We want NAS to sound like this, this cat is hungry as hell with raw beats to match !!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      like you've heard every single song nas has ever recorded, lol you the clown I've been talking about when nas do it he outta touch, when nas switch up he pop, when someone else come in with nas style you'll touch your tonsils with it and as soon as they don't drop an illmatic you'll "unfriend" and change your status

    • Anonymous

      nah dude is a nerd that studied Nas style. he sounds exactly like him. thats a clone my man

  • Anonymous

    Ive been listenin to Nas since birth... Dude sounds nothing like Nas and hes no where near Nas lyrically.

  • ofay watcher

    'dont fuck with edomites'. im feeling this nigga's direction

    • Get a clue

      Its entenmann's not Edomites. Use ur ears ans brain when u listen to this, the track is called nutty bars, hes talking about smashing lil debbie and bagging hostess

  • Anonymous

    yea is that impossible? cant you speak without saying nigga? cause I can Eminem can


    Just because he sounds like Nas you clown niggas are convinced that is him. YOD is a Russian MC from Brooklyn so he's obviously gonna talk to the same dialect but this is 100% unique material. I don't hear Nas in this man because he's not at that level yet. He needs a few more albums.

  • ofay watcher

    the title had me confused as fuck

  • Anonymous

    So Nas made an album and didn't use the word nigga once?

  • your name

    Still{matic} gave me play leeway allowed me to save my best for a rainy day ill as nas and better

  • your name

    NAS?DOOM as Metal Fingaz maybe illmatic companion piece but I gotta say it nas and if proved this is better than illmatic as a debut remember he did an alter ego on sekou story on street disciple ...nas is fully capable of a marketing ploy like this look at his other albums deliberately against the grain Stillmatic this is illmatic20. 10 tracks like lllmatic .. if he was a new artist debuting 20 yrs after lllmatic it would sound like this guest appearances or producers ..even tho I still say Doom live from london the outsider " I don't intend to stay EP" sound cloud

  • Anonymous

    I'm not gonna sit here and forget how many of you f#ckboys are liking how hot this music is but have been quite vocal about this same music you refused to support nas with when he was dropping it if it ain't nas then stay anonymous, you ain't gonna ever live up to these fans' expectations if it is nas, keep going, just make music and prove how fake their "fan" loyalty is I honestly believe this is a litmus test for "fans" because this whole scenario is based on deception

  • Steelcity

    This is 100% Nas. I don't know how anyone could have ANY doubts.

  • Robbin Tanks 4 Ammo

    Still dope!! This is MC'ing, fuck bein flashy-poppy we chill in the shadows.

  • Signature expert

    That is the hand writing of Nasir Jones.

  • Nas is like

    Damn i keep flip flopping Everytime i think its not nas he says something nas would say, he does sound a lot like nas and talks about the same type of shit in His rhymes, i cant decide. nas needs to come out n say something, this dude is a genius if he was just tryna get the attention its working

  • Word

    Maybe its nas maybe its not either way people r talking about nas, i still cant believe hesaid "turn up"at summer jam, turn up? Nas? Really? Come on son

  • NAS


  • Lol

    Sounds like nas, ill give u that. But that is definetly not nas, the flow is way off he never rapped like this ever

  • Sensaye Sixkiller

    I get it. This is an easy way to market a new artist. Not one of us on here ever heard of this nigga before today. Now we all sat here and listened to something that we could have otherwise not given a chance to. It's Nas's new artist. Smart way to market him, because Nas fans will all click on this, and Nas's fans are generally people who appreciate lyrics, and this dude definitely got lyrics.

    • Sensaye Sixkiller

      Yes..I do get it..and you don't. You're an idiot, and I'm not. Listen to the 'Good times' song. You really think Nas sings like that? Look man, it's not that hard to mimic niggas styles when you been listening to them for years. You ever hear Black Thought do Big Daddy Kane or Kool G. Rap? It sounds EXACTLY like them. You ever hear of Last Emperor? You're stupid and I'm smart, trust me.

    • Anonymous

      do you really get it sensaye? because you just cannot comprehend perhaps it is nas just dropping music w/o all of the fanfare you express like you know music, then you should know how easy it is to edit with studio engineering, like the inside story of jada having the song really slow to drop his lyrics then it gets adjusted to normal I'm not denying or confirming, I'm just saying I'm aware to how people can't conceive an anonymous rapper in 2014 maybe because they spend too much time looking for a gay rapper

  • Sensaye Sixkiller

    God damn...after listenin' to this shit further. This nigga is stupid nice, and his beats are ill. Nas gotta get in the lab. This dude is a threat.

    • Sensaye Sixkiller

      I'm on net twice a day. Once to check my mail and the websites I follow. And once to look at pictures of your mother on pregnanttransexualcumrags.cum

    • DamnDUDE

      You always on the net...lmao...enjoy the rap. Eat a dick up until u hicup...mutant lover

  • QueensHumanNature

    Okay if this is not Nas then its a problem..Whoever this is hes this the same cat that had CDs floating around N.O. with Jay Elect??? the 3 track joint?? Man rap is getting fun...Gotta love It!!!

  • Anonymous

    Nas a legend. Go and checkout thegrandreport(dot)com, they have some good hip hop and viral videos on there

  • Anonymous

    This is nas, and this is fucking dope!!

  • Sensaye Sixkiller

    It's not Nas. It's a nigga that definitely grew up on Nas and absorbed his style. But there's a million niggas out there like that. You can go to every town in America and find a MC that sounds exactly like someone you heard before in the game. With that said, this dude doesn't sound exactly like Nas. I do think Nas can learn something from this though, and hear how dope his style is over the right beats. He's moving back in the right direction with Life is Good, but still the beat selection could be stepped up ever more. One.

    • Anonymous

      like I told the homies yesterday, it's nothing but a bunch of hypocritical fans these days if it was all about good music and y'all so colorblind then there would be an international song not american that's #1 and y'all wouldn't care if this was nas or not, you'd just wanna hear this droog music wherever you go

  • Anonymous

    this is nas. period.

  • Gravaton

    Hey If people said Asher Roth sounded like Eminem and Action Bronson Had a cadence similar to GhostFace Killa, Then I guess this dude can have one similar to Nas even if most consider it to be a knock off I think it's tight Those beats are right up Nas Alley...

  • >_

    man these sound like some nas Loco-motive type joints

  • Not Impressed

    Whoever thinks this is Nas is a fucking idiot. This sounds like one of those white, "real hip hop", 90s copycat, underground rappers, copying Nas' flow. The lyrics sound too simplistic compared to something Nas would write and the way the words are structured is pretty basic. I know Nas, this is not Nas. I'm not impressed

  • Anonymous

    lol niggas really think this is Nas??? lmao nah b, it's just someone who's trying too hard to sound like him

  • STFUUIgnants

    He even mimicked Ice Cube's flow from Wicked on Droog's anthem. Even talked about getting love from college kids on the same song. Doesnt sound like kid born in the 90's.

  • Anonymous

    nas trying to be doom

    • Anonymous

      how? zev changed his whole style and threw on a mask at appearances, nas allegedly changed the pitch you just one of those small minded fans that in 2014 still can't accept a rapper with good music who is anonymous even if it is nas wanting to put out music w/o the tmz f-ckery comments

  • STFUUIgnants

    this sounds like Nas too perfectly. It makes Shyne's Biggie impression sound 1000% shittty

    • Fo real

      Shyne did use to sound like BIG listen to black rob whoa remix first time i ever heard shyne i thought it was BIG

    • Anonymous

      they tried to have shyne fill that lane but gravy was that big stan trying to come up ain't no coincidence gravy won the movie part, he already practiced half of his life for it to the likeness

    • yahmomz

      Nah Shyne was designed to sound like BIG after his death.

    • Anonymous

      think you meant gravy, not shyne

  • IDK

    Sounds like Nas all around, from voice to style to flow to lyrics to vibe of the EP...If this isn't Nas this kid should be banished from being talked about. If this isn't Nas, this is a blatant effort to sound like Nas. I come from an era of Hiphop where this was not acceptable, dope or not. If this isn't Nas this guy is somewhat old...Loosey's in the Store with Pennies?, no young cat knows wtf a loosey is, and this new cat is referncing loosey's with wordplay on a Beatles song? And then the kicker...y'all want me to believe this is a white boy spittin? Where is he? His "debut EP" is the center of a hiphop bombshell and he's just sitting back and not taking advantage? The music is dope, most dope that we think it's Nas and this kid is just sitting in the cut? Of course Nas denied it's him...he's gonna go thru the effort of dropping an album under an alter ego and as soon as someone asks be like, "ahh you got me, yea it's me"

    • Or

      Maybe he heard about looseys from listening to big L or CNN, u dont have to be around in the 90s to know 90s lingo, its all well documented history now anyone can learn it

    • JG

      "Loosey's in the Store with Pennies?, no young cat knows wtf a loosey is, and this new cat is referncing loosey's " Tell that to this young white guy from the Chi:

  • All that & then some

    EVERYONE WANTS TO VE A NAS CLONE IN HIP HOP! The haters diss Nas but in reality they know he is the BEST/GOAT!

  • Anonymous

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  • Proz

    Nas!!! escobar!!! gods son!! N!!! Droog!! rhymes and technique dont lie, come on mayn


    Reguardless of who this really is, this shit is hott!!! He pretty much took it back to the Mid-90's.

    • Yessir

      Yea thats like the most important part and people arent even mentioning the fact that its dope music! But yea it is hard to listen to without thinking that it sounds like nas. If it is somenew cat hopefully he gets past this and keep making good music. But hey its got people talking like wehn action bronson first came out people swore he was ghostface killah till they seen him haha then they knew for sure he wasnt ghost

  • Tommy Flanagan

    Nas has confirmed that it's not him.

  • Anonymous

    FUCK YOU!!! This is NAS! If it isnt him, then NAS just got dethroned cause this dude SPITS HOT FIYA!!!! 5 best rappers alive...DYLON, DYLON, DYLON, DYLON and DYLON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I've never seen so many lame articles. Fuck you DX

  • Mack

    how many of you went and googled what droog meant?

  • Anonymous

    LMAO fuck outta here, that ain't no Nas, it's just one of his dickriders

  • Anonymous

    Sounds really like Nas.

  • Anonymous

    so, it's possible that nas is getting his mf doom on with the alter egos? haha im for it if the music is dope.

  • chi

    naaaaaaaaaah, this is definitely Nas! Got every element the same, the voice is just deeper in pitch. It's like Mac Miller releasing that mixtape as Delusional Thomas

  • Tim

    damn with the pitch altered it do sound like nas. whoever he is, he can spit. this ep is off the chain

    • Hidden By Leaves

      No emcee this talented would waste his time flawlessly imitating a legend. He would do him. This is indeed Nasir Jones and this project has Daniel Dumile's fingerprints all over it.

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