Logic Details Mother's Racist Abuse, Father's Drug Addiction, Misunderstood Upbringing

Logic says he grew up with guns in his house and siblings selling drugs. He details life on food stamps, welfare, never having Christmas or a birthday.

During a recent interview, Logic explained how his upbringing has been misconceived by many audiences. 

“People look at me like, ‘He’s from the suburbs and he was raised rich, and mommy and daddy pay for everything,’" Logic says in an interview with Complex. “Man, get the fuck out of here. Growing up there were guns in the house, my brothers were out selling crack. I grew up on Section 8 housing, food stamps, welfare, and dealing with social services. I never had a Christmas, I never had a birthday.”

Logic's struggles included several problems his mother faced throughout his life. 

“My mother was a good woman,” Logic says. “But she went through a hell of a lot of shit from drugs, prostitution—all types of shit, it fucked her mind up. My mother got stabbed, she was raped, she tried to choke me to death as a child. I can’t even begin to explain the tormenting feeling of living in my household; constant screaming, death-curdling screams, arguments between my mom and other men, her getting her fucking ass whooped. At times, there was blood all over the kitchen and fucking floor.

“My mother was racist,” Logic adds. “It’s so hard to wrap your head around that and the fact that my own mother would call me a nigger as a child. I’m not talking about ‘What’s up, my nigga,’ I’m talking in a fully prejudiced way. Here’s a woman who wants to sleep with a black man and makes babies and wants to be racist towards them. It’s extremely hard to grasp.”

Logic's father also faced many struggles, primarily dealing with drug addiction, a topic Logic has discussed several times. 

“My father has called me and been like, ‘I don’t really appreciate you talking about me smoking crack all the time,’” Logic says. “I’m like, ‘Would you appreciate it if I didn’t say anything and induced those same drugs into my body to try to get over what you put me through? Or would you rather me do it in a positive way?’”

In December 2013, Logic spoke with HipHopDX about his 2014 direction

"This record actually has a lot of significance as far as lyrically," Logic said at the time. "This is one of the first songs where I really...In my career, my fans know [me], definitely, without a doubt with records like, 'Dear God' or 'Dead Presidents III,' where I have delved into who I am as a person and the things that I've gone through. However, I have never truly brought you into the world of like Bobby, the person. Kind of been a lot about Logic." 

"I feel like with rappers and mixtapes, its kind of like, we rap and we show our worth," Logic continued. "So it's like, 'I'm this good because I can rap like this, check out this style, check out this, that.' That's kind of what we do [with] mixtapes, to be honest. But with the album, it is totally different. I want this to be why my fans are my fans. I want them to get to truly know me. You can hear it in Kendrick's mixtapes, you know, kind of being the best and you can hear it in Cole, just them rapping, but there are some really incredible songs that they have of great meaning and who they are, but I feel like in their album, that's where we really got to know who they were, not only as rappers, musicians and artists, but as people." 

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  • Doubl Negative

    It may be "hard to grasp" for this dude as to why some whites are attracted to Black people, but still harbour hostile feelings towards us, but whites who fit this category feel mitigated when issues of race are raised because of their jungle fever, so they sprout venomous views in the knowledge they can use their colourful dating history as get-out-of-jail card. The paradox is lefty white middle-class liberals who would never date a Black person over compensate by adopting our kids, feigning interest in our culture, and just generally being condescending bastards. Obama's post-racial America? No. These people are now even more bigoted because POTUS is a Brotha, as illustrated by my earlier comments. Our racism is ingrained in us from the days we first evolved into humans, just like the putrid stench we carry around with us. We eliminate bad odour by cleansing and using deodorant, like wise we drench our selves of our innate inherent racism by spraying ourselves with"anti-racism" ointments.

  • IROC

    Welcome to United States riches country in the world but treat its people like shit more people are in jail and prisons than in any country on this earth! your story is not different than any inner city kid ! hope you got about 10% talent and 100% luck because thats what it take to make it in the rap game and when you get there you are luckey to last 1 to 3yrs tops and thats facts

  • Anonymous

    light skinned niggas problems

  • Brizz

    My mother was a good woman, yeah rite...

  • Anonymous

    lol dude sounding just like Eminem when he first came out, all that sad ass "my mom used to mistreat me" shit

  • Anonymous

    "People look at me like, Hes from the suburbs and he was raised rich, and mommy and daddy pay for everything," Logic says in an interview with Complex. Man, get the fuck out of here. Growing up there were guns in the house, my brothers were out selling crack. I grew up on Section 8 housing, food stamps, welfare, and dealing with social services. I never had a Christmas, I never had a birthday." Vanilla Ice used to say the same thing. I don't give him 2 weeks before people find out this nigga's parents were doctors and he was raised in Rhode Island

  • Anonymous

    Fuck this bama with his lyin ass.

  • I have white friends

    Damn, white people are racist devils. He should have killed that bitch with the AK or the UZI.

  • Anonymous

    Record Exec: what's your story? Rapper: My life was so fucked up....... Record Exec: Sign him!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    people are so quick to judge.

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