Gunplay "Living Legend" Release Date, Cover Art, Tracklist & Album Stream

UPDATE #4: Gunplay's "Living Legend" album is now available for stream and purchase.

During a recent interview, Gunplay explained the goals for his upcoming album, Living Legend.

“It’s going to be something for the world, not just for the hood," Gunplay says in an interview with XXL. "I’m already a hood nigga—I got hood tracks on there—but I want take it to that next level. I got an EDM track on there, I got some tracks on there for the girls. But for the most part I just experimented with it. Usually people stick to the script on their first album. I did whatever the fuck I felt. I’m not trying to sit there and over-rap your ears. I don’t really rap-rap-rap like that. I let you know experiences what I’ve been through, where I’m going and that’s it."

Speaking of what he's been through, Gunplay also explained how his experience differentiates him from others.

“I’ve been through more than most rappers," he says. "I’ve paid more dues than most rappers. I’ve been through more than most niggas who’s out here on the street. I think the title fits me perfect. I elaborate on that a few times on the album to let y’all know why I am a Living Legend. Other than that I still wanted to—not cater to the masses—but give something the masses something they could relate to. Where I’m not stepping out of character, I’m not being somebody I’m not. When you hear the album you’ll understand what I’m coming from."

Gunplay says he's worked with several artists on the Living Legend album, including Young Dro, Lil Wayne, Ross, August Alsina and Curren$y.

Living Legend does not have a release date.

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  • Dan

    Why the hate to a legend named gunplay? Your so called legend, dr gay, is over 50 years old and washed up. Gunplay will kick the shit out of dre easily.

  • M. I.G.H.T.Y

    @Philosopher Jarule had a baseball bet and also had his goons with him...

  • ScreamsWorthMore

    lol bum nigga waited 10+ years to put out his first album and it only got 11 songs, and 5 without features

  • Anonymous

    Trashplay - Living Loser

  • juicebigalow69

    @lilway(g)ne that was one of the most hilarious track listing I've ever read. Troll champion. I would definitely listen to this tampon if that was the real tracklist.

  • mark

    @lilway(g)ne,u a fool for dis one!!!

  • Fuck Gunplay

    His legend is getting his ass beat by 50's goons lol.

    • nah

      yeah just like when gunplay and his boy ran up in that accountants office with guns and assaulted him.. LOL same shit dawg

    • RealTalk

      wow. a gang beating down 1 man.

    • Brakk in my Brakk


    • Lil Way(g)ne

      Living Legend........... Track #1-Intro(Crack pipe orchestra)..... Track #2-Pee in my booty(featuring Tyga,and Chingy)....Track#3....1800 Crimestoppers (featuring Rick Ross,T.I.and Chris Brown)..... track # 4 Chain of foolz(featuring Fat Joe)....Track #5 MMG 4 Liphe (featuring Wale&Stalley)....Track #6....I don't brush my teeth(featuring Trinadad JAMES and Beyonce)....Track #7....Caitlyn Jenner(Featuring French Montana,Tyga,Kanye West,Chingy&Lil B)(produced by Mister Cee)....Track #8......MMG Chain(featuring 50 Cent&Snoop Dogg).....Track # 9....Corona Lights&Crack(featuring Bobby Brown&Flava Flav).....Track #10.....I'm Broke(featuring Rick Ross,French Montana,50 Cent,Ginuwine,Jermaine Dupri,Bow Wow,Lil Kim,&Birdman).....bonus track........ Imma Kill 50 Cent(featuring Rick Ross,Game,Young Hot Rod&Ja Rule..... Bonus track #2.....1800 Crimestoppers (remix)(featuring Chris Brown,T.I.,Lil Wayne,&Plies......Classic material baby!!!!!!

  • Nate Higgers

    Gunplay is nothing more than a crackhead. His career is already done

  • living loser

    Living legend are you are you goin to rap about your not even a legend man

  • Guntrashplay

    I bet 00.01 first week sale

  • StreetzIsWatching

    trash, not a fan.. other then 2 songs.. cartoons and ceral & and the song with asap rocky and asap ferg.. gunplay been trash

  • Anonymous

    Cool, I'll make sure not to buy it.

  • zigzag

    Wtf. Living legend. Dude you were a geek in high school. You were on the DEBATE TEAM. Facts.

  • moneylones


  • Sirrap Novehs

    I had to listen to this twice, he ripped this track

  • slowcheese

    dis junkie drinking light coronas LOL

  • Philosopher

    You right! Gun Play is 1 ov the most lyrical rappers out there! 50 couldnt fight him alone, the only time 50 did that he got his ass whooped by Ja! GP is a real nigga for standin up to dem sheeps alone.

  • Jas K

    Africa loves Gun Play aka Don Logan.Much love to dem real niggas!

  • Anonymous

    LMAO at my awesome comment from a year ago,

  • slowcheese

    i wonder if 50 will ever put out a release date for Gunplays MMG chain, LOL sucka aint ever tried to get that back just talked tough in his raps

  • Anonymous

    More like Living Flop.

    • slowcheese

      LIVING LOSER, took more Ls than anyone in rap. knocked out 3 times on camera! ZERO WINS in the rap game

  • RobertsVision

    Gunplay is garbage..only good song he made as "Kush"..nobodys gonna buy this crap

  • Triple c's

    Should be fire

  • Anonymous

    Tony Yayo experienced more than this fraud.

  • Go Back To School, Andres Tardio

    "Gunplay says he's "paid more dues than most rappers." He also confirms" Confirms what???

  • Anonymous

    None of that shit is true. French filmed Khaled's mother, not Kidd Kidd." French said no. If he were to film dj khaled's mother, he would be out of mmg. Hasn't it crossed your mind that montana didn't do it? Kidd kidd's departure was coorelated to dj khaled's mother being film.

    • Anonymous

      French did film Khaled's mom, he just denied it. Kidd Kidd had nothing to do with that situation.

  • Rozay O'Donnell

    As MMG's personal attorney & Rick Ross' touring manager, we will now sue H*********** in the amount of $1.7 million for defecation of character against my client, Gunplay. We hope to see you assholes in court and we're hopeful that we will succeed in this case.

    • Anonymous

      defecation of character you say? LOL i think you mean defamation... grab a diction you might be surprised what your word means.

  • Rozay O'Donnell

    As MMG's personal attorney & Rick Ross' road manager, we will now sue for $1.7 million for defecation of character. We hope to see you in court and we are confident that we will succeed in winning this case.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Experienced more beat downs, maybe.

  • anon

    (insert played g unit or chain joke here)

  • Anonymous

    Kidd Kidd wasnt with 50 at that time, he was with Lil Wayne and Young Money." That's my point. He was a ymcmb member but was secretly wanting to work with 50 so he filmed khaled's mother, managed to get himself kicked out of ymcmb, and 50 took notice.

  • Anonymous

    Looking at these comments is a trip,is there a websjte for black and latin people to blog?

    • Anonymous

      "is there a websjte for black and latin people to blog?" Fuck outta here with this whole "black n brown unity" shit, them Mexicans don't love us

    • Anonymous

      sorry but those times are in the rearview mirror dude and food for thought, on the local, state, and news sites, their parents are doing the same things they do here so it's not all an immaturity thing

    • Anonymous

      you think blacks and latinos fuck with this junkie fraud?

  • 614grind

    Nobody has ever vouched for this dude or his boss.

    • Anonymous

      its true. and you dont just decide to call yourself a legend people give that title to you if they feel you deserve it.

  • Anonymous

    only way you will ever be a legend is to get your chain back or flip on your C.O. boss

    • texas all day

      To me gunplay is mmg best rapper he has a unique rap style only problem with him he just do dumb stuff sometimes

  • Living Loser

    "I dont really rap-rap-rap like that. I let you know experiences what Ive been through, where Im going and thats it."" I'm looking forward to hearing about his experience when G-Unit sent him flying through the air like the flying dog from the never ending story right into a steel fence.

  • Anonymous

    Give it up Gunplay, you been carrying Rozay's fries and weed for 10+ years and now you're 35 years old with no release date for your debut album... Maybe Ross can set you up with a job at Wingstop. Some people just aren't cut out for this industry and I don't think you will ever blow up.

  • Anonymous

    you cant just call yourself a legend. all we've seen of gunplay thus far is him doing coke on video and getting beat up a bunch of times... he's a Living L. who else you know gets knocked out at their own show in their own state?

  • Anonymous

    yo Richard i remember when you use to get beat up every other day at school

    • Anonymous

      ^^ You really thought this lightskinned nigga was about that life??? This nigga was a MUSLIM, my nigga. Real talk, we even used to play monkey in the middle with his kufi n shit lmao

    • Anonymous

      I keep hearing about this. They say he was a geek who decided to become a "gangsta" in his mid 20's like William.

  • nonigga

    tracklist: I love rick ross (ft. Rick Ross) MMG Party Song (ft. Lil Wayne) Mommy's a crackhoe Addicted to crack (ft. Young Dro) Bad teeth Sexy love song for da ladies (ft. August Alsina) EDM Track Mommy said Im special Weed (ft. Curren$y) I miss my chain

    • Anonymous

      Kidd Kidd wasnt with 50 at that time, he was with Lil Wayne and Young Money.

    • Anonymous

      That's a lie made up by g unit. Kidd Kidd was the one filming the video and his breath from the videos matches up with the breath in real life.

    • Anonymous

      you know french montana is the one who filmed dj khaleds mother right? and instead of handling that sand nigga they let him in the gang and started putting him on records! Khaled is so fucking soft

    • Fuckin ur girl

      @Nonigga you forgot the last 2 songs for the deluxe version lol - They sent me flying (ft. meek mill) - Karma

    • Anonymous

      The tracklist for kidd kidd has been revealed Making love (feat. 50 cent) My boss only sold 45k I filmed DJ Khaled's mother G Unit for life I let down YMCMB I sound like a bitch (feat. G Unit)

  • Smfh

    You've robbed,beatndown, and knocked the f*** out. Yea you've been through all lot. Now go get ya chain back. Then you become a "Livin Legend" rite now you a 'Livin Lie"

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