Drake Joined By Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean, Z-RO For "Houston Appreciation Day" Warehouse Concert

Drake is also joined by PARTYNEXTDOOR and Travis $cott at HAW, among others.

Drake’s Houston Appreciation Day included a warehouse concert. The Canadian rapper was joined at the event by special guests.

Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean and Z-RO were among the acts that joined Drake for the event. Travis $cott, Tinashe, OB Obrien and PARTYNEXTDOOR were also acts that hit the stage, according to XXL.

Drake performed for two and half hours, according to radio personality DeviDev.

"Last night was special. 2.5 hours of catalog, crazy energy. Really cool. @Drake killed. #HAW,” Dev said on Twitter.

Dev also published an image of the setlist.

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  • 901DATSME

    Shout out to the city of H-town

  • WestKostraNostraMoreCheeseThanOprah

    West Coast up in this bizneeotch!!! What it do to all the real fam bam doing that gangster rap like its 'spos'd 2 C! All soft rappers, die slow, all emo rappers kill yourselves. Strictly westside G shit on mine from real veterans vowed to keep it G till the graveyard or the pennitentiary! What up to face mob, what up doe to trick trick, wiz hannin trick daddy, bum b, tray Deee, all the real I salute. Anything after 05 all corny, fake, soft, or plain stupid, real speak! End like this, faggot rappers, die of aids, faggot rappers: chance, hopsin, Tyler, wiz, tyga, drake, YT, Wayne, Lil b, fagglemore, wack miller, riff, fag Allen, pretty much ALL suburban white rappers. Trap rappers ain't my thang, they shit is wack, but at least they represent the real. Fuck childish, Kendrick, ab soul, SB Queer, all white rappers again, Asher shit, iggy bitch, what up to snow Tha product tho, mami spit clean, and easy where you drop the visine. West coast to the fullest, diss me and it's automatic fuck your momma, so save her that! Deuces!

  • minnesota slick

    z-ro's one of the hardest to ever do it. if i hear him with any of these assholes though i aint fuckin wit him no more

  • Anonymous

    Drake has absolutely NO connection to Houston, TX...SMH...

  • loadie

    Zro is a legend man his flows r colder then ice that's one of the realest people to pick up a Mic look up 25 lighters 9 minute freestyle of straight fire he will guarantee smash on 85 percent of all rappers for one he spits nothing but real shit he can sing and rap and guaranteed will pit the smack down on any person disrespecting with no hesitation

  • TeeYousAColdMackPlayaAndUKnoDat

    Damn, that's cold! Check the headline on this here article, stupid-ass DX staff put faggot drakes name first, followed by the rest of the fruits. Like damn dog, for real, the only dude from the south if I ain't mistaken is Z-Ro, and dude a real one too. This for Houston and the best these cocksucker writers can do is give dude the last name mention???? These fucks done got this rap shit all twisted, fuck is wrong with these fags and sluts??? Seems like the realer you are, the less shine you get. Be a faggot and you'll soar to the sky, new generations all about submitting to fag shit, shit is embarrassing to share same specie with these 90's babies and faggots born in the burbs who know not a damn thing about struggle life. Fuck all who disagree!

  • Anonymous

    It doesn't get much worse for Z-Ro...,I feel bad for that nigga being on stage with Wiz, Drake and Big fucking Sean? Ain't he like 50 years old?

    • Anonymous

      Lol how is that bad? He's a vet in the game and the new generation respects him enough to bring him out and show love. He's still connecting with a new generation of hip-hop fans maintaining his relevance. I'm lost as to why that's bad for him...

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