50 Cent Loses $10,000 Bet To Power 106's Big Boy Following Los Angeles Kings' Stanley Cup Victory

Big Boy congratulates himself on the accomplishment and says 50 has to pay up.

Los Angeles radio station Power 106's Big Boy, who hosts Big Boy's Neighborhood, celebrated the Los Angeles Kings' Stanley Cup win yesterday (June 13), but he also celebrated a victory of his own.

"Congrats to the @LAKings and to me because @50cent has to pay up now!! I knew all along The Kings got this," Big Boy said in a Twitter post following the hockey championship series. 

The pair made a bet regarding the Stanley Cup finals series between the Los Angeles Kings and the New York Rangers. The Kings won the final game of the series yesterday, also the longest game the franchise had ever played. The 94-minute contest gave the Kings its second Stanley Cup trophy in three seasons.

Big Boy's co-host, Rikki Martinez, confirmed this with the station's J Cruz. The radio station also added to this by posting about the bet on Twitter, asking 50 Cent to pay up.

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  • Anonymous

    50 did 65k first week overall worldwide btw good independant hustle

  • Anonymous

    Big Boy soundin like a bitch with all that "pay me up daddy-o pleeeease" shit lol but on a serious note, fuck both these niggas for even paying attention to gay ass hockey

    • Anonymous

      if aliens came to earth and they could comprehend what ice was they would definitely say hockey takes the most skill and manlieness out of all the big american sports

    • E.

      Hockey gay. You must be a basketball fan because that sport is so tough and non gay. Hahahah

  • jnjknjk

    that was BS by Big Boy, putting 50 on the spot knowing that he knows nothing bout hockey. I lost respect cuz of that

    • Anonymous

      it aint no thang pimpin 10k aint shit for the street king of NY. gotta rep his city to the fullest.

  • Anonymous

    Thats Ja Rules next album budget right there.

  • Anonymous

    lol 10k is pocket change for ja rule. hed spend it in a minute

  • Anonymous

    Lost the bet but you know Big Boy will be talking about 50 and this all week so it will all work out in the end. Tony Yayo's weekly allowance will be missed only by him.

  • Poopy Butt Farts

    Intro:"Yo Sludge!" "What up homie?" "Going hard young playa!" Sludge verse 1: We keep it like 24 7. If your ass front then you gettin sent to heaven. Or maybe hell if you've been a bad boy! either freakkin way you gonna get destroyed. Rule number one don't play wit my grip. rule number 2, number 2 I take a shit. rules don't apply to playa like me. You will get slapped to the worst degree. Chorus(Sung by murpy): Poopy butt farts dont play around, play around, play around! (repeatx3) To hear skid and murpy's verse's go ahead and buy the album! Peace Ya'll!!!

  • Rangers Suck

    10 racks is a small price to pay for riding behind your city. I wonder what Big Boy plans to buy he seems like a cool guy. I will never forget that classic interview where he asked French if he videotaped Khaled's mom for 50 and he danced around the question for minutes without ever giving a straight answer only to make himself look even more guilty.

  • Anonymous

    Payola huh? Looks like Curtis is buying spins once again but its too late to save his album from flopping.

    • Anonymous

      chump change for 50

    • Free Slowbucks Chain!

      What? Last week they made a bet on who would win the Stanley Cup finals. Curtis put 10k up for New York and Big Boy picked the LA Team. Either way 10 thousand is peanuts to a giant like Godfather 50.

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