Kanye West & Rick Rubin Working On "Yeezus" Follow-Up

Rick Rubin confirms that he is working with Kanye West on an upcoming album.

Rick Rubin has confirmed that he is working on new music with Kanye West.

Rubin made this announcement during a recent interview with BBC Radio 1's Zane Lowe, according to NME. "Rubin previously helped produce the 2013 album Yeezus and confirmed that recording on a follow up has begun while chatting to BBC Radio 1's Zane Lowe as part of a special interview which will be broadcast in four parts (Monday [through] Thursday) next week."

According to the report, Rubin and West are gathering vocal ideas. 

"Kanye West is coming in and we’re starting looking at vocal ideas for things for the next album," Rubin says.

Recently, Billboard published a report about a 2014 Kanye West album. In the report, Rubin was named among many acts set to contribute to the effort. Mike WiLL Made-It, Q-Tip, French Montana, Young Chop, Young Thug, James Blake, DJ Mustard and Tyga were also mentioned. 

West's last offering was critically acclaimed by some. For instance, HipHopDX awarded Yeezus with a 4.5 out of 5 in its review. However, it was criticized by many, also. 50 Cent, for example, said the following of the project“It doesn’t feel like Hip-Hop to me," he said. "It feels like a fusion of something else, like a weird combination of dance music sounds and stuff. It’s just him being an artist, you don’t have to agree with everything an artist does.

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  • Anonymous

    People so desperate to defend Yeezus but also act like the reviewers didn't love it. So many magazines gave it an amazing score, and lots of people said it was shit. Nobody wants to admit that kanye has become one of those pretentious acts that everyone hates. Pitchfork gives him a perfect score but it's hot garbage, like the rest of their indie shit. That's where he is now. Sad milionaire trying to get us on his side cause he's a failure in the fashion world, ripping off Death Grips's style just like he ripped off Kid Cudi's style for 808s and Heartbreak.

  • Anonymous

    evrrything in kanye library was dope , except Yeezus. why does he need to work with anyone? he's a producer first ten a rapper , this nigga is confusing , and i do remember No I.D. challenging him to make a beat for himself and he made Otis on the spot, so Kanye please do it yourself, or better yet do something different ., get No I.D. to co-produce. You already famous, people don't want radio bullshit anymore

    • richc

      Honestly, if people don't like the new Kanye, they should buy or listen to his old stuff, some people will like it and some won't. Not all of the songs were garbage, the production was really confusing, but for the most part, a decent album that, in my opinion, can only be listened to with headphones, it's not a played out loud friendly album.

    • Anonymous

      Disagree..Kanye has earned the right to do whatever the hell he wants

  • Anonymous

    if yeezy was the worst you've ever heard you must love young thug & migos and think trinidad james is the next billiobaire

  • tha OG

    Kanye first 3 albums was great every thing after that is garbage!!! Kanye fell tha fuck off

  • Anonymous

    fuck kayne slaughterhouse bout to make the biggest comeback in hiphop history just look what just blaze did on session one

  • Anonymous

    lmao yeezus was the worst album i ever heard





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